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The start of spring training has fantasy baseball enthusiasts pouring over magazines and scouring the internet for the latest baseball data to help make winning draft selections. Today, I made my first reading of the Sporting News BASEBALL Fantasy Source.

Just for fun, I decided to dedicate my first reading to the Mets. Were there any tidbits I could glean about the Metropolitans and how did the blue and orange fare in the Sporting News projections?

Met second baseman, Daniel Murphy drew the most speculation. In a segment on offensive splits Murphy was cited for his elevated batting average when playing in day games. Since 2011, Murphy has maintained an incredible .340 batting average when playing day games. Murphy had the second highest value, $20, behind Matt Carpenter’s, $23, for National League second baseman.

And, Murphy was the focus of a Bust or Trust segment where Sporting News highlighted one player at each position who enjoyed a banner season in 2013, then predicted whether fantasy owners expectinging a repeat performance would realize Bust or Trust. Murphy’s record setting year and his .307 batting average after the All-Star break were listed as positives. The fact the Met second baseman plays in a light hitting park (Citi Field was rated #26 in terms of hitting friendliness) where he hit only .263 last year was considered a negative. The prediction was that Murphy will continue to hit for average this year but his power numbers and stolen base production are unlikely to repeat themselves thus earning a BUST rating.

Travis d’Arnaud was listed as one of baseball’s Top Spring Arrival’s for the upcoming season. D’Arnaud’s slow start with the Mets last fall did not discourage the Sporting News oracles who summarized the young Met catcher has the tools and bat speed to be an above average hitter with 20+ home run power in the major leagues. Improving pitch selection and staying healthy were cited as d’Arnaud’s biggest challenges.

Met pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard is included in a list of minor league stars who should contribute next season. Sporting News likes Syndergaard’s dominant fastball and feel the effectiveness of his off speed pitches will determine how soon he makes an impact in the majors.

Lucas-DudaA section on homerun frequency per number of at bats for players who did not play every day included Lucas Duda. HR frequency is cited as an important stat for fantasy owners making late round selections still on the lookout for power production. Fantasy owners were advised to pay attention to the individual situations of the guys on the list. The reasoning was should their at bats increase, which could be the case for Duda if he becomes the Met’s starting first baseman, their power numbers could increase, also. Duda hit a home run in every 21.2 at bats last season.

As is his habit, David Wright was the highest valued third baseman in the National League with a $32 price tag. Wright was projected to hit .295 with 20 HR’s and 92 RBI’s this summer including 90 runs and 15 stolen bases.

Curtis Granderson ($26) missed the National League’s top ten outfield list placed one slot behind at number 11. Sporting News projects 34 HR’s and 92 RBI’s for the Grandy Man.

Sporting News puts Eric Young Jr. in centerfield at Citi Field this summer and has him leading off in the Met lineup. EYJ has an $18 value and is predicted to pilfer 52 stolen bases. Juan Lagares was never mentioned and Chris Young is found at the bottom of the NL outfield list with a $3 dollar value.

Met closer Bobby Parnell earns the biggest money value of Met pitchers at $8. Met starters Jon Niese ($6) and Bartolo Colon ($3) are positioned near and at the bottom of the NL starting pitching list. Colon is considered the Mets #5 starter behind, Niese, Wheeler, Gee, and Mejia. Vic Black and Gonzalez German were tabbed as the Met set-up men.

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  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    34 and 92 from Granderson? Sign me up.

  • Benny

    “Chris Young is found at the bottom of the NL outfield list with a $3 dollar value.”


  • Alex68

    I wonder what’s sandy alderson valued as a GM…. probably debt value since we’ve lost money 3 straight years and have lost 85-88-88 games respectively,

  • 2aSupport

    Juan Lagares…not even mentioned…YIKES

  • Reese Kaplan

    If I was in that league I’d swoop up Colon at that bargain price. Did anyone not notice the 2.65 ERA and 18 wins last year which were even better than the impressive season that preceded it? The only criticism you can make is he doesn’t strike out a lot of people.

  • Alex68

    295 with 20 HR’s and 92 RBI for $20 million? not what we signed up but hey, whatever…
    34 HR’s and 92 RBI’s for the Grandy Man”

    That’s pipe dreaming…. 15-25 at best with 75-90 RBI
    Bartolo Colon ($3) Ohhh boy….

  • Alex68

    If I was in that league I’d swoop up Colon at that bargain price.”

    Join the league and win it by acquiring Colon then… again, you’re basing the signing as a good one based on what you just wrote, that was last year, playing in a pitchers park, using PED’s and also where nobody really cared. while in NY he was below average at best and that’s why the yankees didn’t want him back. of course, sandy being the genius he is, signed him for TWO years 41-42 to be our Ace…. good luck though if you join the league

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I always liked the guy but they are starting to make me hate Eric Young Jr.(the player).

    He is entering into Mike Baxter territory in the fact that I dont want to see his face anymore because he is everything this team needs to stay away from

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Not sure what you’re using to project Granderson. I assume you’re just taking numbers off the top of your head and assuming he’s going to lose all power playing at Citi, even though he hit half his HR on the road and gets to play in parks like Citizen’s Bank and Turner Field.

    I also love how Mets fans hate this franchise so much that they assume Colon, who was excellent last season, is going to come in here and just completely lose it, despite the fact that there’s no DH, a pitcher-friendly park and lesser opponents.

  • Charley’s Twin

    seventy-four wins

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    You saying he was hired to be the ace doesn’t make him the ace.

    Citi Field isn’t a pitcher’s park?

    Exactly how much of an impact do PEDs have? How many injections equate to what ERA?

    How about no DH, another pitcher friendly park and lesser competition? Think that’ll work in his favor?

  • HawkZon


  • Alex68

    Lmao…. You must hate Sandy Alderson personally…

  • Alex68

    I also love how Mets fans hate this franchise so much that they assume Colon, who was excellent last season, is going to come in here and just completely lose it”

    Uhhhhh, Maybe because he’s 41, maybe because when he was with the yankees on the east coast he was a #5 at best, maybe because some players do really good to get that last contract before they retire so they can be happy money wise, maybe because the mets as a team are not as good as oakland, maybe because we’ve seen this played out before (el duque)…
    Can’t just assume the goods, gotta look at both side of the coin. if he wins 15 games for us in his 2 year deal, be thrilled and happy, i expect a HUGE down year from him…

  • astoriacub

    he had an ERA+ of 107 as a Yankee. A bit better than a fifth starter…

  • dealingwithidiots

    So in this thread you claim his numbers were because he was using PED’s, but in the other thread you are insulted that Nimmo is ahead of Puello because he used PED’s? Yeah, you don’t have an agenda………. L O V E R

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    That’s all very scientific. I’m sure you’re correct.

    I don’t think he’s going to win 20 games, but mid-3.00 ERA and 10-14 wins isn’t out of the question. I think he’ll benefit from no DH, a pitcher friendly park, good defense and lesser competition.

    And really, go look at the contracts other free agents pitchers received this season and tell me he’s worse than any of them. 2/$20 million is a steal by comparison.

  • Charley’s Twin

    Nope. 100% hate for the Wilpons. Sandy is a patsy.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Oh, and I see you’re willing to forgive Puello for his PED use, but assume all of Colon’s success last season was because of PEDs.

    Very consistent of you.

  • Alex68

    Sigh….. Thanks for reading and commenting…

  • Alex68

    Well, maybe i am expecting less from him so the disappointment is less as well. this guy is not gonna repeat what he did in oakland. not being a pessimist, but i think he was benefitted yet again for using PED and it helped him stay healthy etc for 2 years given how much he’s out of shape etc..
    i believe he did what he did to get paid and now that he did, he could care less and we’ll be burned again by yet another bad contract handed out by sandy

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    And yet Puello isn’t being treated fairly in the prospect rankings because of his PED use. Man. You’re all over the place.

    So which is it? Colon was all PEDs and Puello wasn’t? Or Puello deserves the benefit of the doubt, but not an established major league player?

  • Destry

    I have Grandy at 26 HR 92 RBI

  • Alex68

    do you guys read properly? Read again and see where i say his success was only due to PED’s? i also mentioned how Oakland was a better team, and maybe him getting his last paycheck was also a factor. I only stated that Puello is getting hosed because he used PED’s, but it’s more insulting having a guy with no tools who can only walk is more insulting… my goodness, it’s my fault for trying to stablish convo with you guys… shame on me..

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I’d say the defense behind Colon is plenty equipped to make outs and make it easier for him. Oakland was a better team, but it’s not such a direct impact on his stats as you seem to think. The outfield defense can be excellent and d’Arnaud is superb at framing pitches, great for a strike thrower like Colon.

    Then there’s, again, the large ballpark, no DH, and lesser competition.

    Projections have him winning 10-14 games with a mid-3.00 ERA. Is that worth $10 million? I think so. Go look at Pelfrey’s shiny new contract and tell me Colon is a bad deal.

    Age and PEDs are your main arguments that he’ll be terrible. Not really good arguments considering you’re just speculating.

  • B-Met Fan

    These weren’t my projections. I was beginning fantasy baseball research and use citing the numbers in a Sporting News Baseball magazine. Personally, I’d whistle Dixie if Granderson hit their predictions. They projected Colon as the fifth Met starter in the rotation which gives you an idea that they feel his last year’s numbers are not repeatable.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I don’t expect him to repeat it. But 10-15 wins and a mid-3.00 ERA is not out of the question. And for $10 million, given what other pitchers got this offseason, it’s a steal.

  • BronxMets

    ah such are the idiots who accuse people of hate when they have nothing to offer and don’t respect someone’s opinion

  • BronxMets

    there’s the hate accusation again

  • The only Met I’ll even look to acquire this year is David Wright. Everyone else will have to be at bargain bin rates. I love Murphy, but he’s not cheap anymore, just ask Richie who has to fork over more money now because of arbitration and production.

  • BCleveland3381

    I think if EY was used properly, he could be a really solid 4th OF/backup 2B. But to talk about him taking ABs away from Lagares is stupid.

  • BCleveland3381

    I didn’t mind the Colon signing at first because the Mets needed a pitcher at a decent price on a short term deal, and I wasn’t sure any other available guys would sign so cheap and only for two years. But lets be honest here, the Mets paid top dollar for Colon and they might have gotten Jimenez, Arroyo, or Santana at the same dollars and years at this point. Colon had a good year last year, but how many good pitchers do you remember at 41 years old? 42? To expect him to pitch at that level again is a pipe dream.

    I just hope he strikes out every at bat(not a reach considering he’s struck out in more than half his ABs over the years. The thought of Colon running is sickening.

  • TexasGusCC

    Is $5.7MM for a starting second baseman that has, at least, some offensive ability really that expensive? In baseball terms, because I could never pay that salary, lol.

  • TexasGusCC

    I know what you mean, but to me the real problem is CY. He has no role on this team, but may be useful. EY is a speed guy, pure and simple. Baxter sucked in every facet!

  • Nope, that’s actually still a bargain in MLB rates and terms. Now for the bottom third payroll Mets, it could be a stretch, but Murphy is a good enough player that they might hold on to him; at least that’s my hope. As for me, I only play fantasy baseball, and in that world…and in my league, Murphy will cost a lot of money in our auction draft…so I can’t afford him. If I get any Mets not names Wright…it’ll have to be bargain bin shopping.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I’d say it’s pretty accurate.