Mets Camp Almost At Full Attendance Already

wilmer floresAccording to Adam Rubin of, “the Mets have pretty much everyone in camp, including position players, even though those players are not required to report until Thursday.”

The two players that were invited and still weren’t in camp are Omar Quintanilla and Wilmer Flores. Flores was due to arrive this morning, after finishing his second stint at the fitness camp in Michigan.

I’m sure the buzz surrounding Flores, when he finally arrives, will be as intense as it was around Noah Syndergaard yesterday. Everyone seems excited to see if the camp has helped Flores’ speed and agility—both of which have been question marks for years.

Flores is one of the players that Mets fans should keep a very close eye on this spring.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I haven’t heard anyone excited about Flores the way you put it. Not saying no one is, but I just haven’t read that anywhere.

  • Jake Jones

    I think becauuse Flores has really worked hard on his conditioning and footwork. He has a good glove/arm so if his footwork is good and his speed is a bit better than he probably could work at SS

  • AJF

    I rather his bat in the line up then Ruben

  • Andrew Herbst

    We have to find a position for Flores this year.

  • CyYout


  • Jake Jones

    Flores had a ankle injury that plagged him teh rest of the year. Before that he was getting a lot of big hits. Supposedly he worked hard at a conditioning facility in Michigan so maybe he can play SS

  • metFAN660

    I like the guy. Not enough to put him at a position where he has no clue what he’s doing, and he’s blocked at 3B. Some people here love him more than they should. It’s important to find out if he can play SS…just like it’s important to see if Ike can bounce back. If neither of those things work out, Flores could be a key piece in a trade to bring in an upgrade at 1B. If Ike works out, (as I expect), then he can be flipped to fill another need, or for more minor leage depth. His highest value is probably as a trade chip. Not being negative on him….just trying to keep it real.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I think the best bet, if he can’t outplay Tejada for SS, is to have him play 1B every day in AAA. Other than that, trade him.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Hahaha. I see what you did there.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    You know who else has a good glove and worked hard on his conditioning? Tejada.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Turner and Baxter? You want Flores as a bench player?

  • Metsaholic

    If that is the case…he’d make a great late inning defensive replacement should Flores get the spot. 😉

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Oh please.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I took it to mean Collins favored guys like Turner and Baxter, bench players, to Flores, meaning Flores should have been taking their roles, as bench players.

  • SRT

    I don’t think that was all on Collins. Remember, Flores had two sprained ankles. That’s the reason cited for him only getting 1 game at 2nd. He did play 3rd almost exclusively when Wright was out. Even then, he needed days off b/c of the ankle.

  • RyanF55

    The worst part about Flores is that it’s hard to get excited about a guy that doesn’t have a known direction. We all know he can hit…but in the end where is a logical fit for him? Will Flores have a long-term chance with this team, or will he be shipped out because there isn’t a “spot” for him? If he can rake like its been written about, he should be inserted somewhere on a team that needs bats.

  • dnotch

    You’re right on about getting his bat in the lineup – however it looks like its SS or back to Vegas which will be a waste

  • RyanF55

    I wouldn’t say back to Vegas is a “waste” as long as he plays everyday. He should crush the ball in that park. I do agree however and feel that Flores has hit his ceiling in the minors and deserves a crack at the MLB roster – hell if Lagares, Brown, Satin, Baxter, Nieuwenhuis etc. all got a shot, he should as well. The only legitimate shot he has at contributing at the MLB level, in my opinion, is at SS. 1st is already a log jam with guys who are more experienced and proven at the position in the big leagues. 2nd is occupied by one of only two known consistent offensive contributors on the team. 3rd is obviously not an option. Flores projects as a SS or 2B, so this Spring I believe he should seriously compete against Tejada. With no other real depth at the position yet, it pays to push Tejada and Flores alike to compete, IMO.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Yep. Agreed. I’d like to see Flores get some time ss,

  • jason bay

    Flores being the primary backup at all four IF positions gets him 300 AB’s plus PH duties before taking injuries into consideration. He has plenty of exposure everywhere but 1B and if you can play 3B, you can play first. Keeps Wright and Murphy fresh and gets us the platoon advantage at 1B and 2B Vs. LHP and in games in which we trail can add a good bat for Tejada while pinch hitting for the pitcher.

    I don’t love this as the preferred player development plan but at this point it is what it is and if he can make most of the plays defensively up the middle his bat will overcome the ones he doesn’t.

    Dicey about whether he’ll be OK at SS and 2B but he should be adequate there for a while while settling into (and hopefully planting his flag) at 1B or attracting quite a bit of interest elsewhere as a 3B man.

    I see a lot of double switching going on with the Mets this year between the 4 OFer’s, Flores, Satin and Duda/Ike.

    Should be interesting.