MMO Fan Shot: A Mets Wild Card Spot May Be Two Moves Away


An MMO Fan Shot by reader CyYout

Following remarks by Sandy Alderson that a trade at this point in the offseason is unlikely, with most mutually-beneficial scenarios for an exchange explored, it seems the only way to improve the team by addition is by signing free agents.

Alderson has made clear he is still looking for an innings eater in the rotation to compete with the young guns for that fifth spot and also for a veteran presence in the bullpen, preferably a late-inning option.

As most fans know, as it has been discussed endlessly on these boards, the Mets could also benefit, at least in the short term, from an upgrade at first base and shortstop.

Many think that Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada, young players with a track record of success who are probably just as likely to turn it around as they are to repeat their 2013 performances, deserve another crack at nailing down their positions. While I think that is an acceptable decision, and would still go into the season full of optimism, there are two players who would legitimize the lineup and go a long way toward giving the Mets an outside chance at a wild card this year.


The first is Stephen Drew, who while not an elite player, brings above-average defense, and after a career year in 2013, significant offensive upside to the position. The second, Kendrys Morales, has been labeled as DH and unsuited to handle a full-time role at first base in the National League. But for all his time at DH, he has also played plenty of games at first base, and can generally be considered only a minor defensive liability at worst. At 30 years of age, in my opinion, he still has youth and the athleticism that comes with it, to handle the field for a full season. Not much needs to be said about his bat, which has always been a middle-of-the-order presence and consistently productive.

The benefits of having two upgraded positions also comes with secondary benefits for the rest of the Mets players individually. Pitchers won’t feel they need to pitch a perfect game for a chance to win as was the case with Matt Harvey and last year’s anemic offense.

Similarly, Davis and Tejada will not have the added pressure of needing to perform on the biggest stage in the biggest market and can continue their development; Davis’ success in Las Vegas after his demotion mid-summer is a testament to the fact kinks are better worked out before the curtain goes up at showtime. If Davis does find success again, his value increases as a trade candidate, or he will be better-prepared to handle a promotion if the occasion arises. Which brings me to my next point.

The fact is both Drew and Morales turned down qualifying offers, which immediately made them unmarketable to a majority of teams unwilling to give up a first-round pick for them. However, since the Mets have their 2014 first-round pick protected, and have relinquished their second-round pick for Granderson, these players would only cost a third and fourth-round pick, respectively. They are also likely willing to commit to a short-term deal for a reasonable salary considering the lack of a market if it gets late enough in the game.

Many fans would rather wait for next offseason to get a shortstop in the event, and inevitability as some fans see it, that Tejada continues to regress. Though there is a stronger shortstop free agent class next year, there will also be more competition with teams like the Yankees presumably in the market as well. And it could also cost a first-round pick if the Mets are good enough this year to avoid a bottom-third record, which could very well happen considering the already-upgraded offense and the promotion and progress of young players like Zack Wheeler, Travis d’Arnaud, Juan Lagares, and Noah Syndergaard, among others.

Finally, the Mets could potentially benefit from Drew and Morales leaving the team after a one or two-year contract. If the Mets made qualifying offers to both and were turned down they would be entitled to a first-round compensation pick for each. Or better yet, if a team got desperate at the trading deadline, which is when teams become desperate, Alderson could use his best talent and find some nice prospects in return.

Ultimately, every move comes with risks, and not making a move at all might be the riskiest. In my opinion, these two players can do what the front office has been wanting all along. To improve the team now without mortgaging away the future.

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  • boraswannabe

    I’m not following why a trade still can’t happen. The pitching market hasn’t developed yet because of Tanaka. Basically you then have the domino effect. Those teams that “miss” out on any of those FA pitchers wouldn’t potentially be more willing to give up a stronger package at that point?

    I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I don’t see why it can’t.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 moves away!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

  • Benny

    I believe the 1B position can be handled with the in-house options we have. It’s the SS position that is very worrying, since we really only have Tejada and Tovar as options currently on the team. A Drew signing would fortify the position and erase the question mark Tejada represents when starting. Although I have some sort of curiosity of seeing Tejada return to 2011/2012 form, it is still a possibility that he can’t, and we can’t really afford to take such a gamble at it either.

  • oleosmirf

    The Mets are not making the playoffs in 2014 unless something magical happens. Too many question marks and frankly just not enough talent.

    Not to mention that Morales is simply not a realistic option at this point…

  • No problem with Drew, don’t seeMorales.

  • Benny

    “The Mets are not making the playoffs in 2014 unless something magical happens.”

    Spending money on players that can legitimately help this team make a run and become contenders is not magic.

    “Too many question marks and frankly just not enough talent.”

    How many question marks are you speaking about?

  • elsid1986

    The fact that Davis and Tejada are even in the conversation shows this team has no intention of even trying to be a wild card contender in 2014.

  • Metjorge

    I have seen no indication from this ownership that they are ready to take such next step yet. This tells me that they are still struggling financially, and have a very strict budget that they have already met by signing Colon and Granderson. I assume their intentions is still to spent as little as possible to put a somewhat watchable team on the field until they are actually ready to spend some more. If they had the money to fight for the wild card, they would already have signed these guys. Heck they would have signed Cruz for a little more money instead of Young.

  • SRT

    I think there’s still a fair shot we sign Drew but no way will we be going after Morales.

  • elsid1986

    First base can be handled with in house options? That is true, as long as you don’t expect any realy production from first base.

  • Benny

    I stand corrected…

  • Lets assume the reader who submitted this fan shot proves prophetic and we get Morales and Drew.

    What other question marks will keep the Mets from the post season in ’14?


    1. Daniel Murphy – 2B
    2. Stephen Drew – SS
    3. David Wright – 3B
    4. Curtis Granderson – LF
    5. Kendrys Morales – 1B
    6. Chris Young – RF
    7. Travis d’Arnaud – C
    8. Juan Lagares – CF


    Lucas Duda
    Eric Young
    Josh Satin
    Anthony Recker
    Wilfredo Tovar


    Jon Niese
    Bartolo Colon
    Zack Wheeler
    Dillon Gee


    Bobby Parnell
    Vic Black
    Jeurys Familia
    Carlos Torres
    Gonzalez Germen
    Scott Rice
    Josh Edgin

  • Benny

    Although I was on board with signing Abreu in the start of the offseason, I actually believe that settling the 1B situation in-house is the best option right now. There is no way they are going to sign both Drew and Morales (money and pick compensation).

    I think a legit ST competition that involves Ike, Duda, Satin, Flores, and even Dykstra can leave us with someone who is at least serviceable. You can’t go into next season with two question marks (SS and 1B) and expect to compete, but you also have to understand the situation this team is in financially, and taking those two factors into account leaves you with a decision having to be made: choosing which position is most important to upgrade, and at this point it would have to be SS. Drew provides a bigger need we need right now, as opposed to the upgrade Morales MIGHT provide over our in-house 1B options.

    Honestly, Flores will most likely need some time to get acclimated to first base duties, so that may have him starting at Vegas next year, until he shows signs of being able to handle the position. I believe Flores will make the transition smoothly, considering 3B is his best position, which is why I’m saying 1B will be best fulfilled in-house, because of Flores.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    If and Assuming… the Mets mantra since Oct 2010… smh….

  • HawkZon

    A Mets Wild Card Spot May Be Two Moves Away”

    Yes, but it may take them three years to make those two moves.

  • bobblehead

    My God – this blog is leaps and bounds above MetsBlog. I love the insightful articles, the fan shots, and the (mostly) well thought out comment regulars. Great job MMO!

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Hawk, Lol, be positive or else ok…. Well said though

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Elsid (The real one), Then again, they have it all plan out perfectly.. if they somehow manage to be in the discussion come september, they’ll be called geniuses, sandy lovers will throw him a parade right outside citi field and we’ll never hear the end of it (of course, to them 2011-2013 never happened)
    But if they lose and once again show futility, then they’ll come out and say we didn’t have Harvey lol….

  • elsid1986

    I am all for giving the postion to Flores. I thought you were referring to Ike/Duda/Satin

  • Harvey33

    A lot of the MetsBlog articles have very little comments on them.

  • Benny

    Well I just find it hard to believe that Flores will actually be given the starting job without much experience at the position, so I think the FO will send him to Vegas to get acclimated to the position, until then Ike/Duda/Satin will have to be the ones manning the position until Flores is ready.

  • Trying to break you downvote record from the other day?

  • mad met

    Lol yeah 2 moves will get us right there .. let us have a DH and trade for cabrera from detriot.

  • Hey is Metsie still around post comment merge and if he is is he under a different name?

  • Just_Da_damaja

    This is absolutely correct

    the 2 moves are:

    1 – New Owner
    2 – New GM

  • Even if I ignore the fact that the Mets are unwilling to actually spend to bring in legit talent…and no this offseason does not count because payroll is still roughly the same and the improvements from outside are a slight push at best, and a slight downgrade at worst (Harvey over Colon, Byrd 2013 over Granderson 2014, etc.)…signing both Morales and Drew would greatly up the Mets chances at a playoff run, but I do not believe it will be enough to win a wild card. These moves make us better, but “on paper” not better than the Braves, Nationals, Reds, Pirates, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Diamondbacks…and that’s just the ones I don’t think are debatable.

  • Amen and amen.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    Two moves away sounds about right.

  • diehardmets

    Neither of these players are worth either the money that would be required or the draft pick we would have to give up. Morales in particular is an awful idea, as he can’t play defense, is extremely injury prone, and is not even an upgrade offensively.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Lmao, what did you say??? Holy crap… what’s my record though?? i didn’t see it..
    Also, i haven’t seen Amazin, Maniac, Metsie, Phoenix. etc… Joe D changed the good long time bloggers for “new” people which i call most of them (not all) the idiots of MB

  • Well executed… Get those clowns out of town…

  • $14435385

    If we had owners who weren’t meddling, ignorant, and insolvent, the GM would be just fine.

  • OhCaptainMyCaptain

    Metsblog is trash nowadays. It used to be my go-to site for up to date Mets news, but it’s become so vastly predictable and boring that it does absolutely nothing for me anymore. Baron and Cerrone just rehash the same garbage and act like it’s news. They completely sold out. If I read one more article about Ike Davis and what teams turned down offers for him, I might puke.

  • That record may be as unreachable as the original Joe D.’s hitting streak. 😀

  • Xavier 22

    I agree Drew should be signed (no more that 2 years/$24M), but I’d rather give Ike or Flores a shot at first that sign Morales.

  • Brian D.

    I haven’t seen him at all.

  • Joey D.

    Hi MD,
    Had we different owners, we would have had a different general manager whose attitude about cost control would have been more reasonable as well.

  • The year is young Joe, I bet one snarky comment in May can get him a -50 LOL

  • Making a site that is more open to more fans and more opinion is a good thing and if they are choosing not to participate that is a shame but hopefully they will come around once the season picks up. I did see Maniac when the comments first switched over. Amazin has been around too but she is under a different name.

    I am missing a Metsie comment spiral of doom I was sure one would get set off with one of these new folks.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Metjorge,
    Well put. We don’t know what players Ricciardi would have recommended we pursue but we do know there would have been more of a pursuit.

  • Or original thought…

  • WillisReid

    They could be two moves away, but I don’t see any scenario by which Morales is a Met. And for all the Davis Duda bashing those two could be be as productive as Morales in 2014.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Alex,
    We had Harvey last year and forget about our overall won and lost figure – what simply when he was pitching as if he was a shoo-in for the Cy Young Award was our record in games he started….?

  • $14435385

    The GM’s attitude about cost control isn’t inherent; it grows from the reality of his current situation. If he had a $125-$140K budget he’d be a very different GM.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Salty, how did you get -26 lol… what did you say? do you remember? and do i have a personal record for thumbs down already??

  • Brian D.

    Amazin now comments as Captain Clutch

  • That’s your record not mine but I am sure if I put another vid of a rhino crapping I can get there.

    It was your comment in this post the other day

  • Just_Da_damaja

    if he had a 125-140 budget, there never would’ve been a need for him to take the position.

    Acc. to Sandy, Selig BEGGED him to take this job.

    There is and has always been a division in the front office b/w Sandy and the Wilpons, their marriage was very much arranged out of necessity. I can imagine the Wilpons worst nightmare is Selig stepping down and Sandy going from potential disgruntled employee to being their boss.

  • pennmetsfan

    I don’t think signing more 30+ year old players is the fix. Sandy is definitely trying to go young in trades. The Mets need to get players they can flip late in the season (like Byrd). Signing Drew out of desperation won’t fix the team long term and should hold back progress because he would block any young SS from getting playing time. I think at this point the Mets are not in a position to give up three draft picks

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    About 500 if i recall… point is, we still have a sh**** team overall. expect that 2 moves wll get us over the hump is lunacy.. everyone has to overachieve and wright go back to 2007 for us to have a chance

  • $14435385

    Agree completely…what you’re saying here and what I’m saying aren’t mutually exclusive. If you read between the lines of Sandy’s occasional snide comments and rolled eyes, it’s clear he’s soldiering…which is why I don’t really blame him for much of his performance as a GM. The bottom line is the fish rots from the head, and Sandy’s somewhere around the neckline area in this organization.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Lmao, i saw it gary, thanks.. to think we’ve lost Maniac, Phoenix, Bayonne, Metsie, #CORE members etc to give way to these MB people is a shame… but hey. changes right?!?

  • mad met

    That does not mean we should not bash those to useless players it just mean morales is also a player we dont need .trade for a guy like edwin encarcion

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Really??? I’ll have to find out.. all the good baseball people are now gone since the “change”… now we’re stuck with more sandy lovers from MB who are more concern with “down votes and who says what than talking baseball… Awesome job.. smh…

  • Nolrog

    As long as those two moves are Babe Ruth and Lou Gherig, they are two moves away.

  • Nolrog

    Well done sir.

  • RyanF55

    You’re always on the money with the hilarious imagery

  • mad met

    This way we could still not have jose reyes .and have more guys like duda. Good choice not

  • T Boogy

    Drew won’t be holding anyone back. Our future shortstops are 3-4 years away from the majors and I hope you didn’t mean Drew would be holding back Tejada. I say go for Drew if you can sign him for 2 years, maybe with a team option for a third.

  • WillisReid

    Not gonna happen.

  • Just_Da_damaja


    I dont blame Sandy for his poor performance, as it was never his intention to take this position, much less try to do a good job.

    Sandy has no desire to be a GM or get involved in the competition of team building, so to judge his 2010-Present work vs. an Omar or Theo or Cashman is wrong.

    Sandy’s contract expires at the same time Bud is stepping down.

    The Mets have already extended JP last year to a 3 year contract….

    My prediction is that JP ( aka the guy who orchestrated the Toronto deal ) will be our next GM as Sandy leaves to either take a break or go back to 42nd and Park…

    With the latest scandal of PED abuse coming into the national spotlight again, his reputation as this hard-nosed no-nonsense military drill instructor who is also about keeping player salaries down ( a trait most GM’s love in a commissioner )

    Now in terms of creating new streams of revenue, and reaching out to international markets, Selig was good at that…

    MLB’s next commissioner will have to work on several issues like expanding MLB’s brand globally and competing with soccer and other sports at home.

    Also the Cuba issue will come up once Castro croaks. As it is, Cuba has now allowed all players to freely leave their country to work abroad.

    Once Castro croaks, assuming the incoming regime has half a brain or has not worked out a deal with China, Cuba will get hooked onto US dollars….which will mean new revenue streams in tourism and all sorts of industries created there…

    including a Cuban Winter League, and teams setting up camps to scout players from age 18 up.

    Knowing Cuba, kids will need to at least complete a HS education to even think about playing professionally.

  • RyanF55

    In a normal situation it would seem like a no brainer….the Mets desperately need a SS and there is a capable veteran available on the market. A franchise, in NYC, should be able to acquire such a talent. Instead, we’ll roll with Tejada and I guess Tovar? Ceccini is still years away. I’m not the biggest Drew fan, but it just makes sense. It won’t happen 100% because they don’t want to shell out the money…not because of his injury history, not because of his age, not because of his production – only because of the price tag. Any other BS that they’d like to force feed us is useless. This sums it up in reference to Tejada:

    “Extra batting practice, extra this, extra that, doesn’t happen unless someone else is insisting on it,” Alderson said. “We need to see a commitment to improvement. And he’s very young. He got to the big leagues at an early age. He was essentially given a regular position at an early age. And now he’s been put in the position where he’s going to have to earn it.”

    “Depending how things materialize, we may live with certain weaknesses,” Alderson said. “For example, we could come out of these meetings with Tejada as our regular shortstop.”

    …that’s all you need to know.

  • bobblehead

    I’ll admit, I still stop in every day. But the number of times I visit is dwindling. It does nothing for me.

  • Hopefully they will be back once things pick up. As for Bayonne he had a shot and started ranting on someone out of the gate, so you know the deal on that. Looks like Jimmy got the banhammer as well.

  • bobblehead

    Agreed, they need some new content. The best thing that could happen to that blog is to let Toby Hyde take over, in my opinion.

  • bobblehead

    Or proper grammar, spelling, or hint of baseball acumen.

  • bobblehead

    I also enjoy the fact the Joe interacts with us. It builds a greater sense of community whereas Cerrone, Baron, and Vazzano have developed an undeserved superiority complex.

  • bobblehead

    I know – And this team is comprised of a lot of AAA and AAAA players. It’s a shame.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    yeah, good baseball people… GONE! i too almost was out of here if i don’t amend to the new motto, “be positive or else” … i mean, have you notice how the MB people attack me, insult me, bait me etc and NOTHING gets done to them?? however, if it’s one of us #CORE members then we get the ax…

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    HA – Best post of the year!!! We can trade both of them for 1 shake shack burger!

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    may I add…If we had a new owner we also would have a new manager.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    WE??? Who’s we??? Don’t include me on that group… i’d say what i think about it but i might get the ax if i do…. can’t risk it..

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    same here, im happy that I don’t have to remember my fake facebook password, that I needed to create so I could even post on that blog.

  • oleosmirf

    To make the playoffs, you are looking at around 88 wins which means an improvement of 14 wins despite the loss of Marlon Byrd (2nd best posiiton player) and Matt Harvey (our best pitcher). Not to mention your lineup has Murphy leading off which is simply a joke since its a waste of his RBI talents. You have no leadoff hitter on that roster although EY Jr. will be sharing time so it will be him most nights. Drew is probably your next bet there.

    Starting with the lineup you have question marks at all OF positions as Granderson needs to show he can hit for power in Citi field while not having a terrible average. However, I can concede that point for argument sakes. Lagares and Young were both well below average offensively last year and defense can only take you so far. You can probably argue that both Lagares and Young would be the worst combination at CF and RF in baseball, offensively speaking. Drew would need to show he can hit outside of hitter friendly parks and stay healthy. D’Arnaud had a bad debut offensively so he’s a question mark as well despite his clear upside. His health is also an issue.

    To the rotation, the Mets lack an ace. Obviously Colon was great and basically an ace in 2013, but given his age and injury concerns its not clear what he’ll do in 2014. Regression to a #2/#3 is probably expected. Wheeler should improve, but again, he has command issues which he needs to fix. Advanced statistics suggest Gee is going to struggle. Niese i will give you although his peripherals declined, but lefties tend to bloom late. Then we have our collection of prospects who while promising, are not guaranteed to be successful. Only Mejia has shown it at the MLB level, but he’s always hurt and we have no idea how instanteous Noah or Montero will be.

    To the bullpen, you have just 1 proven commodity in Parnell. All of the other 6 have a maximum of 1 full year of success under their belt and Familia has had no success and is probably not in our bullpen to start and he’s kind of a mess right now.

    Out of the 25 man roster you submitted (why you replaced Tejada with Tovar is a mystery btw), you have a question mark with all players except Wright, Murphy, Morales, Parnell, Granderson and Niese. Even if I give you Drew, Rice, Colon, Duda, EY, Edgin and Wheeler too, you’re looking at 12 out 25 question marks.

    Is that team better than last year, absolutely, is it 13 wins better? Absolutely not.

    I’d give you 82 wins, but no more, and that’s simply not enough to make the playoffs, although it is a solid baseline to get you into the playoffs in 2015…

  • OhCaptainMyCaptain

    They need some new writers, that’s for sure. It’s okay, though. There are other alternative sites for Mets news that are ten times better, such as this site, Rising Apple, and Amazin’ Avenue.

  • Joey D.

    Hi MD,

    I don’t really believe Sandy would have been a different general manager nor would he have been hired by the Mets at all.

    We know Sandy has made public his thoughts about multi-year contracts and his hesitancy to get “burned” by them and the mistakes made by other clubs (which incidentally didn’t prevent those other clubs from continuing to further pursue free agent signings).

    Also look into his logic for trading McGuire from Oakland in mid-season while the steroid user was first going after Roger Maris’s home run record.:

    “If anyone knows the circumstances of the game today, the fact that free agency is so prevalent, it’s an entirely different situation. Trades aren’t made on the basis of talent anymore.”

    We are not talking about re-signing him but rather keeping him for the remainder of the season – especially in lieu of the prospects he got back were like the ones he got back for KRod – nothing. He elaborated on why he didn’t just keep him the rest of the season despite what it would mean for Oakland to have one possibly set an all-time record:

    “To pay his current salary would require an extra million fans,” Alderson said. “And you’d have to do it in the last month and a half of the season, because he hit 52 for us in 1996, and it didn’t have a major impact on our ticket sales.

    “The problem with Mark in Oakland was that he had this history of injury, which caused the average fan to think twice about the probability of his ever catching (Roger) Maris. In St. Louis he doesn’t have that history. People don’t have that reluctance to get involved.”

    And since it wasn’t a seller’s market, as said, Sandy got nobody in return – other than saving money. The challenge of a home grown talent chasing at the time was a prestige and cherished home run record meant nothing.
    Sandy was also hired by San Diego and when new ownership took over the following appeared in Hardball Times touching upon the reputation Sandy had left in San Diego as far as the fans were concerned:

    “What does the ownership change mean for the team?

    “Fans have grown weary of investing emotionally and financially in a team that cannot or will not spend some magical amount of money that in their minds would ensure success. For many, Moores and Alderson represent cheapness, and with their departure comes the hope that someone else will save us and lead us to the promised land. Or at least give us a hug.”

  • Brian D.

    No problem Teddy.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    *&^% the IMMORTALS…. Lol… jk… only a few of yous

  • jason bay

    Sign Morales and Drew , give up iur 3rd and 4th rounder as well as our 2nd. and give away Tejada and Davis for nothing cause you know there are only 40 roster spots on the 40 man roster and then come back and do the same thing next year.

    Same old losing idea that has garnered us 3 post seasons in 25 years.

  • mad met

    God forbid we get the correct player..and give up some good young cheap talent

  • kw_all

    This is a bad idea. losing the 2, 3 and 4 pick in the draft is unacceptable, and that is the ONLY reason i dont like it because both players are upgrades =

  • Jamie

    I know its impossible to debate this now but every year there is an x factor. Every single year a player emerges out of nowhere. Depending on who the player is this year, with our pitching we could make a run. Last year this player was Marlon Byrd. To some degree lagares and even Harvey(not expected to be best pitcher in baseball good) emerged too. The year before that it was Dickey winning the Cy Young and so on and so forth. There’s a million candidates on this roster for that to happen. Puello could start out on fire and claim RF. Maybe Flores. Mejia. Maybe it clicks for Davis or Duda. Maybe Wheeler turns into an ace. Maybe its some spring invite last minute like Byrd last year. I don’t know but I do know it will happen. One of the things that makes baseball great.

  • mad met

    Two moves right. Give the mets a two run head start and a dh in every game …

  • Bail4Nails

    Thanks for the article. I have another idea.
    SS Aledmys Diaz (4 years/20 mil) That’s twice the years for the same price as Drew. this is what Anthony DiComo said when I asked him about it: “Diaz is the type of player that makes a lot of sense for them. But until the Mets prove otherwise by making a big splash in the international market, it’s hard to see them willing to outbid what is sure to be a crowded market for his services.” It’s time for the FO to make a splash! Rejuvenate the fan base. What if this kid becomes our next Reyes?!

  • mad met

    Thats a whole lot of maybe’s where are the guys that are no doughts. You have 2-3 guys that u can pencil in there stats if healthy.. you got 5-8 guys that are question marks with the backups ..that does not bode well for playoffs and were looking at about 1200-1300 team strikeouts that sounds like fun. At least there will be less double plays.

  • Jamie

    Im sort of indifferent. I think we just have too many options for 1st base right now. If Ike is here I think he should get one more shot. He did just hit 32 home runs one year ago. I’d keep him on a short leash and keep Duda in AAA. Let Duda work on his confidence and to just mash in Vegas. Satin is a nice platoon candidate for both of them. If both fail and Murphy is on the roster we have Flores to play 1st as well. Im happy with this and think we have some depth that needs to get worked out before our run in 2015. If all options fail(I doubt it) then you make a Morales type signing next year when you are going for it with harvey back. As for Drew, I’d take him but there are a ton of young SS that might become available by next year. We are going to have a logjam in the rotation and will have some valuable pieces to trade in a year. I think we can bring in a SS eventually. If we give Tejada one more chance Im fine with that too. He still has some upside as a 23 year old that hit .280 twice. Drew would be ok too. I don’t think either changes the roster all that significantly.

  • Bail4Nails

    Diaz would probably cost about $5 million this season. They can’t even swing 5 mil?

  • bspo1

    I completely agree with this article.

  • Jamie

    Im not talking about question marks. Im talking about an x factor we aren’t expecting.

    As for your different question. I think our entire pitching top to bottom in our organization is excellent. As good as anyones. We will have an outstanding rotation and a talented bullpen. The closer is now established. Many of the setup guys got valuable late inning work last year like Black and German. Edgin is going on his third season. Rice is an excellent LOOGY. Torres is veteran who could pitch in a number of areas. We have depth galore in AAA. Obviously the rotation is good and is only going to get better as the year moves forward.

    That alone could carry us most of the season. How did the Giants win two WS in the last 4 years? You aren’t going to find many teams in the NL outside of the Dodgers that have more than 2-3 bats in the middle of their lineup. I don’t know what you’ve been watching. We have Wright, Murphy, and Granderson. D’Arnaud is still viewed as the best young catching prospect in baseball so he could easily be a fourth. Guys like Ike, Lagares, and Young might be question marks but who cares? Every team has these questions and we have depth and talent at a few of those spots as well with Puello, Flores, and Plawecki all close. I don’t get all the drama. Good things are happening. I think we are about a year away personally. Im excited for this year.

  • kw_all

    i stopped going to mb over a year ago and never looked back.
    no insight, poor writing and worse the limited perspective because of sny ownership
    they get no clicks from me

  • Bail4Nails

    Love the optimism. I think Flores will need as many 1B reps as possible in AAA before coming up. That means Duda or Davis is the odd man out. If one of them platoons w Satin, numbers should be passable until Flores gets there. Cutting Davis saves you about $3 million.
    If you use that money on a SS/Leadoff hitter like Diaz, you’ve improved 1B and SS.
    Then, you have to hope Tejada plays decent enough to hold the fort until Diaz makes it up from AAA.
    In my opinion, Diaz and Flores are the best possible infield additions the Mets could make. They would improve our lineup considerably.

  • Jamie

    Yeah. That could happen. I think thats one of any number of solutions that could play out. Sandy has said we do not need to cut Ike to free up any money to sign somebody repeatedly. I think thats more the media making assumptions. Diaz just seems like a question mark Sandy normally doesn’t like to roll the dice on. I think he figures he can wait out the market and get a better SS eventually. I don’t know though. We’ve seen Davis hit as like 4 completely different players over the years. Who knows who shows up this year but if he’s on fire early the debate is over rather quickly. Its a mystery but nothing is unrealistic.

  • Bail4Nails

    About Diaz, Sandy should really pay attention to a team like Oakland. Look how many international signings they’ve made in the past few years, then look up how many times they made the playoffs. After that, look up Diaz’ numbers compared to other Cuban SS’s now playing in the Majors. In lay men’s terms, the guy’s good. And, he doesn’t cost draft picks or pitching prospects. Diaz is the move.
    As for Ike, one can only hope. Though it’s important to note that Ike hit really well in Spring Training last year, and everyone thought he was cured. I’m cautiously optimistic at best.

  • Jamie

    Im cautiously optimistic on Ike and tejada as well but for 1st base I feel we have a million options to sort out and one will at least be decent. Tejada is different because if he sucks again there isn’t much behind him. We could still just go with a glove like Tovar and make a bigger move later. I would like to get Diaz. I just don’t see it as a Sandy type move.

  • bobblehead

    Me either Reed!

  • bobblehead

    Maybe a third move?

  • Anthony Casareale

    I agree with the writer. The benefits of bringing in 2 professional vets with bats are not talked about – more runs for young pitchers who then have a better chance of winning, more protection for David Wright who can still have 3-4 MVP type years, energized fan base and better attendance. All with little downside since both can be traded in YR 2 is needed as the article points out.

  • mad met

    I did share your optimism untill i saw what they are outting onthe field this year. You cant just keep saying next year. What happens next year if wright is hurt then what wait till next year again

  • NewYorkMammoths

  • NewYorkMammoths

    Thank you!

  • vigouge

    Morales can’t play first full time.

  • vigouge

    Encarnacion’s value to a NL team is lower than the cost to acquire him. He’ll always be worth more to an AL team. As great a hitter as he is, he’ll give too much of that away in the field.

  • Jamie

    Its a little different. We went through almost a complete rebuild save for Wright. All of the promising young players we acquired are just now hitting the majors(especially in the pitching department). On top of that, we lost our ace for the year who was pitching at a Cy Young caliber rate. Any team would be devastated with that loss but shifting our expectations back a year seems reasonable in this situation. I still think we will have a good season but next year you go after a piece or two, trade some of our excess starters, and go for the jugular. We are close



    Finally, the Mets could potentially benefit from Drew and Morales leaving the team after a one or two-year contract. If the Mets made qualifying offers to both and were turned down they would be entitled to a first-round compensation pick for each. Or better yet, if a team got desperate at the trading deadline, which is when teams become desperate, Alderson could use his best talent and find some nice prospects in return.


  • Not4

    Huh? Did you read the paragraph you are criticizing? First, he mentioned signing them to a 1 or 2 year contract each. So, a mid-season trade could ostensibly happen this year or next year in the author’s scenario. Second, a lot can go right or go wrong during the course of the season. And, as the author alluded to, it is possible that Davis and/or Tejada bounce back (presumably in Vegas) for the team to believe that they can trade Drew and/or Morales for other players or prospects, without a great deal of falloff, even if the Mets are in a pennant race. Third, it is possible that even with those two signed and playing well, but the Mets as a team are underperforming enough that the FO does not like their chances of making the playoffs, then trading Drew and/or Morales could net a nice return. Fourth, the author also mentions that they could play out their contracts and, if they perform well enough, the Mets could tender new contracts for each, which presumably would be rejected and then net two more supplemental first round picks.

  • Anthony

    Drew would solidify ss. Not sure about morales. On a one year deal it might motivate him. With the current log jam at the position not at all likely to happen