Eric Young Jr. Batted Today, Expected To Run Bases Tuesday

eric young jr

Good news on the injury front for Eric Young Jr., who swung the bat and hit today during an extended spring training game at the Mets complex n Port St. Lucie. 

According to Florida reporter Jon Santucci, Young also said that he would try to run the bases on Tuesday.

Young suffered a slight setback when he tried to run this past weekend. But he felt tightness in his strained right hamstring causing the team to temporarily have him back off his rehab program.

While he’s not expected to return from the disabled when he’s eligible this week, this is a good sign for Young.

He’ll likely play 2-3 rehab games when the Mets trainers do clear him for full baseball activities, and hopefully that isn’t too far off.

June 6

Eric Young Jr. suffered a setback and will not be returning from the disabled list when he is eligible on Tuesday.

Young felt tightness in his strained right hamstring running at the Mets’ complex in Port St. Lucie and has been backed off his rehab program.

Young was hitting .220 with one home run, seven RBI and 17 stolen bases this season.

May 29

The Mets placed Eric Young Jr. on the disabled list with a right hamstring injury before Monday’s series opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates and officially activated Matt den Dekker from Triple-A Las Vegas to fill the roster spot.

Young had been dealing with a lingering hamstring issue and felt it grab while stealing a base on Saturday against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

He remembered third baseman David Wright trying to play through a hamstring injury last season and blowing out the muscle. So Young agreed that the DL was the right decision now to ensure he does have a prolonged absence.


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  • Terrible way to spend the birthday for EYj. Hope he heals up and comes back able to help the team. Lagares had a rough day at the plate today, it’ll be great to see what he can do the next couple of weeks.

  • jaypayton

    Can they survive the hit???????

  • KennyandtheMets

    No wonder why EY wasn’t used in the double header.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I’m looking forward to seeing what MDD can do.

  • EzRider

    I hope we get to see him actually get a chance to play. DooDoo should go By-By and Dykstra should come up.
    Lagares/Centeno/Wright/Dykstra/Grandy/Murph/Flores/MDD. Play CY, Recker and Soup vs. LHers. If MDD don’t cut it and CY remains junk it may be time for Puello to come up and see if the kid can stick.

  • KennyandtheMets

    I think Juan will need to adjust to getting pitched inside more. The way he goes to RF, teams aren’t pitching him away as much. I hope he can adjust and start turning on the inside pitches, hitting them with authority.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    What did he do?

    Tried to steal playing time away from Lagares and pulled a hammy 😉

  • Bail4Nails

    Eric Young injured, Terry Collins goes on the DL with Sympathy Pains.

  • sperry

    Another light-hitting AAAA player


  • Out of place Mets fan

    If he did not get hurt last spring Lagares doesn’t get promoted at the end of last April. He was/is a spark plug of positive energy in the OF and that is something this team is lacking

  • Now we just need a few more injuries:
    Tejada, CY, Duda, Terry, Hudgens, to name a few.
    Bring up anybody. At least it will take me a few weeks before I’m sick of them.

  • keith

    While you’re at it, is there a young Reyes down there. And a cleanup hitter. Thanks!

  • Andrew Herbst

    Agreed. He has speed in the OF and can also provide some power which is something we greatly lack.

  • TheMetsMachine

    You got your wish!! With Eric young out you can enjoy the mendoza hitting, strike out specialist Chris Young playing pretty much every day! You know the guy who actually stole time from Lagares at Center.

    Geez, no wonder we are losing, we got idiots being happy about Chris Young starting.

  • Mike B

    Isnt it incredible? CY one of worst gets in memory. Evenn Bay hit over .250 his first year.

    Remember in the first game when the Mets had two on and no out and CY came up, late, like 6th or 7th, down by one? Know what i would have done? Pinch hit with deGrom and bunted. Hes the best bunter in the team. If he didnt get it down after two strikes i would have put up Soup to finish the AB. CY hit into a DP.

  • Mike B

    Me too. Wish his numbers were better. Satin is 70 points higher. I liked him in ST and last year. Needs to cut down his k’s. I’d take anyone over CY. The hot dog vendor. Keith H said his swing reminded him of Utley.

  • Mike B

    That outside fb to strike him out in game one was pretty bad. He is in a funk right now. As he doesn’t steal i really would like to see him hit lower, like 5-6.. Hes also better with men on base. No other real options to lead off.

  • Jeff Roland

    no, no there’s not

    and the one good position prospect down there doesnt even play

    its a heck of an organization we’ve got here

  • Great point. Hopefully more everyday reps can help him get his rhythm back and see the fruits of turning on that inside pitch.

  • DrDooby

    The swing may look like Chase Utley but his (in)ability to make contact look more like Chris Young & Kirk Nieuwenhuis. MdD is a nice defender annd could share LF with CY for the time being. But a future starting OF he almost certainly is not. Good defensive backup with some pop and a low BA.

  • theoracle

    Hey, we got Tejada and CY to take care of that

  • KennyandtheMets

    I’d prefer him down in the order as well.

  • KennyandtheMets

    Thanks Henry. I think Juan will make the adjustment. He works hard on his game.

  • Flatbush0460

    Terry Collins was last seen sobbing in the corner of the clubhouse muttering ”Eric, Eric, what do I do now?”

  • Nolrog

    What I don’t understand is why denDekker wasn’t on his way yesterday. They had to have known that EY wasn’t available and a DL trip was likely, but instead they play a man down yesterday in a double header. Mets do odd things like that (last week, when Lagares was back home for a death, they didn’t put him on the bereavement list and played a man down; that would have allowed him 3 days and he missed 2 anyway.)

  • Nolrog

    There’s not much else though.

  • Nolrog

    We’ve seen him before though. He’s not very good. Another of the AAAA type players. Decent at triple A, but stinks when he gets up here.

  • HawkZon

    Why not start Campbell.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Yeah. Hopefully he can provide a spark like Soup has.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Yep. I thought MDD’s swing was a little long. He needs to shorten up and cut down on his strikeouts. I loved his defense and speed.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Good leadership

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Tc on the dl lolol

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    One can only hope

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Hope chris young goes on dl too

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Nothing good

  • RyanF55

    I wouldn’t mind EYJ never coming back personally

  • Nolrog

    I wouldn’t mind never coming back as well.
    Terry Collins
    Dan Warthen
    Dave Hudgens
    Sandy Alderson
    all the other co-GMs to numerous to name here
    Fred Wilpon
    Jeff Wilpon
    Saul Katz

  • Nolrog

    He could be put on the DL with a brain cloud. Retroactive to the beginning of 2010.

  • Mike B

    I was a DD fan last year, despite his bad numbers. Then he had a great ST, but didn’t make it. His numbers in LV have not been that good(75 points lower BA than Josh Satin) but hopeful. Like to see him get a real shot. This is the problem I have with TC, and Darling mentioned it. When Kirk N. came up, he went 3-5 his first game, then sat 2 straight. This seems typical. I’d like to see DD get about 5-7 starts at least vs righties. His K numbers are too high, and unlikely to drop in the bigs, but I’d still like to see it.

    With deGrom and Montero, who pitched a great game yesterday, showing me much more than he did in previous outings, this team has the pitching to be competitive. But with CY and Duda at 4/5, we are toast unless that changes. I actually found myself rooting for CY to strike out yesterday, so he wouldn’t hit into a DP. Sadly, he did. With Duda, not sure I’ve ever seen a guy with so many swinging bunts. I mean, what’s it gonna take to get the fat part of the bat on the ball? Vs. righties, I’d like to see Abreu at 1st and DD in the OF. With Duda, his whole approach is screwed up. Who teaches the taking of fastballs down the middle? I mean, aren’t those the ones you’re supposed to swing at?

  • rclthomp

    I really hope den Dekker hits and plays well if given the chance. The dimensions of Citi Field’s OF requires good defensive OFs. If den Dekker can earn a permanent job that gives the Mets (3) CFs in their OF. Granted Granderson is an old CF but it still would improve the defense

  • Frank Vamos, Jr.

    RIP Eric Young, Jr. – His bat was just too hot.

  • Nimmofan25

    Nimmoooooo, another HR last night call him up the power is coming. Ok I’m not stupid he isn’t being called up. It is time to get him to AA though. And how about Mr Cecchini hitting some Hr’s lately. Did Sandy know something all the wannabe GM’s in here didn’t?

  • Andrew Herbst

    I’m hoping that he can provide some speed in the outfield.

  • sarge69

    so how many games do we have to play an outfielder short until they determine whether he can play?

    Not having that extra runner / outfielder is going to hurt next couple.of games so they just need to put him on disabled list and let Matt come up and play.

    If he can’t run, his forte, then DL him so Mets don’t have to rely on Abreu, slow runner, below avg fielder especially in RF.
    Why the drama?

  • sarge69

    Matt in LF, Lagares in C.F., and Granderson in RF makes solid OF, but MDD has to hit, get on base at least.

  • Nimmofan25

    Wow, fans will cry about anything. Oh no Wright was wearing blue boxer briefs what was he thinking. The grass is a quarter inch bigger then last week all trivial crap. Gotta have something to complain about. Did it kill the team not to have that guy on the bench.
    Give it a break already, our savior Mr Lagares might have had to sit a game. Lol

  • Nimmofan25

    Can’t disagree but he hasn’t exactly gotten any substantial playing time either.

  • Nimmofan25

    My only complaint at the moment is that they always call up the same players and they don’t produce. It’s time to give someone else a shot MDD, Kirk, Satin don’t get the job done.

  • LIKayLGM

    I get the frustration with this team, I truly do, as well as share it. However, being happy and wishing injury on any man that wears Mets across their chest is an all time low. Time to get some life priorities in order.

  • Nimmofan25

    Someone here actually has a brain.

  • Nimmofan25

    Prefer Campbell at first, seems when the run is out there to be had he drives it in.

  • George_Theodore

    EYJ to the DL

  • Mikey

    Too bad you’re not allowed to put CYoung on the DL with a sore Batting Average!

  • Peter S

    EYJ to the DL due to symptoms related to Terry Collins Vote of Confidence. A disease that usually lands one in the bench.

  • Thor on DL with elbow injury

    pain on inside part of elbow.

    same injury Frank Francisco had last year that pretty much has knocked out his career..

    and JJ Putz in 2007

    “Here’s all you need to know about the health of the Seattle Mariners closer: J.J. got an OK from his MRI. Medical director Edward Khalfayan in Seattle examined the pictures of J.J. Putz’s right elbow on Saturday and said Putz has a mild strain of the flexor pronator.”

  • AAAA/metsfan

    send DD back to vegas with duda and tejada. cut c.young and play dykstra, a.brown, lutz, flores,campbell, lagares,wright,murphy, recker,grandy, centeno or teagarden. leave d’arnaud in vegas

  • Fast Eddie

    Okay, EY sits for 15 days. Does that mean that MdD will actually play during that time? Or will he get the Kirk Nieuwenhuis treatment: play one day, sit or five? I’d like to see what den Dekker can do if he gets a steady diet of RH pitching.


  • RyanF55

    Duda hr with nobody on…always

  • Mets fan in Walnut Creek

    can someone explain to me why it made sense to replace Vic Black with DD for today’s game given the bullpen’s depletion?

  • Benny

    Terry must be pissed…

  • George_Theodore

    anybody miss this guy?

  • BehindTheBag

    Addition by failure to perform addition.

  • yes. Or does CY float your boat?

  • BehindTheBag

    One less guy for him to “get going” by awarding playing time over a more deserving player. Terry hates to be deprived of a chance to “get a player going”…it’s one of the simple pleasures in life.

  • MetsfanInParadise

    What a shame. I know plenty of you must be as broken up about this as I am

  • MetsfanInParadise

    “So Young agreed that the DL was the right decision now to ensure he does have a prolonged absence.” That’s our hope too.

  • joeythew

    No – Brown, den Dekker or Neuiwenhuis could all outperform him.

  • jdon48

    this is terrible.

  • billpulsipher

    theres your big announcement

  • Destry

    Good. We’ve been the worst team in baseball since we took him out of the lineup

  • Destry

    Always or 50% which is better than league average

  • Anthony

    Funny i havent missed him

  • Anthony

    I miss him like a bad hangover

  • Good. More EY means less CY

  • MDonaldWilpon

    Yay, the return of yet another AAAA player who can’t get on base…

  • Waz0787

    We miss EYJ. EYJ > Lagares

  • Waz0787

    Good to see u r posting. #90games winning team

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Any news on the announcment? Was hoping for good news but expecting a free t shirt day.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Lord have mercy another scrub to clog up LF and you know theyll send down Dekker when this crub gets back. Personally Id rather Dekker

    1 Garbage Young(Chris) is enought 2 Garbage Youngs(Eric &Chris) is OVERKILL

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I hope Terry Collins is gone before EYjr gets back, if not God help us all.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Floses may end up on dl with splinters

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Newsflash we were te worst in baseball with him in the lineup as well.

    You forget he EYjr got benched because he was sucking so bad before his DL stint???

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    You just read the Mets good news(well their version of good news)

    EY is expected to run today…smh

  • Andrew Herbst

    Hopefully this means CY gets less playing time.

  • TheMets philosophy

    Or maybe since legares got injured?

  • BronxMets

    Who cares

  • Chris H

    It’s will be good to get EY back. Now instead of losing games 7-4 or 5-2 it will be 7-5 and 5-3. Work wonders to lower our run differential

  • owlnut

    And Chris Young goes back to center field. We need Lagares back, and, hopefully, TC will play him.

  • owlnut

    Not necessarily.

  • The sad thing is that most of us would now take EYj over CY $7.25MM every day of the week. Hopefully den Dekker, Brown, or anyone in AAA shows themselves viable..heck maybe even Campbell. Because when Lagares comes back, and they decide to keep playing him…we could move on from the Youngs finally.

  • omar minayass

    i see they have him on the ike davis “swing, but don’t run” rehab.

    must feel good to be a met

  • Joey D.

    It was pointed out how Eric energized the lineup with his presence by his ability to get on base leading off the game and the Mets scoring in the first inning.

    Well, we’ve seen the Mets still scoring in the first inning nevertheless. And we’ve seen the Mets still losing nevertheless. So it’s like the Rangers with the Kings.

  • Jamie

    This is good news?

  • Jamie

    I don’t want to see either Young. Granderson, Lagares, and MDD/Kirk/Cambell/Brown/Abreu works for me.

  • Name

    I’ve pretty much forgotten about him.

  • Chicago Days

    Baseball makes fools out of everybody from owners to GMs Managers the players Fans Umps…Everybody!
    Witness: Dee Gordon–much maligned in Metsmerizedonline Land in the offseason–is having a damned good season.
    Just saw him beat out a grounder to SS. Wow.

  • RyanF55

    He’s an alright player. He’ll always be ok. He’s below average among 1st baseman in most categories, typically around 16th-17th in the league. He’s middle of the road. Serviceable. Ok. Nothing more.