Lets Go Mets, Sigh…

The game of baseball has always brought me great joy, whether watching our beloved Mets or playing in the backyard. Sadly, that joy seems to be missing from Shea, and has been for a while. In my opinion, it began when Jose Reyes  didn’t run out a ground ball with his usual hustle. Willie Randolph immediately benched him, and rightfully so. After the game Willie said "I took him out for that reason." "If you can’t hustle, then you sit. That (plate appearance) was pretty self-explanatory. It’s unacceptable. You go out there every day and you play hard or you sit your butt. The key is to play hard all the time."

My point is this, are the Mets turning into a team that doesn’t care anymore? Do they really believe they can continue to play with indifference and expect Atlanta and Philadelphia to just hand over the division?

Granted, maybe we all(players and fans) were a little spoiled last year. The Mets had the division wrapped up pretty early, and coasted the rest of the way. This year seems to have put them in a state of disbelief that it has been so difficult. No Pedro, Valentin hurt, Schoeneweis and Heilman giving up games, LoDuca and Beltran on the DL and now Carlos Delgado hurt.

All I’m saying fellow Mets fans, is that this team seriously needs a fresh dose of  energy and passion before even Super G.M. Omar can do anything about it. Suggestions?

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