A Mets Fan’s Plea

The Mets are in serious trouble.

Wait a minute…I think I started a blog back in July with that same sentence.  Here we go again:

Not only is the team letting their lead in the National League East slip away, but they don’t seem to care.  I am not saying these guys don’t want to win, or that they have given up.  It’s just that, upon looking at them, it seems as if they are lacking something.  Ten errors in two games is unacceptable.  Unacceptable and contagious.  An error is made and it is brushed off, as if to say,  "I’m not the only one doing it.  It’s not my fault we are losing, so it’s okay."  Nothing is okay here.  The only thing "okay" is that the Phillies are still two and a half games back; three in the loss column.  If you even want to classify that as okay.

Bothering me even more than the Mets play, are the reactions from Willie Randolph.  Willie, STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!  I cannot sit there and listen to one more post-game interview on how the team is playing "the best they can."  If this is the "best" they have to give, they deserve to lose.  This is NOT their best. This is not what got them to the point they are at.  And for the most part, they are the same team they were last year, and they did not have this kind of trouble last year.  The magic number is stuck at 11, with 13 games left and Philly breathing down our necks.  Don’t totally count Atlanta out at this rate either, only 6 and a half games behind.  That’s plenty of time.  What gives here?

I don’t want to hear, Willie, that you are not angry with these guys.  Be angry.  Be down right pissed off.   I’m not saying go in there and disrespect them in any way.  But for crying out loud, show some emotions. Show some disgust.  Show them that you mean business and that you are not going to tolerate such unacceptable and humiliating baseball.  It’s like watching little league!

Don’t get me wrong – I want nothing more than for the Mets to go all the way, this year and every year.  I grew up rooting for a winning team in 1986, and many losing teams in the 90’s. I can accept losing.  That’s what a true fan does.  But I cannot accept nonsense.  It’s not just physical, it’s mental as well.  And many times, the mental blunders lead to the physical ones.  There is an old saying, "To err is human; to recover is divine."  This team can’t even recover.  Maybe they are a little tired and anxious, but they are not "pressing." They are professionals.  Wake up people!

Maybe Willie is so used to the way Joe Torre runs his crew.  Torre hardly shows emotion, and we certainly don’t hear of spread tables being flipped over in the Yankees’ clubhouse.  Willie, run your own show.  Take initiative.  And guys like LoDuca, Wright and Glavine should also be taking initiative.  Speak up.  Get the message across loudly and clearly that fans, players and management are not going to stand for this.  Are players nowadays so spoiled by their contracts and salaries, that they can’t even see when leadership and responsibility need to step forward?

 Please…I beg…someone…anyone…do something, before it’s too late!!

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