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Exclusive Interview with MetsBlog’s Michael Baron

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I’m pleased to present a Q&A I recently conducted with Michael Baron of MetsBlog. Like a lot of us, Michael is a very passionate Mets fan who eats, drinks, and sleeps Mets.  As we all know, he does an amazing job covering the Mets on a variety of levels, whether its through his contributions on MetsBlog, his spectacular photography, or through his in-game […]

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Thole May Soon Be Riding the Pine

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After last night’s 7-6 loss to the Giants, manager Terry Collins was asked if Josh Thole’s recent poor defensive performance can land the young catcher into a reserve catcher role. “That’s a possibility. And not just that, but to also maybe let Josh have a chance to clear his head a little bit.” Thole disagreed […]

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Is It Time For Fernando Martinez To Make A Splash?

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As a Mets fan, the name Fernando Martinez has always perked my ears when I would hear or read his name. It seems like F-Mart has been around for a long time, though he’s just 22 years old. (His birthday is only two months after mine, and he turns 23 on Oct. 10 this year.) […]

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This Is Not Funny

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The team’s standing has apparently fallen so far that it is now the butt of very public jokes. Manhattan Mini Storage is running an advertisement in the New York City subways that asks the question, “Why leave a city that has six professional sports teams, and the Mets?” Can it get any lower than this? […]

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The National Pastime: A Philatelic History – Part 1

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The National Pastime: A Philatelic History – Part 1

The United States Postal Service has recognized our National Pastime on many occasions over the past 72 years. In 1939, the USPS issued the very first baseball stamp to commemorate the first 100 years of the game, and since then they have continued to produce commemorative baseball stamps through 2010. As a child growing up, I collected stamps for a few […]

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Morning Grind: Fans Need To Know More, Sandy Flubs On Fossum

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Hey everyone! Here is this week’s Morning Grind: Mets Sign Casey Fossum Normally when I see that Alderson signed an under-the-radar type player, I look at almost every stat I can find. Alderson is about finding a cheap, one-tool player than a type-A free agent, four or five tool players for many more years and tens of millions more. But […]

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Off The Reservation For Today

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I hope that Joe D. will forgive me this post, but I’d like to put in a few words about some local athletes who are tearing up the record books by playing their game very well. I’m speaking as someone who spent her freshman year at UCONN idolizing the men’s basketball team and interning on […]

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Feliciano Is A Type B Free Agent, Takahashi Extends Deadline

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Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano is has officially been classified as a Type B free agent. What that means to the Mets is that Feliciano just picked up a whole lotta leverage this offseason. If he had been classified as a Type A free agent, as many thought he would, Feliciano would have had a hard time […]

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame… Or Not

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So as of right now, millions of television viewers in the New York Metropolitan area, will not be able to see the 2010 MLB playoffs on Fox 5, due to a contractual dispute between Fox parent company, News Corporation and local cable provider Cablevision. This isn’t the first time a local New York television cable […]

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The Rocket Has Crashed

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Yesterday afternoon was one of those days you don’t forget – usually it’s good news you remember, but the bad news often creeps up when you least expect it and therefore clings in memory. Roger Clemens – is there anyone in sports who doesn’t recognize that name?  And how many little boys idolized him and his […]

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