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I thought I’d give everyone an updated status on the players that we have drafted. I have found who has signed on, and who I feel might not sign, or is a possibility. If you want to know about these draft picks, you can click here to go to my previous post, which has information on almost all 40 draft picks.

Round 1: OF Michael Conforto, College, Jr

Close to signing

Round 3: SS Milton Ramos, HS

Signed, Per Adam Rubin

Round 4: 3B Eudor Garcia-Pacheco, Community College

Close, Per Adam Rubin

Round 5: RHP Josh Prevost


Round 6: C Tyler Moore, College JR

Signed, on Brooklyn Roster

Round 7: LHP Brad Wieck College JR

Signed, on Brooklyn Roster.

Round 8: 1B Dash Winningham, HS

Signed, Headed to Gulf Coast League

Round 9: OF/1B Michael Katz, College JR


Round 10: LHP Kelly Secrest, College Senior


Rd 11: RHP Connor Buchmann, College Jr


Rd 12: RHP Alex Durham, HS


Rd 13 RHP Eric Manoah, HS

Signed, Headed to Gulf Coast League

Rd 14: C Daryl Knight, College Jr


Rd 15: RHP Gabriel Llanes, HS


Rd 16: LHP Joel Huertas, HS

Possible, no college commitment works in our favor

Rd 17: LHP David Roseboom College Senior


Rd 18: OF Raphael Ramirez HS


Rd 19: RHP Bryce Beeler, College JR


Round 20: RHP James Duff, College JR


Round 21: Luke Bonfield, OF, HS

Indicated indecision

Round 22: William Fulmer, 2B, College Senior


Round 23: RHP Richard Moesker, HS

Possible, Committed to Miami-Dade CC

Round 24: RHP Tyler Badamo, College Senior


Round 25: RHP Nicco Blank, JR College


Round 26: C Tommy Pincin, HS


Round 27: RHP Alex Palsha, College Senior


Round 28: RHP Keaton McKinney, HS

Asking for 7 figures

Round 29: RHP Matt Blackham, College JR


Round 30: Tucker Tharp, OF, College Senior

Signed, headed to Brooklyn.

Round 31: LHP Kurtis Horne, HS


Round 32: RHP Chris Glover, HS


Round 33: RHP Brady Puckett, HS

Tweeted no

Round 34: C Jordan Hand, HS

Would need a large bonus to pry him away from Cal State Fullerton

Round 35: RHP Jonathan Teaney, HS

Doubt it

Round 36: RHP Garett King, HS

No idea.

Round 37: SS Tristan Gray, HS


Round 38: RHP Kyle Dunster, HS

Probably not, Committed to Boston College.

Round 39: CF Arnaldo Berrios, HS

Yet to be seen, hope so

Round 40: SS Dale Burdick, HS

Committed to Mississippi State, it’ll take a lot of money.


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