From The Orange Seats – Where’s Manny Acta When You Need Him? PLUS QUESTION OF THE DAY!

You are probably saying, why Manny? Well, it’s just Manny being Manny. Last year when Manny Acta was the third base coach, he was aggressive, and he knew what he was doing. I’m not saying that Sandy Sr. isn’t doing his job correctly, it’s just he’s not as enthusiastic as Acta. Manny fires up the team with his energy. I haven’t heard anything about any coach trying to fire this team up. Better yet, I haven’t heard any players stepping up either.

Let’s see, Manny Acta did the correct thing with accepting that Washington job. Sure, they’re not the greatest team in the world, but hey, a job is a job. Acta does a good job keeping the clubhouse happy and set, from what I see from the Nationals. The Nationals aren’t pissed because they’re losing, they aren’t mad because they’re last, they’re actually normal and hungry to play. I think Manny Acta is doing a great job with that.

The Mets need something to spark up the team. I told you this before, and I’m telling you this again. Mets hitting isn’t the main problem, Mets situational hitting is. In their last 3 games, they had 28 hits, and only 8 runs. Even worst, they’re horrible with RISP.

Carlos Delgado, in 95 at-bats with RISP, is batting .211. Carlos Beltran, in 90 at-bats with RISP, is batting .240. Paul Lo Duca, in 78 at-bats with RISP, is batting .192! Jose Valentin, in 43 at-bats with RISP, is batting .209. If you ask me, those are not what the Mets are capable of doing. Last year, the Mets were .274 with RISP, this year, .250. Something needs to happen.

Pitching is not the issue anymore, hitting is. And if the Mets can’t execute with RISP, then they’re not going to be NL East champs. Not with this kind of hitting. Again, Mets need that person to spark. And that person should be Moises Alou when he may come back next week, (I hope). Maybe a trade can raise this horrendous stat.

So, leadership needs to be taken here. If somebody’s gonna do it, it needs to be David Wright. The man is the only consistent hitter, other than Jose Reyes. Reyes is the spark; David is the leader, in my opinion. Now, if you ask me who should be the team captain, David Wright is the man.

The Mets need to hear from a Manny Acta like, or take inspiration from the recent Ralph Kiner tribute. Someone needs to something, fast.

Mets Merized Question of the DAY! 

Last week’s answer was Timo Perez

This week’s question is:

When did David Wright debut for the Mets and who did he face?

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