We Still Have Our Ace In The Hole

Much has been made this year, (especially by me) of the lack of passion and excitement that has been missing from the Mets this year. With the exception of a Paulie LoDuca blow- up it has been pretty monotonous. It’s hard for me to say that when we have the most exciting player in baseball on the team in Jose Reyes…

Thankfully, we are soon to get the boost we have been waiting for in the return of Pedro Martinez. In 2004, when the Mets first signed Pedro, many of us claimed instant credibility for the Mets. He brought with him 3 Cy Young Awards, recent World Championship, and winning personality, so no one could really disagree. While he didn’t win 20 games or have an ERA under 1.00, Pedro provided a spark and joy that had been missing during the Art Howe regime. His signing ultimately and arguably paved the way for the signing of Carlos Beltran who most also agree would not be in Queens if not for Pedro. Carlos Delgado almost joined the party but was seduced by the Marlins money and recent success, another who never would have had Queens on their team wish list if not for Pedro. All of this kept bringing me back to a quote made by David Ortiz when told of Pedro’s visit to the Mets. “Pedro ain’t going to no Mets.”

Big Papi thankfully isn’t known for his clairvoyance.

Now, three years later and coming off right rotator cuff surgery(which has an 80- 90% success rate)predictably will thrust himself into the spotlight again. Granted, he may not throw in the mid 90s anymore, but he won’t have to. Thoughts of what he has the ability to do are going to be racing through the batters minds, and Pedro will capitalize on that. A fresh Pedro Martinez is going to do for the Mets what any trade deadline move would have done. If he brings back to Shea what he is expected to bring, no one will be surprised if the Mets leave Atlanta and Philly where they belong… in the dust.

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