Wheeler Not Pleased After Tossing Three Scoreless

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Zack Wheeler faced the Atlanta Braves for his second game of the spring on Sunday at Tradition Field. He threw three scoreless innings, allowed three hits, one walk and struck out three batters.

Wheeler opened the first inning by striking out the first batter he faced and even though he looked to have a live fastball, his main focus for the game was to work on a few things.

“Today was really just go out there and just work on some stuff, just because we face those guys [Braves] tons during the season.” Wheeler continues, “I was trying to work my changeup a lot today.”

Even though Wheeler decided to go with a different approach in the game, he wasn’t happy with the results, “A little erratic,” says the righty. “I’d like to forget what I just did out there.”

Wheeler was working on his game and trying some new things in an effort to improve his overall game. “I threw a change up to a righty a couple of times, don’t normally do that,” the young righthander told us after his outing. “I tried to mix stuff up a lot; threw a lot of off speed today, trying to get a different look.”

From a fan view, there didn’t seem to be anything different from Wheeler’s approach, and even Terry Collins felt he pitched a good game, “I thought he threw the ball very well,” said the skipper.

However, Wheeler is on a different level. He came into camp with a mindset that he wants the Opening Day assignment and that he wanted to help the Mets alleviate the loss of Matt Harvey as best as he can.

As I watched him perform on Sunday, I could see him attacking each batter with such a determined approach. His focus was there, his intensity was peaking, and you just know that when he finally figures it all out that he’s going to become something special for the Mets.

With approximately three weeks before the regular season starts, Wheeler has time to work on his full repertoire of pitches and by then he should be ready to lead the Mets rotation.

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  • DrDooby

    One of the keys to the Mets 2014 season.
    Last year, he was the one getting all the hype that´s directed towards Syndergaard right now. But his raw stuff is pretty much equal and unlike Syndergaard, he´ll be there from Day 1. How Wheeler himself performs could be the difference between 80 wins and 84 wins this season. Or for the pessimists, between 74 and 78 wins and for the optimists, between 86 and 90 wins…

  • The Mets have several young guys that if they make strides in development and production this year…it will be fun to watch and experience. I’m hoping for 200 effective innings from Wheeler. That would go a long way in making 2014 a step forward for the franchise.

  • RyanF55

    It’s good to see him have that “never satisfied” mindset. I thought he pitched well yesterday, but at times lost his control but that has been his only issue really. He was still getting guys to chase and he seems to dig in when he has to and find that pitch to put a batter away.

  • skyking26

    Wheeler didn’t look bad, his command wasn’t there at times but was able to get the pitches when needed and help from a gem by Lagares with a throw out at 3b. The kid is a competitor and showed he can work himself out of trouble. Good to see we have another Harvey with a Thor on the way.

  • Alex68

    Lmao, please…. he IS erratic and wild. i like the fact he’s trying to get better etc, but the kid is wild so while he will be a good pitcher for us. i wouldn’t be surprise if he’s walking the entire park in some outings…

  • Sunshine

    OK, seriously, Why are you even a Mets fan? Why are you here? Wright is the Wilpons patsy, Wheeler is terrible, and Nimmo is already a bust. And you COMPLAIN about how people treat you here? You just argure just for the heck of it, and say inane nonsensical things in the process. Are you really SURPRISED people react to you the way they do? Nothing personal, but really…get a grip on reality.

  • Alex68

    Sigh, thanks for reading and commenting….

  • schadenfreudianslip

    Matt Harvey says he’s not happy after throwing 3 scoreless but erratic innings:

    Alex: Bulldog. The guy is a competitor. He hates to lose. We need more like him. Sandy is a P.O.S.

    Wheeler says he’s not happy after throwing 3 scoreless but erratic innings:

    Alex: He sucks. Guy is terrible. Awful trade. Loser. Quit whining you P.O.S.

    Sigh. Lather rinse repeat with you.

  • Fast Eddie

    I’ll take Wheeler’s attitude and mind set every time. Three scoreless innings and still not happy. Kind of refreshing and Harvey-like. Sure beats Ike Davis after a 3 strikeout game saying he thought he had good at bats…of course that’s when Ike is actually on the field.

  • Bail4Nails

    Awesome. Just please, please stay healthy Zack. And stay away from Ike Davis. I’m starting to think that Valley Fever is contagious.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    What do you expect from a hypocrite?

  • schadenfreudianslip

    Joe and his team deleted my last back and forth, appropriately. So lets let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Eyeball

    That’s how I remember Sid Fernandez – had his days when there was a conga line walking around the bases, but when he had his location it seemed like nobody could touch him. I’d gladly take another El Sid.

  • Like Wheeler’s attitude hoping it becomes contagious in the clubhouse.

  • Alex68

    Sigh, thanks for reading and commenting both of you… MBAwesomeHeads

  • Taskmaster4450

    This is the attitude you love to see from young guys.

    Wheeler’s results were there yesterday…he gave up 0 runs. However, he was in trouble perhaps due to the fact he was working on things.

    When a player has an attitude of always wanting to improve, he usually can do that. Harvey has it in spades and it seems Wheeler does too. Noah already stated things along the same lines while one knows Montero is that way by simply looking at his progression.