How I “Met” the American Pastime

I love New York. No, really, I mean it – I looooove New York. Born in Flushing just minutes from Shea, it was inevitable that I would grow up to be a Mets fan. Dad was a die-hard fan; so was Mom. Both were originally Brooklyn Dodgers fans, growing up in Brooklyn. So it was no wonder why they rooted for the team that brought National League baseball back to New York. Taking the blue from the Dodgers and the orange from the Giants, the Mets have held the hearts of their fans since day one, even through their toughest seasons.

May 27, 1990

A young girl and her father spend an afternoon at Shea, rooting for their favorite baseball team.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. There I was, 13 years old, scanning the yearbook for the cutest player to be my favorite. (C’mon folks, I was THIRTEEN!!) And while I know that wasn’t the first time I had ever been to Shea, it was the first game I really remember being at. It was beach towel day, yet particularly cool for late May.

Now here I am, 17 years later and my goodness, what has happened??? I went from being an only child to having 25 brothers from other mothers (and they vary from year to year!) I really do feel sometimes that the Mets are my family. When they hurt, I hurt. When they celebrate, I celebrate. The passion that runs through my veins for them is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I can’t even put it into words. All I know is for those of you who bleed orange and blue, I breathe it. I smell it and I taste it too. (Victory, that is.) And hopefully soon enough I will witness a World Championship, because I was too young and not yet enthusiastic in ‘86.

When I am feeling down or had a bad day at work (like today), I look forward to coming home and unwinding with my Mets. (Too bad it’s an off day.) Granted, they make me want to pull my hair out too sometimes, but it’s all worth it. What I would do just to spend even five minutes with the team – what a blast!!

In closing, I’d like to know if we have heard any updates on LoDuca’s injury??

PS…Looking at Luis Castillo’s numbers, I must say, I’m not impressed. BUT, since the deadline is finally here and the Mets need more help than what may be available, I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for a strong remaining third of the season.

Contributed by MMO Reader Denise Winter

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