Rafael Montero Determined To Pitch For Mets This Season


MLB.com recently conducted an interview in Spanish with Mets pitching prospect Rafael Montero about his future in baseball and his goals for 2014. One of the benefits of having a senior editor like David Conde, who reads and writes Spanish, is that it affords us the opportunity to conduct more interviews with many of our Latino prospects and also being able to translate interviews like this.

Here is an excerpt of the Interview:

MLB.com – You signed a bit late at age 20 for an International prospect, at any point in time were you worried that you weren’t going to get an opportunity?

Montero – If I told you that I worried, It would be a lie, because the truth is I was working hard to reach that goal. It’s one of the the primary goals that I worked hard toward. I always walk with my head held high and I knew it was coming.

MLB.com – Many have spoken about your calmness and your command, how do you explain that?

Montero – When you go into the game, you can’t be nervous, you have to enter calm and relaxed to be able to play the game the way you want.

MLB.com – In 2014 Matt Harvey won’t be on the team, but there are other young arms; Do you want to be in the next phase of young arms that will be rising to the team in Queens?

Montero – If they give me the opportunity to be there, I will be working hard and will put in the necessary work to get there.

MLB.com – What is the primary goal for 2014 for Rafael Montero?

Montero – To reach the Major Leagues, if it’s God’s will.

* * * * * * * *

One of the things I’m looking forward to in 2014 is the major league debut of both Rafael Montero and Noah Syndergaard. While it’s clear that Montero is more major league ready according to many in the Mets organization, it is also apparent to me that Thor is not that far behind.

I’m just ecstatic as the number of young arms with high upside that you can find speckled throughout each level of the Mets minors. From Kingsport to Las Vegas, there are no less than a dozen great young pitchers all oozing with top and middle of the rotation stuff. It’s an exciting time to be a Met fan.

By the way, I want to thank my senior editor David for translating this interview for our readers to enjoy, and our staff writer Gus for finding the link.

(Photo: MLB.com)

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  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Guys like Wheeler, Harvey, Montero and Syndergaard make me cautiously optimistic about the Mets future. However, they have almost no offensive players coming any time soon and unless they start spending more in free agency, they’re going to have to trade some of these young pitchers.

  • I bet they will next season when Harvey returns and they can afford to. Everybody wants pitching and the Mets have it.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Nice interview…

    and as usual, MMO outshines MB as the go to place for all things mets-related.

    its more likely that MetsBlog reports an interview with Reese Havens and Brad Holt than Rafael Montero or Cesar Puello

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Is it just me, or as i see more and more about this kid, i am more impress and prepare to say we might have found ACE #2 to Harvey?? aka his 1B?

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    MonteroIf I told you that I worried, It would be a lie, because the truth is I was working hard to reach that goal. It’s one of the the primary goals that I worked hard toward. I always walk with my head held high and I knew it was coming.

    I love that confidence…similar to that of Matt Harveys…Something a highly touted guy like Pelfrey clearly lacked.

  • mattbalasis

    This guy is going to win more games for the Mets than Thor, Wheeler, or Harvey … if you want a rationale for my thinking just look at how far impeccable command took a couple of Brave hurlers who were recently admitted into the HOF. The thing that’s most impressive about Montero isn’t just his deep and effective arsenal, but the fact that his freakish command doesn’t come at the expense of some decent mustard on his fastball. He impressed me even last spring by bending but not breaking … he managed to get through some quality Major League bats.

  • AJF

    Certain people like the Head Writer on Metblog keeps saying that this guy will be good in the Pen!!! And drove people nuts with that dumb comment

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Rafael Montero will remain UNDERRATED[just like Harvey was] til he pitches for the 1st time in the MLB then all the pundits whom underrated him will claim all along they thought he would be a stud

  • Tommy Med

    I can see Montero coming up this season and making a splash. He reminds me of Julio Teheran who was much more highly rated as a prospect but I think Montero has a similar skill set. Great command, paints the corners. Nasty slider

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    And even then, someone will stupidly say that (Insert sandy player here) will win CY while Montero is good… lol you know the drill

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Be careful we have a few idiots here in the comment section who say the same bullcrap as that idiotic head writer…smh

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Sad but true lol theyll say Montero could be the #4 pitcher when Mazzoni gets called up or something o_O

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Good comparison…Ive always seen the slight similarities between the two.

  • CJM

    Well, that is a complete shot in the dark guess. There’s really no formula to come to a conclusion like that. Also, you forget that the strike zone has changed drastically since the early 90s, when Maddux and Glavine were racking up serious numbers. In today’s game, both those guys would be hurt significantly by the smaller strike zone.

  • If anyone is interested you can watch his interview with English captions here as well.


  • CJM

    I’d like to see him pitch in the majors before concluding that.

  • mad met

    One would think with all this pitching we could have traded for a real first basemen or ss….. we still dont have a cleanup hitter or a proper ss what good is all this pitching

  • Tommy Med

    Because the loss of Harvey means less depth. And The value of our young pitchers will go up once they succeed at the MLB level. Guys like Niese and Gee still need to prove themselves to up thier value. Niese needs to return back to his 2012 form and Gee needs to show he can maintain a full season of success

  • CJM

    What do you mean “all this pitching”? Yes they have plausible depth. But none of it is proven beyond Harvey, not even Wheeler. And for that matter, Harvey is out for a year. There’s still room for a couple of these guys to turn into busts, which is why at this point in building the team, it’s smart to hang onto all the pitching they can. If the perfect deal becomes available, expect a trigger pull. But there’s no need to go out shopping these guys (which would in theory decrease their trade value) until you know exactly what you have.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    yup…and say the same thing about Mejia…and Familia…and Tapia…and basically anyone born south of Florida who doesnt look like Hulk Hogan.

  • Lotus1209

    Haha and you’ve never held back before… why stop now?

    Montero will be a great pitcher. Not doubting that. He has a higher floor than Thor IMO just not a higher upside.

  • Just_Da_damaja


    Mejia got that…

    after seeing Mejia and Harvey decimate those lineups in August..that was the best 1-2 punch we had since Johan and Dickey had their run in 2012.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Glavine – yes
    Maddux – no

    Maddux wasnt just getting calls, he was locating balls in places that would induce exactly the result he wanted.

    Remember Maddux STARTED out as a fire-baller in Chicago.

  • Lotus1209

    This. People dont understand yes we have pitching depth but none of it is stable at the major league level yet. Once we know what we have with Thor, Wheeler and Montero and even Mejia we will make moves next season to address other issues

  • SRT

    I know we still have some holes **cough SS cough ** but I’m glad they didn’t trade Montero to fill it. Would really like to see what he does at the ML. I think he can be a staple in that rotation for the next 6 years.

  • CJM

    “He was locating balls in places that would induce exactly the result he wanted.”

    Agreed. However, you can’t deny that a bigger strike zone helped him. He had the ability to locate a ball off the plate and still have it called a strike. A bigger strike zone is an advantage to a pitcher no matter who he is.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    The Mets don’t have “pitching depth.” They have a few very promising prospects, but that’s all they are – prospects. We don’t know what they’re going to turn out to be.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Yeah, but who goes and for who? Mets fans probably couldn’t handle a trade where we give away Syndergaard, no matter who we got back.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    LoL…You know I wont…

    Just fanning this flame 😉

  • 2aSupport

    They’ll move one or a combination of Wheeler, Niese, Gee, DeGrom, Matz, Mejia, or Montero before they move Syndergaard

  • CJM

    Uh yeah, I think that’s what I said.

  • 2aSupport

    MB is crap

  • 2aSupport

    Rick Reed had impeccable command too.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    What breed of dog is that?

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    So the Rockies call up and offer Tulo for Syndergaard, hypothetically. You’re passing on that? Just curious.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Reed and Bobby Jones I remember those days

  • BigAl831
  • SRT

    Golden Retriever. That’s my baby, Sophie.

  • SRT

    Only that’s a picture of her when she was a puppy.
    She now weighs 100lbs – lol.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    That slider was flatout nasty….

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Nice…lol…I love big dogs…I seriously want a Tibetan Mastiff 😉

  • Captain America

    I had a Tibetan Terrier who was awesome. But only 25 pounds with an amazing temperment. Best dog I ever had…

  • letsgomets28

    OT: I just watched the MLBN Top 10 shortstop show and other than Ripken Drew was not mentioned once in the whole show. He was not in the shredders top 10 or even in the honorable mentions category. 13 Million dollars plus for not even a top 15 SS is not a good investment.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


  • Way too early to start thinking about that. All I’m saying is the Mets have the resources. It’s up to them to decide what they want to do with them.

  • Jamie

    Wait what? Neise, Gee, and Colon aren’t proven?? Wheeler and Mejia haven’t shown they can pitch on the big stage?? Im confused. The fact that some of the best right handed young arms in baseball are in AAA and can’t even find a spot in our rotation absolutely means we have depth.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    How is it too early to start thinking about that? There’s never a bad time to think about upgrading offense, especially for the Mets, who don’t seem to be big players in free agency anymore and don’t have big time positional prospects coming up?

  • Tacohow

    Curious about Mejia, Montero and Syndagaard
    Hopefully they will pitch in games that matter for the Mets after July 1st

  • CJM

    Niese is absolutely unproven. Hasn’t pitched 200 innings in a season yet. Has only had one year with an ERA+ over 100. Gee is probably more proven than Niese, but he is a back end starter regardless. Colon=proven but an absolute question mark with his age and PED use. Wheeler and Mejia have not shown that they can pitch on the big stage. Small sample sizes for both. Syndergaard and Montero could both easily win jobs over Niese and Gee in ST, if that’s how it worked. But we know they’ll be held down to restrict service time and save a year of control. The depth is plausible, but not palpable. Not yet.

  • Guest

    Because you’re thinking about upgrading the offense in the 2015-2016 offseason when the 2014 season hasn’t started yet.

  • 2aSupport

    He was NEVER a fireballer. Not even early in his career. His K/9 in his Cy Young season with CHI was 6.8 but you are right. He wasnt just getting calls, he could induce batters to hit it right where he wanted them to. He was that good.

  • 2aSupport


  • Guest

    2014-2015 offseason, rather

  • Because you’re thinking about upgrading the offense in the 2014-2015 offseason when the 2014 season hasn’t started yet. A lot can happen from now until then.

  • Jamie

    Seriously? lol. Gee and Neise have been well above average pitchers for years. They are both a solid 2 or 3 on almost any staff in baseball. Neise just missed 200 innings btw. Syndergaard and Montero might take Neise and Gee’s jobs in spring training? Really? What planet are you living on dude? After what Wheeler showed he isn’t going anywhere whatsoever. Every staff in baseball would find a spot for Wheeler today if they acquired him. Every single one. Mejia might have the best stuff of anyone in the whole organization. He just needs to prove he can stay healthy. Mejia is the only question mark and we have a shitload of depth behind him if he can’t stay healthy.

  • ChaseSimms

    “If its Gods will” he says. Yeah, because THAT’s whats going to get you to the big leagues. If there were a God, no doubt his biggest concerns would be whether or not minor league baseball players made it to the majors.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    How in the world is it too early to start thinking about upgrading the offense? All Mets fans are doing is complaining about a .500 team, the Wilpons don’t spend, Tejada sucks, Ike and Duda suck. Then I say they’re going to have to trade some of these prospects for offense, the thing everyone is bitching about, and it’s ‘too early’?

    Sandy has said Syndergaard is untouchable, but if he went out and starting talking to other GMs about dealing him, you think he’d get no responses? Or GMs haven’t asked him? You try to upgrade at all times. There is no such thing as “too early,” not for a team this bad.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    So you’re good with the offense as is?

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Interesting Greg Maddux article..

    in 1992, he turned down the Yanks for the Braves, despite the Yanks offering the most money…


    B/c Atl gave him the best chance to win…

    Imagine if Maddux were on the Yanks from 1993-1999..

    he’d have 4-5 rings instead off 1


    But for the fifth time, the Yankees were rejected by a pitcher who signed for less money elsewhere, in the wake of Doug Drabek (Astros), Greg Swindell (Astros), Jose Guzman (Cubs), and David Cone (Royals). The Yankees still have a four-year, $17 million offer to lefthander Jimmy Key and expect a response by the end of the week.

    The good old days…

  • Vin

    Prospects in AAA are big-league pitching depth. Teams don’t have 3 guys in their BP ready to go from 1 inning every couple of days to 6 or 7 every 5th.

    We have 3 near ready starters at AAA who have some level of big league starter projection – a 1 or 2 in Thor, a 3 or 4 in Montero, and a likely 5 in DeGrom (though I like him more than that).

    That’s depth for the big-league team.

    The lower level prospects are trade bait till they are ready / near ready to debut. Because a few of them are pretty good – Matz, Fulmer, and Whalen (further down the line) immediately comet to mind, we have depth in trade-bait, too.

  • neekerbreeker

    You know what made Pedro so great? It wasn’t his knee-buckling curveball, it was his curveball coupled with all his many other pitches which were also good. It’s exceedingly rare for a pitcher to have more than one or at the most two good pitches. Most have their one strikeout pitch and everything else is marginal. In the rare instance where you have a guy who can throw multiple + offerings at you, then you’ve entered “special” territory. With Montero, far as I can tell, the fastball and changeup are + offerings and the slider is filthy.

  • No, absolutely not. I think we’re talking about two different things. I’m talking about upgrading the offense when Harvey returns. You’re talking about upgrading in general. Personally, I’d like to see how Syndergaard performs in the majors before dealing him in particular but if the Rockies called up and offered Tulo for Syndergaard (which wouldn’t happen at this particular moment), I would certainly make the trade. But the fact of the matter is, we’re not going to get a proven major leaguer unless we give up multiple prospects and I don’t think the Mets are in a position to do that just yet.

    My main point was originally that the Mets will be in a very good position next season assuming all goes well with Syndergaard’s/Wheeler’s development and Harvey returns to form. They won’t have to be conservative with all of their young arms, leading me to believe they could make a deal to acquire a true impact bat if they choose to.

  • CJM

    Jon Niese and Dillon Gee both have career ERA+s of 95. Niese has one full season with an ERA+ over 100, Gee has none. Neither one of them is even average, let alone “well above average.” Both have had trouble completing full seasons. Gee’s career high in starts is 32–last season. Niese’s career high in starts is 30. You are the one who referred to Montero and Syndergaard as “some of the best right handed arms in baseball.” Although that’s a bit hyperbolic, I tend to agree that they are both very promising–so promising, in fact, that if it were a true competition, they would out pitch Niese and Gee, which isn’t that hard. If they cannot out pitch Niese and Gee (both statistically below average pitchers) then that does not fair well for the Mets. Finally, do you understand what a sample size is? Yes, Wheeler and Mejia were both very nice pitchers across small major league sample sizes last season. But the nature of a small sample size is that it proves nothing. Neither of those two are anywhere close to proven major league entities. No intelligent person would bank on a full successful season from either.

    Plausible depth means that the potential and probability are there. The Mets have many good arms–that’s undeniable. However, they have very few people who are proven. In fact, I’d argue that none of their pitchers, save Colon who is a question mark, are proven.

  • Agee’s Catch

    Without God, 1969 would just be another year….

  • Lotus1209

    Don’t bring religion into this. It’s his choice he can say what he wants to.

  • CJM

    Bro, me and you had this talk a few months back. Just silly to spark the fire.

  • Agee’s Catch

    I’d like a Bernese Mountain Dog. just be prepared for a short life. Big dogs last about 8 years.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Echoing your statements.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    You want to call these kids up when they’re ready, not because of injuries. And just because they project a certain way doesn’t make them “depth of pitching.” They’re young, unproven prospects.

  • CJM

    Ok cool. Just making sure.

  • edmet

    so why is alderson insisting on a pitcher for ike davis? pirates are loaded with minor league positional prospects. sandy picked up dilson Herrera, cool. go back to the well, ask for josh bell. ike or duda won’t be enuf, but add a piece or 2m say degrom, Vaughn.

  • Jeff Roland

    just the fact that it bothers you enough to rant about that shows what a moron u are

    besides only tebow is allowed to take sh*t for saying God! dont u know that?

  • mitchpetanick

    so was the changeup…maybe the back to the future music just made them seem that much better 🙂

  • This kid is going to be a beast!! Just sit back, watch and enjoy the ride!!!

  • $14435385

    I’d imagine it was part of a larger plan…there was probably a point where a pitcher like Montero (for example) could have been included in a a deal for a SS or another bat – but that Alderson didn’t want to include pitching in that deal unless he had more depth organizationally. But since that option appears to be off the table now, he might consider dealing Davis for whatever they can get rather than cutting him after ST or keeping him and his $4M salary. It will be interesting to see what happens if he comes out in Spring Training and hits the crap out of the ball…it’s unclear whether that would make him more or less likely to be dealt….we’ll see.

  • $14435385

    I guess God dislikes Baltimore, Atlanta and Chicago…not that I blame Him/Her…

  • mad met

    And in the mean time we can stay put with this anemic offence ?

  • jason bay

    Vaughn could have been had by anyone in the rule 5 draft and few teams have 3 spots on the off season roster to plug in Ike, Duda and deGrom. Bell isn’t even on Pittsburgh’s 40 so they would have to ditch 3 guys on the 40 to add those 3.

    More importantly teams aren’t looking to trade a potential superstar for a few mediocre pieces unless it’s at the deadline and even then their looking more for the current big time piece for a potential future one..Meadows and McGuire aren’t even eligible to be traded until July and I’d rather hold out for one of them at the deadline if possible.

  • mad met

    Very much agree but with the price tagso high on hitters why could we notsign a pitcher and trade for a hitter we desperately need just out of the box thinking

  • jason bay



  • CJM

    In the meantime the Mets will wait and see. If a perfect trade fell into their lap, they’d take it. But it is silly to go pursuing trades when the team is not quite sure what they have yet.

  • TexasGusCC

    Wouldn’t that be nice.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Hes got to be thinking about a trade, a package of lets say wheeler, a pitcher they got for ike, murphy and maybe matz for cargo…. Come on I can dream.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    ummmm 86 too, cause I was sitting on my bed in the dark praying as buckner let that ball pass him. I was in the 6th grade. gods will man, I kid u not. 😛

  • Dave Rosenbluth

    Pitching is the best currency to have. It is the hardest to develop and too expensive to sign as a UFA. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    also his calmness and additude, ie confidence. Some people would be surprised that’s all some of these guys need to get them from ok to great.

  • mad met

    Edwin encarcion was avalable how do u not make an offer

  • mr. belvedere

    I love the bulldog mentality of many of our young arms…Harvey, Mejia, Gee, and Montero…I think this is a sign of much better player development in the minors and with all the coaching staffs at every level than we’ve had in a long time

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    In 2009 Edwin Encarnacion was IKE DAVIS circa 2013

    True story,,,,,,

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Im not for or against Drew but youd be making a huge mistake if youre evaluating players based on what someone else says

  • dof

    Great attitude.

    Can’t wait to see him pitch.

  • Taskmaster4450

    The guys further down have very little trade value. You hold onto guys like that so that they can potentially headline a deal as opposed to being part of a package.

  • joeyd1966

    Jay, very few fans have a clue about the 40 man roster. They never take that into consideration when they play GM.

  • Captain America

    The NJ Paper’s article on Montero mentioned he had a first grade education.

    Teddy – how can that be?

  • Taskmaster4450

    Another great asset to have.

    Remember people, the likelihood that Harvey, Wheeler, Montero, and Syndergaard all work out well is minimal. It could happen but we should be realistic. Winning the prospect game is all about numbers and if the Mets go 50% with this batch and find two top end pitchers, that is a HR.

    Another thing to remember, we do not know which ones will be successful. As good as Harvey was in 2013, it was just 3/4 of a season production. Plus he is now out for a year. Fortunately, it is an injury that has a track record with pitchers successfully coming back from. That said, wait a while to anoint Harvey what he was in July of this past season. There was no guarantee he even duplicates it without injury.

    One final thought. All these players are Met property. That is a good thing. Will one (or two) of them be moved in a deal? Who knows. The point is players are traded on a deal by deal basis. Perhaps the organization is higher on Noah than the others. Perhaps not. Either way, if any of these players are used as trade pieces, they are good enough (and successful at a high enough level) that they will headline a deal. That is a great testament to the depth of the organization.

    Personally I hope they all work out. Nothing would be better than having a returning Harvey with a successful Wheeler, Montero, and Noah already at the major league level. Couple that with a couple of the Niese, Gee, Colon, Mejia group, and you have the makings of something special.

  • sperry

    Unfortunately god’s will doesn’t affect the front office’s will that no more prospects get super 2 status

  • Captain America

    If I see Montero as a trade chip and you as a building block – why isn’t that all good?

    If LeRoy can go full Monte on Bartolo’s weight, and Alex on Nimmo, etc – if I mention anything about Montero it’s off base?

    Let’s hope he can make it in the majors. And I hope he gets us a SS we need in return. I truly wish him well.

  • TexasGusCC

    Hi Taskmaster,
    Long time no talk. Happy New Year. You are forgetting Matz. However, you are right in that we have to let the players show themselves, but I think with what Mejia showed this year, if he can stay healthy, IF, then the Mets staff will be amazing.

  • TexasGusCC

    MLBGM, I think that may be a bit too much in that we are giving a talented young pitcher, an established second baseman (albeit not top tier, but at least upper second tier), and a promising rookie for a player that is debatable is that good outside of Coors Field. But, Gonzalez would be a nice addition, no doubt 🙂

  • Taskmaster4450

    Hi TexasGus.

    Yes Matz is there along with many other terrific arms. However, I omitted him since he is still in A ball. Get him at least to AA and then he can be added to this list.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Bartolo’s weight may affect his health, which may affect his play.

    Nimmo was a risky pick for many reasons, knee surgery in high school, not playing high school baseball, not coming from a well-known area for baseball players…after 2 seasons, not demonstrating any outstanding skill aside from drawing walks…

    there is a substantial amount of baseball related items to talk about with colon and nimmo…

    Talking about Montero’s education, is completely class-less.

    I was in Africa this autumn and spent time in a village with kids that start working as soon as they are practically able to walk.

    My father, who was a farmer in PR, had to drop out of school at 5th grade to help his parents with their farm.

    My mother, who also was a farmer in PR, had to drop out of school in 9th grade to help her parents out with their farm.

    between 4 grandparents, I have 20 aunts and uncles, only 2 finished high school.

    Go to the Dominican Republic…

    and when u see kids WORKING and NOT IN SCHOOL from age 7 and up..

    its because they have to…

    not b/c they’re cutting class at their friends house playing video games.

    Then again, I would expect someone named Captain America to be completely ignorant and clueless about the conditions that other kids around the world live in.

  • TexasGusCC

    True, he’s a bit away, but the only lefty other than Gorski that can even be considered for a rotation spot someday. The pipeline is full of possibilities: Yona, Cessa, Varrett, Fullmer, deGrom, on and on.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Id sign today

  • Just_Da_damaja

    I think thats a better way of putting it…
    His floor is in the middle between Thor’s ceiling and what Thor likely will be.

    The only difference between their FB is 3 mph…

    but what Montero lacks in speed, he more than makes up for in command.

    I like both of them

  • Lotus1209

    That’s not to say Thor’s command isnt great.. because it absolutely is compared to Wheeler and Harvey in Triple-A.

    3 MPH makes a huge difference when it comes to the MLB unfortunately..

  • Captain America

    You understand I was simply asking a question on what was reported.

    That’s all. How you conduct yourself is reflective of the person you are. And how you treat others is how others will treat you.

    Except I always treat all here equally with respect and courtesy. I root for all mets for the name on the front of their shirt and nothing else.


  • TexasGusCC

    I have read the head writer’s remarks in other blogs and it seems that on his blog he writes what makes his bosses happy.

  • TJ

    Excellent points. They cannot be understated.

  • TJ

    There are plenty of folk in America that aware of the conditions faced by others and of how fortunate most are here. And no one with an integrity would hold it against a kid in his situation for having such little formal education. But, as you say, there is a lot of baseball to talk about here. Time will tell, but I would not be so quick to trade this kid. He has really demonstrated a knack for pitching. Imagine that, getting it done without 95 mph. Guys like Montero and Gee seem to be very undervalued, but looking at the two most recent HOF pitchers, they call it pitching instead of throwing for a reason. I’m looking forward to how he pitches in the bigs.

  • Kabeetz

    You have to like the circumstance that due to our perceived embarrassment of pitching riches, Montero has a notch less pressure on his shoulders than Wheeler or Thor along with an ounce more effort needed to stand out amongst his more talked about peers. Good recipe for developing potential.

  • Captain America

    I root for Montero to do well and have a gut feeling he will be traded. Alderson sees a buy low sell high situation. And he will cash in his chips and get a SS.

  • Jamie

    Wow. Don’t even know where to begin. I guess Harvey isn’t proven either than since he hasn’t even pitched a full season technically. Neise, Gee, and Colon have all been established pitchers for years. We know for an absolute fact Neise would have netted us more than we got in the return from Dickey by multiple GMs. You keep pointing at career numbers which is idiotic. Both these pitchers are young and have only recently really come into their own. Both are throwing around 200 innings as 26 year olds with ERA’s in the 3’s. Colon is coming off three great years, not one. I guess Ill concede Wheeler but if you add up his pedigree and projection with everything he did at the major league level already proving himself, you have an absolute lock for any teams rotation in the game. Mejia isn’t proven because of his health but he has absolutely dominant stuff that we’ve all seen. You would have to be on drugs to even remotely think we won’t have a solid rotation this year.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    But wait TJ…here’s the kicker…

    he actually DOES hit 95 MPH…

    what he does not do, is hit 96-99 MPH

    95 with pin point control ….

  • Just_Da_damaja

    but control and movement makes a much bigger difference than MPH.

    Montero throws 95 with control and movement and sick secondary pitches.

    Between Harvey, Montero, Niese and a possibly healthy Mejia… Omar would have gathered all the parts for potentially one of the best young rotations in the NL… all the while with the wilpons handcuffing him.

    Omar spent the 3rd least amount of money in the draft and was almost dead last in IFA spending..

    and still got major leaguers…

  • Just_Da_damaja

    of course there are folks in America that are aware,

    all the folks i volunteered with in Tanzania lived in America, ( although 3 were originally from another country )

    But unfortunately, the tv has replaced the plane ticket.

    and most folks in our country are too tired, too wrapped up in debt, or dont have enough vacation time to go travel the world.

    So when u see folks act shocked that kids in other countries are not getting to 5th grade, u wonder what bubble they are living in.

    I mean seriously..

    When Jennry Mejia said he was shining shoes for a living, and his mother FORCED him to pitch b/c it was a way out of poverty…

    do u think his school attendance was all that great?

    he started throwing at 14, scouted at age 15, signed at age 16…made his debut at age 19..

    and thats actually common with IFA’s…

    Elvis Andrus made his debut at age 20
    Reyes made his debut at age 19

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    exactly hes at best the in the 18-22 range starting ss in the league. Why would we want that, just cause tejada is the 30. Not worth getting stuck beyond 1 season.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    true story…….I would love to see a reunion when the mad dogs contract is up.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    you can mention whatever you like but everytime you speak its about trading him or how you dont think he will be a good starting pitcher in the majors but he will be good in the pen…

    Now all of that is fine & dandy but you have NO ARGUMENT that supports your argument.

    You attempt to bring that kid down EVERYTIME you speak…

    1st grade education??? how can that be???

    Grow up dude…everyone sees you for what you are Trash

  • Captain America

    Harvey and Thor would be the two I would bet who really star in the majors. I think wheeler will be good and Montero is moved in a trade. Of the others Matz is intriguing and Fullmer has great potential as well. Mejia is a personal favorite of mine and wonder if he is a future top closer or builds the stamina and health to be a solid SP.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Captain America represents The ( Long Island Ice) Tea Party

  • Just_Da_damaja

    “You attempt to bring that kid down EVERYTIME you speak…”


    The most polished prospect who throws 95 mph is the one he wants to trade the most !

    Trade Thor? IS YOU CRAZZZY

    Trade Wheeler? The next Nolan Ryan???

    As for Montero ? He’s too small… or he doesnt throw hard enough…now he doesnt have enough high school credits for Captain America’s taste. All our pitchers need at least 60 credits to appear on the 25 man roster.

  • Captain America

    When did I EVER say Montero would be good in the pen?


  • Captain America

    Thanks for posting. I enjoy your comedy

  • Captain America

    Comedic brilliance




    # | PITCHER | ROLE | |GS| IP | W – L | ERA | WHIP | Ks | BB | DOB | L/RHP | LEVEL

    1 HARVEY SP | 26 | 178| 9-6 | 2.27| 0.93 | 131 | 21 | 03/89 | RHP | ML;B

    2 WHEELER SP | 16 | 95 | 7-5 | 3.22 | 1.33 | 81 | 40 | 05/90 | RHP |AAA/MLB

    3 NIESE SP | 21 | 123| 7-7 | 3.88 | 1.46 | 93 | 43 | 10/86 | LHP | MLB

    4 THOR* SP | 23 | 118| 9 -4 | 3.06 | 1.14 | 133| 28 | 08/92 | RHP | AA

    5 GEE SP | 30 | 187 | 11-10 | 3.47 | 1.21 | 137 | 45| 04/86 | RHP | M;B

    6 MONTERO SP | 27 | 155 | 12-7 | 2.78 | 1.10 | 150 | 35 | 10/90 | RHP | AA/AAA

    7 deGROM SP | 26 | 148 | 7 – 7 | 4.51 | 1.44 | 120 | 46 | 06/88 | RHP | AA/AAA

    8 VERRETT SP | 24 | 146 | 12- 6 | 4.25 | 1.14 | 132 | 31 | 06/90 | RHP | AA

    9 GOEDDEL SP | 25 | 134 | 9 – 7 | 4.37 | 1.44 | 125 | 58 | 12/88 | RHP | AA

    10 COHOON SP| 21 | 120 | 9- 5 | 3.99 | 1.45 | 89 | 28 | 09/87 | LHP | AA

    11 CUAN RP-SP | 13 | 109 | 8- 4 | 3.62 | 1.20 | 87 | 23 | 05/89 | LHP | A+/AA

    12 ROBLES SP | 17 | 95 | 9 -5 | 3.78 | 1.32 | 71| 31 | 08/90 |RHP |A+/AA



    15 FULLER RP | 0 | 50 | 4 – 2 | 3.24 | 1.16 | 58 | 25 | 06/87 |LHP | A+/AA

    16 MATZ SP | 21 | 106 | 5 – 6 | 2.62 | 1.17 | 121| 38 | 05/91 | LHP| A

    17 LEAT’RSTICH RP| 0 | 58 | 4 – 0| 4.63 | 1.77 | 102 | 45 | 07/90 | LHP | AA/AAA

    18 YNOA SP | 22 | 137 | 15 – 4| 2.72 | 1.02| 106| 16 | 05/93 | RHP | A

    19 MAZZONI SP| 12 | 66| 5 – 3 | 4.36 | 1.34 | 74 | 19 | 10/89 | RHP | AA

    20 FAMILIA RP| 2 | 19| 0 – 1 | 3.25 | 0.89 | 14 | 10 | 10/89 | RHP |AAA/MLB

    21 KOCH SP| 15 | 82| 6- 4 | 4.70 | 1.26 | 68 | 4 | 11/90 | RHP | A

    22 GERMEN RP| 0 | 74| 4 – 5 | 3.86 | 1.37 | 80| 25 | 09/87 | RHP | AAA/MLB

    23 TORRES RP–SP| 19 | 144| 9 – 8 | 3.60 | 1.18 | 125| 31| 10/82 | RHP| AAA/MLB

    24 GORSKI SP| 16| 92| 7 – 2| 2.53 | 1.02 | 74|31 | 10/87 | LHP |AA/AAA

    25 PARNELL CL | 0 | 50| 5-5 | 2.16 | 1.00| 44| 12 | 09/84 |RHP | MLB-D/L

    26 EDGIN RP| 0 | 29| 3 – 1 | 5.00 | 1.08| 42| 19| 12/86 |LHP | AA-MLB

    27 BLACK RP| 0 | 58| 6 -3 | 3.25 | 1.10 | 72 | 24| 05/88 | RHP |AAA/MLB

    28 HEFNER SP|23 | 131| 4 – 8 | 4.34 | 1,76| 99 |37 | 03/86 | RHP| MLB-D/L

    29 MEJIA SP|11| 52| 3 – 2| 2.30 | 1.26 | 53 | 14 | 10/89 | RHP | A+-MLB-D/L

    30 KUBLER SP|21| 82| 3- 6 | 2.76 | 1.13 | 68| 4| 09/89 | RHP| A






  • Agee’s Catch

    I don’t think it will be super two status as much as I think it will be protecting the extra year of free agency. Barring injuries and set backs, i think d’Arnoud and Wheeler would have been here on April 21st of 2013. I was expecting them to come up together.

    Of the the three AAA guys, the only one who has a chance of cracking the roster on opening day is Jacob deGrom. de grom is older with a lower ceiling. Not a knock on the guy – I think he’s got more than a few major league innings in him – just that I wouldn’t worry about how much he’s going to make in 2019.
    Montero has a higher ceiling. He’s more valuable in trade if he’s secured for the extra year. He’s close enough to ready to bring him up at the end of April. Not as worried about super two status.
    Syndergaard. The issue is readiness. He has zero AAA experience. Even if he looks ready in 6-7 starts, you start looking at the calendar and the coin purse and say “a few more starts.” He stands to make the most money based on ceiling, so holding him back makes fiscal sense.

  • Agee’s Catch

    God is fickle when it comes to sports. Every city gets it’s share of holy aura.

    I think he liked Atlanta plenty. He let some wimpy kid who threw chump change win a lot of games. Welcome to heaven – or fantasy island.
    God is a Raven’s fan. Ask the Steeler fans.
    God had front row tickets during the Jordan years.

  • $14435385

    In Chicago I think they often mistook Jordan FOR God. As for the wimpy kid in Atlanta, I’m betting the inspiration for that performance came from below rather than above…

  • $14435385

    I still contend that there’s no way in hell Buckner beats Wilson to the bag on that play even if he fields it cleanly…Wilson was the fastest man in baseball at the time and Buckner was playing on 38-year-old, surgically mangled ankles. Poor b*stard had a nearly Hall of Fame career but will always be remembered for a play he couldn’t have made anyway…

  • R04

    Post less.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    i love gee..

    unfortunately, i cant see the mets being able to afford him in the near future…


  • Just_Da_damaja

    i dont get it…

    why is it that everything with Montero comes back around to him being traded…

    with Travis, Thor and Wheeler, that topic of trading them never comes up…

    even though Travis is a banana peel away from being a bust..

  • neekerbreeker

    He also had a knack for getting into hitters’ heads.

  • Agee’s Catch

    We don’t have another option behind the plate, and there are some very high hopes for young Travis, that barring a banana peel slip, could very well come true with him in a Mets uniform. I believe the team was worreid about eye infection from whipped cream exposure and parted ways with Turner.
    Fair question on Montero. We have a lot of arms that, if they do come to expected maturity, will be a very nice problem. Harvey, Wheeler and Syndergaard are going no where. Neise is lefthanded – he stays. Colon is here for two years. That leaves Gee, Montero, deGrom, and Mejia as eventual trade bait. I’m not against any of these guys. i just view them as odd men out.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    “We don’t have another option behind the plate”

    We potentially have 2 in KP and Juan Centeno ( TK has heard this speech too many times to not know by now )

    “Wheeler and Syndergaard are going no where”

    Why not ?

    Why are those 2 off the table ?

    are they not going anywhere b/c another team would want Montero before them ?

  • Captain America

    Historically the mets “pump” certain prospects give them awards and then trade them.

    But if someone bowls them over with an offer for a “core” guy that you just can’t pass up – then you have to rethink and swallow hard.

    You can’t get too attached to a player because they will get traded. That’s why it’s the front of the jersey not the back.

    Not my first rodeo been rooting for this team 40++++ years

  • Captain America

    Colon has a bionic arm.

    More worried his legs support his ample talent

  • Just_Da_damaja

    when u say bionic, u mean one filled with PED’s right?

  • Captain America

    If the mets didn’t have Harvey wheeler thor and gee neise colon it would be different.

    If the mets didn’t have a glaring hole at SS and no high end prospects ready to step in at the upper minors it would be different.


  • Agee’s Catch

    Plawecki isn’t ready and d’Arnoud is a better prospect.
    Wheeler & Syndergaard aren’t going anywhere because every other team in baseball would want them before Montero. We’re talking untouchables. We’ve valued them so high that only a few teams would even bother asking. Montero doesn’t have quite the same ceiling as the other two. Which is why we would offer him in trade. I don’t want the team to trade Montero. I’d rather we moved Gee when the timing was right.
    My point about being protecting the extra year as a way to increase his trade value is valid whether we keep him or not. It’s nothing more than a fiscal strategy.

  • Agee’s Catch

    I feel like I’m being baited but I’m not going to bite (maybe I already have). I’d rather carry Centeno than Recker because i think his offensive production will be better.

    Neise also has a very palatable contract. But I won’t discount that he’s a lefty. I think it’s valuable.

    With a ban on 32 ounce Mountian Dew, I think we can keep Bartolo in shape.

    You may be right on deGrom to the pen. My take is that he was getting slapped around in the 5th or 6th innings, after pitching 4 or 5 strong. Could be a stamina issue, could be hitters adjusting third time through the lineup. I see him as a potential long man.

  • Captain America

    They swirled some stuff

  • CJM

    If you think a pitcher who has fewer than 30 career starts and just went under the knife for TJ is proven, you need a wake up call–Harvey is NOT proven. Niese and Gee might be “established,” as you say, but that does not mean they are good (they’re not). Did either one of them have an ERA+ over 100 last year. No.

    “We knowfor an absolute fact Niese would have netted us more than we got in the return from Dickey by multiple GMs.”

    Uh, sure. Go find a link with that “fact,” and I’ll believe it.

    Honestly though, I’m pretty much done with this conversation. If you refuse to look at statistics and acknowledge the small sample sizes of Harvey, Wheeler, Mejia, there’s no point in me discussing anything with you because you’re never gonna understand what I’m saying.

  • Brother Greg

    I wonder that myself…..but then one would wonder why the Mets let Reyes walk with out a fight and kept David White…pardon me….David Wright.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    So if another team wanted to have Wheeler or Thor in exchange for their high end SS, you would say no.

    But with Montero, you would say yes…

  • Just_Da_damaja

    I think their ceiling has been part of the hype machine.

    Funny how Harvey’s ceiling was Mike Pelfrey and Wheeler’s is Nolan Ryan…

    Wheeler is lucky if he even gets to Oliver Perez’s level.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    President and Founding Owner of the Centeno fan club.

    I’ve met his father and his brother, and I dont think either of them would waste as much time as I have researching his stats in his defense.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    buy low on what SS ?

    Andrus ?
    Jeter ? lol

  • Just_Da_damaja

    My preference is Owings, if for no other than reason than the mets are completely clueless when it comes to handling latino players.

  • Lotus1209

    Touches 95. He sits 92-93…

  • TexasGusCC

    Nice job. I want to save this list.

  • TexasGusCC

    Jdd, everyone is looking at the mph, probably. However, I don’t think the FO is, because it would have been on Metsblog. You know, to condition the fan base, you know. Leak here, leak there…

  • TexasGusCC

    Brother, not everything is judged the same way. Reyes made his reputation on speed and the Mets front office doesn’t pay for speed, see Michael Bourn. Also, Reyes was a free agent the year the Mets added ZERO dollars to the payroll. Why do you think? While the Mets have not shown to be adept at handling other cultures other than their own, any manager that wants to win must sign the best players regardless of background.

  • Agee’s Catch

    Ramming prospects down our throats is just part of marketing. Think of all the busts: Generation K, FMart, Milledge, Alex Escobar.

    I don’t recall the hype machine being in hyper mode for Matt Harvey. He exceeded my expectations. As a Duke fan, I hated the pick.

    I think Wheeler gets a lot of hype. To this point I don’t think he has earned it.
    The machine is redlined for Syndergaard. I hope he can manage the expectations and just pitch. With Harvey, we could be talking a 21st century version of Koufax & Drysdale.

    Part of hype is longevity. These guys have been known quantities for a while. Montero really hasn’t been. He’s unusual in that he was a 20 year old IFA. Almost unheard of. He forced his way onto the radar.

    And I apologize for not having heard of Juan Centeno until last year. I totally missed him.

  • Captain America

    What is montero’s ceiling

  • Captain America

    Amazin Avenue loves Montero but with disclaimers:
    There’s also the issue of Montero’s body type. Although he has been injury-free so far, the track record of short righthanders as major league starters is, well, short.

    Montero used a very fastball-heavy approach and was able to get called strikes with his fastball seemingly at will, even deeper in counts. I wonder about the efficacy of that approach at the major league level, and even at Triple-A the K-rate took a large hit.

  • Easy Rafael. I love the hunger, bot no need to worry. Most likely you will be the first one called up from the farm.

  • Brother Greg

    So if Wright would have became a free agent before Reyes, the Wilpons would have not added money to keep him?

  • Just_Da_damaja

    they hype machine is only on for prospects acquired past Oct 2010.

    Cerrone was never a big Omar fan and was much more critical of his draft picks than he is of Sandy.

    Cerrone even bashed the Mets in 2007 for their Fiesta Night when they first brought out the “Los Mets” jerseys…

    He took a ton of heat for it and apologized, but something always seemed to be off with him.

    In 2008, he wrote a piece supporting the beat writers in NY attacking the Mets and Omar for a slow start

    Read: When Beat Writers AttackMay 23rd, 2008 2:50 pm

    In a post to his blog for Daily News,Adam Rubin explains why Omar Minaya deserves a lot of blame, adding that it’s too easy to just scapegoat Willie Randolph.

    In a second post to his blog for the Daily News, Rubin turns his attention to Pedro Martinez, writing…

    “Let’s face it: He isn’t a savior. In fact, players such Martinez actually are harmful to the Mets in a way, and ultimately speak poorly of GM Omar Minaya’s soon-to-be-fleeting tenure…Martinez is a poster child for the Mets’ frailty.”

    “…go rubin…go rubin…go, go, go rubin…”

    – Matt Cerrone

    Then When Omar and Adam Rubin got into it in 2009, despite Adam Rubin practically CONFESSING that Omar was right and he actually did try to get a job in the Mets org by going around Omar and asking the Wilpons…

    he said he asked Jeff Wilpon for “career advice” on how to get work in the bigs…but not necessarily with the mets..

    So yeah, back to the main point…

    Cerrone in 2012 comparing Harvey to a busted Mike Pelfrey and saying he likely will never win a Cy Young award is NOT hyping your prospects..

    There is a marked and very noticable difference between how Metsblog covers different players. there is a sliding scale and who acquired what player is a major part of that.

    as a matter of fact, it probably is one of if not the most important factor of a players success in our organization today.

  • Captain America

    If Montero was built like Harvey and Syndergaard people would think differently

  • Captain America

    Have the mets ever brought in Pedro to mentor some of the young arms in spring training?

  • Captain America

    Like it. Even if Pedro came in for a day like Koufax it would be great.

  • Captain America

    Not sure when you started following the mets but they have been pumping prospects forever back into the 70s

  • Just_Da_damaja


    Cerrone called Ike Davis aloof ( then erased his comment )

    Cerrone said Harvey’s ceiling was Pelfrey, then said he likely will never win a Cy Young.

    Metsblog give almost no coverage, no interviews, nothing to guys like Flores, Lagares, Puello.
    the reporters MLB.com gave an interview to Montero the other day, MMO gave a link and translated it for free. The folks at Metsblog who get PAID to give us mets related news, gave us nothing on that.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    after the exodus, the mets did add 16 mil on 4 players,

    Andres Torres
    Ramon Ramirez

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Montero’s ceiling = A better version of Greg Maddux.

    Folks forget Greg didnt get better til his 3rd year in the league..

    He went 8-18 with a 5.59 ERA over his first 32 starts…

    He was mentored by Jaime Moyer and Rick Sutcliffe, had some good coaching, and slowly developed into being an ace.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    FYI – for all those that like to use size as a factor..

    they are the same exact height and weight

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Pedro is an employee of the Red Sox org


    The time was right, he said, to come back. He will be working with the major and minor league pitchers this season and expects to be at Fenway often.

    ‘‘To be honest, I can’t sit still for so long,’’ he said. ‘‘I have to work. I grew up working.”

    Pedro is not exactly a fan of the wilpons apparently..

    “For Omar Minaya, things are tight right now with management and those big contracts he has on the team,” Martinez said of the Mets’ general manager. “If it was up to Omar, I’d still be with the Mets, but it’s not his decision anymore. It’s the decision of higher-ups, maybe Jeff Wilpon or Fred Wilpon.”

  • Just_Da_damaja
  • Just_Da_damaja

    well we’re talking about more than just JV1 though..

    Sandy needs to take a cue from Theo Epstein over in Chicago