Ike Davis’ Father Says Mets Screwed Up

Ike Davis not doing wellIke Davis‘ father believes the Mets totally botched the way they went about trying to trade his son this offseason, according to a report by Adam Rubin on ESPN New York.

“I think that’s why the Mets have really screwed up in that situation — because they’ve publicly done it so much, it’s saying to my son, ‘Hey, we don’t want you anymore.’ Now, with Milwaukee getting Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay and this guy, now they’re backing themselves into a corner. They’re in a situation like, ‘Well, heck, we may have to keep him now.’

The elder Davis says his son understands it’s all business.

“Like his best friend, Justin Turner, they don’t even tender him a contract. And so it’s like, ‘OK,’ he learned the business quick.”

Ron Davis also blamed Citi Field for Ike’s problems.

“The ballpark needs a fresh start,” Ron Davis said. “You take Fred Lynn. If he would have stayed in Fenway, he probably would have been a Hall of Famer. … And now he went to Anaheim and what happened? They were pop-ups. Outs.

“So the bottom line is: Right field [at Citi Field], the wind coming out of that tunnel, and being so far, that’s a bad ballpark for a left-handed hitter…I didn’t realize until I got out of the game and until Ike started playing that the ballpark can make you an All-Star or a Hall of Famer.”

Come on, Ron… Blaming Citi Field is so 2010…

I will agree with Ron Davis in that the Mets did a poor job of constantly going on and on and on about trading Ike. So many leaks, interviews, pressers, chatter, buzz, etc. I was so sick and tired of writing about it every time there was something new to report. It was way too public. And I don’t care that Ike is now saying all the right things, that had to be a total mind trip.

That said, I’m thinking that Ike probably wishes his father had just kept his mouth shut tonight, but that’s just me… what do you think?

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  • Harry F

    ya, i mean, he would be easier to trade, or a have a job locked up if he didnt consistenly hit .198 for the first half of seasons

  • AJF

    I agree the Met should of been quiet and I don’t blame Citi field for his lack of knowing the difference between a fastball and a curve ball

  • A father going to bat for his son? I would expect him to say nothing less. If anything the only thing I found surprising was him being so public about saying it.

  • Waz0787

    Either Duda or Davis has to go. They’re both limited to first base. Majority of mets fan want either or both to be traded. Ron no one screwed your sun. It seemed like ever since catching that mysterious fever you son tend to strike out a lot.

  • BCleveland3381

    Anytime a parent gets involved with their kids’ work life, it’s a problem. Doesn’t matter what job they have. I know Ike’s dad played, but I would bet even Ike doesn’t want him saying anything. It’s just another possible distraction. His dad made a good point or two, and a couple of silly and/or incorrect ones. He’s obviously biased and I understand that. I honestly dont really care what he says. Ike is on this team this year and unless there is a huge turnaround, he’s gone one way or another. Hopefully his dad got out whatever he had to and shuts up for the rest of the year.

  • TheMista

    I’ve been hoping all along for Ike to get a second chance to prove himself and to make the most of it. Illogical faith is what’s kept me a Mets fan for over 30 years.

  • SkillSets

    One of the few Adam Rubin blog postings that won’t be on MetsBlog in minutes.

  • Charley’s Twin

    He shouldn’t have opened his mouth, but he’s 100% right. I’m willing to bet anything all of these leaks came from Jeff Wilpon, like they always have. Same “story” different year

  • RyanF55

    I get that he’s defending his son as any father would, but blaming the stadium, blaming the Mets, blaming the wind etc won’t do anything good. It’s not the Mets fault Ike’s performance has put him in this position. He’s lucky to even be considered at the major league level with how he played last year. I think the humbled approach would be better here than blaming the Mets. It’s obvious not many teams think as highly of Ike as the Mets do because of the fact he’s still here.

  • SpinalRemains

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about how Citi Field is responsible for this or that. Citi didn’t add a hitch in Ike’s legendary long swing, or cause him to chase 58′ sliders.

  • RyanF55

    If it’s a direct link it will at least be spelled right

  • Mike Lloyd

    I feel that Ron’s criticism was public in an effort to force and hasten his son’s exit. It was contrived. The kid wants out, but is not wanting to speak out, for fear of being “trashed” like others whom have also moved on…RA….etc.

  • Charley’s Twin

    good theory. I bet you’re right. Too bad Jeff Wilpon will anonymously trash him anyway and the Daily News and Post will take dictation.

  • chemteck29

    Ike’s Dad is wrong about one thing, Citi field isn’t and never has been Ike’s problem! When Ike actually drives the ball there isn’t a ball park in the big leagues he can’t hit it out of. Ike’s problem is in his head plain and simple. That said he’s 100% correct that the Mets screwed up the handling of Ike this winter, hopefully things sort themselves out, but there is going to be tensions no doubt!

  • WilponsStinkLessNow

    I still don’t understand why they promoted him from the minors but never let him hit lefties. How are they supposed to know if he got his swing back? Only the Mets…

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    So Citi Field is the reason Ike can’t hit a baseball? Alrighty then.

  • Drew

    I respect what John Elway and Eli Manning did. They wanted no part of terrible franchises and they forced their way out of the Baltimore Colts and the San Diego Chargers.
    If a great baseball player is ever drafted by the Mets in the future, they or their fathers would be wise to steer them away from the Mets – AKA the worst sports franchise in the world for the last 25 years.
    Ike Davis has been ruined by the Mets after a promising start. Matt Harvey is going to be ruined and Zach Wheeler to follow. These players don’t belong on the Mets. They deserve a better fate than the Mets. Us Mets fans can’t do anything about our Mets fandom. We are stuck with our Mets misery forever.
    Future great players need to steer clear from the catastrophe that is the Mets.

  • metFAN660

    I understand how a father wants to defend his son, but Ron misses the point entirely. If the Mets wanted Ike gone, he would have been gone long ago. Instead, they insisted on a top pitching prospect in return for him…in other words…more than any other team would be willing to pay at this point. The Mets do want him. They want him to play like he’s capable of. If not, they’d have dumped him for whatever they could get. And Ron…the kid hit 32 bangs playing half his games at CF. It’s not the stadium’s fault. Come on!

  • john q

    Oh man, what’s up with the Davis’ family and this sense of entitlement?

    This reminds me when I coached Little League and some kid’s father went crazy because his son wasn’t “nominated” for an all-star team.

    Hey Ron, bottom line your son hit .205/.326/.334 as a friggin first basemen last year???? And he played so poorly they actually sent him down to the minors. And he was horrible for the first half of 2012. First Basemen who hit like that don’t stay in the majors.

  • Anthony Delgado *17 WS Champs*

    They really should not have been so public about it. It might have hurt his confidence even further.

  • Waz0787

    You gotta believe!!!!!

  • Let’s help Ike and his old man and just cut the bum so he can find his Valhalla and hit under the new Ike line.

  • Injuries forced him back up. I was fine keeping him down and letting the MLB roster suffer but Sandy wasn’t.

  • KennyandtheMets

    The Mets have not handled the situation with Ike well, so Ron is correct in that regard. Blaming Citi Field is just lame. Ike is the only one responsible for his terrible hitting.

  • Bail4Nails

    It’s funny, there’s also a thread about Jeter and his father today. Talk about 2 completely different parenting approaches. I’m not going to trash the guy for blaming his son’s problems on everyone else. That’s pretty common nowadays. I would suggest Ron Davis show his son two clips from YouTube. One is a slow-mo of Ike Davis’ HR swing. The other is a slow-mo of Ted Williams’ swing. You would be surprised to find the two swings are pretty similar. Tell his son to stop worrying about all the noise and distractions, and practice that tape.

  • metFAN660


  • metFAN660

    His confidence should actually sore, since no other team values him as high as the Mets do.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Ike’s father shouldn’t blame Citi Field for Ike’s struggles. That’s a cop out.

  • Guest

    I know whose fault it is for Ike’s struggles

  • RyanF55

    I know whose to blame for Ike’ struggles

  • sivan

    Well there’s just one way to shut everybody up. Just hit jacks all day. 3-5 a week, they would lick your ass after a game.

  • Poppa Davis has a point. Ike has batted a robust .246/.337/.469 away from Citi for his career. If only he played all his games at not-Citi, he’d be merely below average rather than atrocious. It’s totes Citifield’s fault. TOTES MCGOATS!
    (sorry, love those commercials)

  • ColoradoMetsFan

    The Mets are neither graceful nor gracious. Never have been. Never will be…

  • If only Ike would stop dipping and swerving and swing the bat a little more normally.

  • skyking26

    What you got to do is build a band box for Ike. In other words his daddy is saying he needs a band box to be successful. That’s saying he’s not a very good hitter.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    He loves his little boy Ike.

  • Matt Mosher

    Ron comes across as a whineass. Yes, they never should have been as public about it. But your kid makes stupid money when most guys his age make 40k a year or less. Shut up already.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    It’s a shame he really has no clue what the term “moving the goalposts” actually implies. Ironic, really.

  • philipag

    One thing that the Alderson regime is generally very good at is being stealthy – not tipping it’s hand and operating under the radar. The way they have been so public in their desire to move Ike and replace RT at SS perhaps means that the real goal all along was to embarrass and motivate them more than actually replace them and we’ve all bought into the disinformation. Not to say they wouldn’t move Ike for the right price – but they probably knew getting their price met for Ike was a longshot. The best case scenario for the team is that Ike reverts to his 30hr/100rbi form.

  • Martin

    Those leaks and rumors are to be ignored

  • metFAN660


  • BCleveland3381

    Wasnt the “dip and swerve” some lame dance in the 90s?

  • Waz0787

    Metsblog banned me from commenting. It’s nice seeing you here. Those scumbags actually reply to your post.

  • metsman

    prince Geoffrey in the flesh. What’s next, is his mom going to pull a Braun and start accusing umps of antisemitism?

  • Ron just went out and took all the focus off of Ike. Heck, this might even give Ike some sympathy votes. Like, hey Ike, I know you’ve been atrocious, but your dad’s all cray cray, I can’t even hate you anymore. My sympathy will last until the first K in the first at-bat of Spring Training.

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    SkillSets is right, at the top: MetsBlog won’t touch this one with a yardstick.

    OT: wonder what some of the good people over there – we all know who they are – are saying behind closed doors about the way Matt C sabotaged his own meal ticket.

  • Rocky Thompson

    The reason Ike Davis is still with the Mets has nothing to do with the team publicly shopping him. It has to do with what the Mets are asking for in return and how poorly Ike played the first half of 2012 and almost all of 2013.

  • Kabeetz

    The front office will look at his father’s comments as his comments. Ron needed to not speak.

  • mad met

    Well mr davis maybe your son will pull his head out of his a$$ and remember how to play baseball

  • Wolfmicky21

    Exactly. It’s not like he filed out to the track all the time. He either grounded out to second, walked or struck out. The same things would have happened in every stadium

  • Gland1

    Or just the opposite, like he put the focus back on Ike who now looks like a whiny baby whose daddy is complaining for him.

  • Randolph Scott

    And let’s add special treatment to that equation too …. who else gets “pep talks” in the dugout with the owner, GM and manager …. and personal phone calls from the GM when you whine & moan in the minors ??

    Listen, I love Wally, but somethings real strange here when even he can’t calm down and control Ike’s emotions, and has to call SA for help !!

  • Justin Anthony

    Cerrone quotes are inspirational. Right up there with Martin Luther King. He is a true trailblazer, well ahead of his time

  • BCleveland3381

    Blaming Citi Field is weak. When Ike was right, he hit some of the longest homeruns I’ve seen. Ike used to hit BOMBS. Not sure what happened.

  • 1harris1

    They have a new thread up over there:

    “Duda’s Father Gives Thumbs Up To Wilpons And Alderson”.

    It’s really quite a read .

  • RyanF55

    I was at that game he demolished the ball that basically went over the Shea Bridge. The only one I saw hit one farther was Adam Dunn. Nobody wants to hear excuses – this is his father though. You don’t see the part where Adam Rubin approached him and asked him the questions that the answers are to above, haha. I’m sure they were something like :”Do you think the Mets have handled Ike’s trade situation well this offseason?” to which he went on a rant in defense of his son. Hopefully this motivates Ike to hit 40 HRs this year with an ‘its me against the world’ status. If he wants to save his career he’ll leave it all out there. I won’t hold my breath, but like Tug famously said……eh I think he wouldn’t even want to say it anymore.if he was around.

  • KennyandtheMets

    That’s an interesting take on it. Here’s my problem with it. Both Tejada and Davis have already been sent back to the minors. If that isn’t enough motivation to get them to improve than threatening to trade and/or replace them probably won’t work either.

  • Hotstreak

    Mr. North Jersey: I actually was looking for your comment to rip you apart. But guess what. Good Post.

    By the way I do not normally or ever do that but I felt that I was baited earlier today. All is well now. I learned my lesson.

    We also agree no place for down votes.

  • The Mets may have handled it better but that is just unnecessary speculation because the NY media kept hammering at the story every day. Much of what the Mets said about attempting to deal Ike resulted in their attempts to be responsive and cooperative to and inquiring press looking a new spin on an old story. How that made Ike feel didn’t matter to the press. It never does especially in NY. Perhaps the Mets could have been more creative in their responses but that could easily sound like a stretch to find a way to blame the Mets for something that they did not do. As for the wind in RF, that’s the way it goes no one should be blamed for that. The design of the park itself that, in my opinion, is another story that has already been hammered to death as well. Lets get on with ST , opening day. Lets play baseball and Lets Go Mets!

  • BehindTheBag

    I’m not sure how much smaller they can make the ballpark, since most of Ike’s flyball outs were caught by the second baseman.

  • As a father, I totally get where Ron is coming from, which is beyond the bravado, the struggles of his son are his own. The Mets are in a no-win situation, because unless they can secure a serviceable player in return, they run the risk of Ike sorting out his troubles with another team and having nothing to show for it. And when that happens, for all of the fans who now want to know why Ike is still with the team and the 1B situation is unresolved, there will be twice the number who want to know how come the Mets could not secure a better deal as he drops 40 bombs. The time to trade Ike was to sell high after his big second-half in 2012. The Mets were not planning to be competitive until 2014, which leads us to why Ike will probably be the Mets 1B in 2014, which is that the Mets don’t project to finish better than 3rd place and there is no sense of urgency.

  • KennyandtheMets

    A whineass? What is that??

  • Sylow59

    I am a Met fan. Been so since 1967. As such I hate everything about them. Everything they do is wrong. And every complaint – NO MATTER HOW INSANE – must be correct. .

  • KennyandtheMets

    I can’t stand when people tell others to post less. Who are you to say that? If you disagree with a comment, than counter it. Or if you don’t like a certain person’s comments, don’t read them.

  • KennyandtheMets

    Collins was coaching for his new contract. Satin starting vs LHPing gave us a better chance to win games.

  • KennyandtheMets

    Well said. Right or wrong, and I think Mr. Davis was both, I think he made things worse for his son. Ike already has a reputation as a whiner. Now folks will interpret his father’s defense of him as an extension of that.

  • KennyandtheMets

    That is possible.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Sounds about right.

  • BCleveland3381

    I just posted over there about the fact that they jump all over every Adam Rubin story in 5 seconds and how they refuse to post this one because Metsblog isnt a fan blog. It’s an employee blog.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Glad you’re here as well.

    I, too, was banned, though it was long overdue. I visit under a related name and avatar to needle and irritate, because I’m a bit childish at times. 🙂

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    “I have a dream, that I will develop basic writing skills.”

  • Waz0787

    Most of us who either bashed that site or promoted this one were banned from metsblog. Its all good. There’s nothing left to enjoy over there.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    I guess I see it as helpful feedback above and beyond a downvote. No? 🙂

  • Pedro’s Rooster


  • john q

    Ike Davis is John Elway or Eli Manning??

  • john q

    I remember one moment from 2012 that really opened my eyes about Ike Davis. Vinny Rottino was playing some 1b and pinch hitting and he hit a HR. Everybody on the bench went up to congratulate him except for Ike Davis. I thought that was just a petty move on Ike’s part.

    Then I remember Ike had this smug look on his face like “Big deal, he hit one, I’m much better than him.”

    Ike comes across as a guy with way too much sense of entitlement. And seriously, what has he done to earn that sense of entitlement?

    Ron Davis’ rant doesn’t even make any sense because Ike had his “one” good season when the fences were farther back. If anything 2012-2013 should have been “easier” for Ike.

  • Ju’Queveland “A’ight” Morris

    So Citifield prevented all the whiffs and ground balls to the right side from becoming home runs?

  • NewYorkMammoths

    Now that you mention it, when Beltran criticized the Mets at his Yankee press conference, on December 21 Baron wrote a lengthy post about it, titled, “Carlos Beltran is still mad at the Mets.” The post was up on MB only for a few minutes before it disappeared. Here’s what the page looks like now:

  • Mikie_A

    This is true for David Wright who is affected by the park.Ike has to make contact first and he hits bombs out of any park.Ike has to get his head right and he will be fine!Mets need to get Ike’s trade value up first and keep him till D Smith is ready!

  • Pike Miazza

    I think dad just assured Ike getting shipped out of Queens….

  • Pike Miazza


  • Pedro’s Rooster

    I love this.

  • Ha! I can’t read your online name without thinking of Family Guy.

  • Joey D.

    Can understand how the love for a son can make one then add to a valid argument points that are really not valid at all.

    I cannot believe it was only after he retired that Ron Davis then understood that a ballpark could make one an All Star or Hall of Famer. Even at eleven I was able to understand when reading about Wally Moon that he developed an “inside out” swing to hit “moonshots” which were nothing more than 250 foot opposite field pop ups high enough to clear the left field net at the L.A. Coliseum back in the late fifties.

    As far as the public knowledge regarding Ike coupled with the Mets being more keen with Duda at first why that became so public, I do not know. Isn’t there the unwritten law of confidentiality between employer and employee?Of course, players are apt to become aware of the effort to trade them but that is within the grapevine and should stay there. There has always been a certain amount of leaks and rumors in the past and will be more so now in today’s media and internet world, however, that does not mean an organization has to help foster it.

    It is always preferable to be discrete for if nothing else, sensitivity to the player for the public humiliation he would have to contend with. Even though he understands it from a business viewpoint, Ike is still a human being and is going to be subjected to a lot of ridicule from fans knowing the only reason he is still on the team is because the Mets could not find a taker for him.

    That’s one of the points I mean about the lack of the “human element” we see in this organization. This has nothing to do with business decisions but rather the indifference to the people involved in the way that they handle it. We saw it in the opposite way with R.A. – there were so many leaks about the Mets looking to trade him yet when he wanted to know what directions they thought they might be heading toward regarding his contract extension and future with the club they just kept him totally in the dark unlike with Ike.

    It doesn’t have to be that way, internally or with the public.

  • Lare Clark

    Ted Williams was tested and had exceptionally acute vision. It wasn’t just the beautiful swing and grace.

  • mad met

    Uggla howard and chase ect seem to do just fine here

  • Joey D.

    Hi Mike Young,

    No matter how much the New York media preses for a story, those in the organization have to know how to deal with the media as well and how to be discrete. That includes when there are talks with another club and there is then a leak that come from that organization and not the Mets. It doesn’t have to become a daily soap opera beyond that of the sports columns without the aid of those “unnamed” officials to give their stories credibility.

  • Gland1

    It doesn’t have to become a daily soap opera, but it has. With the way blogs and Twitter have really taken over, they need content every day. Freaking Metsblog had a new Ike article up daily, even without any new source or news. That certainly made it seem like a lot more was going on than really was. I’m not saying the Mets aren’t at all to blame, but the media is part of the issue too.

  • sperry

    I’ve defended Ike since I started commenting but this time it’s not the Mets. Your son is a head case, sorry. He’s not the first athlete to lose his confidence, and he won’t be the last. Hopefully he figures it out here instead of with some other team like so many Mets before him.

  • joeyd1966


  • Lifelongmetsfan

    Mr. Davis never once mentioned the “hitch” in Ike’s swing. Seems curious how a former major leaguer Dad could fail to mention Ike’s problematic swing when talking about factors contributing to poor performance.

    At this point in Ike’s career I don’t think Ron Davis, the pitcher would be shaking in his boots if he were called on to pitch to Ike Davis, the player late in a tie game with runners on.

    Any serious discussion about Davis should begin and end with “fixing” his swing not baseball stadium architecture.

  • VfJ

    trying to remember Ike’s warning track drives that didn’t go out because of Citi Field….trying hard…

  • Des

    Papa Ron should have spent time with Ike to get rid of the double hitch. What were the Arizona State baseball coaches looking at while Ike was doing his double hitch?

    Ike could get past his own hitch excesses at lower levels of competition, but hard throwers with command, especially LHPers. ate Ike up.

  • Pike Miazza

    121 feet to the fence…lmao…

  • Mr Davis is a little out of line about the park affecting his son. Lets face it, when Ike gets a hold of one, it goes. Now, defending his son is something any father would do. I think the Mets have made so many mistake with Ike that it borders on buffoonery. His swing is a huge mess, the approach they have chosen to force upon the entire teams doesn’t work for him. Also one size doesn’t fit all and they need to cut it out. It’s like when they spent an entire spring training under Manuel pushing the team to hit the other way and it screwed up several players swings. Of course there was all that chatter about what a terrible work ethic Ike had and all the rumors about him that came from a source from within the front office. I mean lets face it, this team talks so poorly about its own players it is unheard of. They pulled the same crap with Beltran. I just hope Ike comes out smashing, and these morons trade him and he hits 290 with 40 hrs for another team while we watch the Dud play first place and bat 225 with 14 hrs..

  • jason bay

    That’s part and parcel with the whole playing in NY deal.

    Here you have a players father complaining that the Mets didn’t offer a contract to his son’s best friend on the team.


    This whole touchy feely stuff is laughable. Last year the complaint was that no one was being held accountable, this year their too tough on the “kids.”

    Ike’s been coddled here since he was drafted. He sunk this team in 2012 with his putrid start and did **** all about it in the off season and came back and did the same thing last year. Inbetween stinking up the joint he’s spent a month in the minors and been on the DL for a third of the teams games.

    Time to grow up but with a father like that……

  • jason bay

    They might well have if Duda hadn’t broken his wrist right after the season ended.

    Same thing with Niese or Gee this off season with Harvey out for the year.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    There wasnt as much emphasis put on homeruns back then as it is today.

    Case and point David Wright in 2009:

    39Dbls, 10HR, 27SB, .307AVG, .390OBP, .447SLG, .837OPS

    If you look at those numbers without knowing who they belonged to, youd say Id take that stat line every day of the week.

    But if youre told those numbers are from your power hitter…You wouldnt be too happy, you’d view that season as a down season…since those numbers seem more Table setter(leadoff hitter or #2hitter) than Run producer.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Many on here misconstrue what Ikes father Ron was saying about the stadium.

    He never said the fences were too far out and should be brought in, he was referring to the design of the ballpark. He stated the “JET STREAMS” as the culprits…and how they blow in from RF and knock homers down.

    With that said Ron Davis is full of SH– in that regard.

    Dont brag about the good rookie season Ike had and the 32 Homeruns he hit in 2012 then complain about Jet streams being an issue. Thats B.S. and he took away from his whole argument by doing so…..

    A well put together & VERY ACCURATE assessment he gave about the Mets treatment of the situation. EVERYTHING Ron Davis said about the Mets and their handling of Ike is 100% spot on. Only exception of course being blaming the stadium and making excuses about the Mets not giving Ike enough of an opportunity in 2013.

    He did his son a disservice by making that statement about the stadium…Since if you think about it, by promoting those other teams stadiums(Rockies, Brewers, Texas etc.) as better places for Ike to play… he is basically saying his son cant handle playing in NYC at Citi Field and SHOULD be traded. Whether this was a ploy by Ron to expedite Ikes departure–WHO KNOWS? But it damn sure didnt help Ikes case if he TRULY wants to remain a Met.

    Side Note: I guess now we see where Ike got his Diva B****ING from. Ron comes off here as the overbearing Father of a little leaguer who has just been playing terrible baseball. And Rons blaming everyone but his son for his poor play.

    FYI I still believe Ike breaks out this year if he keeps the SAME APPROACH he had towards the end of last season.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    “This whole touchy feely stuff is laughable. Last year the complaint was that no one was being held accountable, this year their too tough on the “kids.””


    Last year[and every year under Alderson and Collins] the complaint was that none of the VETERAN PLAYERS(none of them stars or that good I might add) whom received all the playing time were held accountable.

    And Collins was extremely unfair when it came to the prospects. From Wheeler to Lagares, Tejada, Edgin etc. Collins would go out of his way in press conferences to throw the rookies under the bus for loses but he would go out of his way to defend veterans even though they made blatant boneheaded plays that cost the team.

    Pure politics by Collins and I blame him moreso than Alderson…but Alderson gets blame because he hired this bum and endorsed him by extending his contract… An undeserving extension I might add

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    LMFAO….You Metsblog refugees are relentless


  • KennyandtheMets

    To me, that’s what the down vote is for. 🙂
    How are you my friend?

  • DrDooby

    The Mets overplayed a very limited hand. That´s pretty much it.
    All the “surprising interest” in Ike (or Duda) as leaked by Metsblog & Co. apparently didn´t exist in a way that teams were willing to give up more than a marginal piece in order to get back damaged goods. Which isn´t surprising.
    Basically, Alderson went to the Poker Table with a very limited hand here and it hasn´t worked. Until so far.

    It´s not much of an issue. I can understand the father for being disappointed in what has transpired. But Ike mostly has himself to blame for failing to produce, constantly questioning umpires for their balls & strike calls while swinging at 56 foot curveballs in the dirt. He has massive raw power, a very complicated swing and lots of issues to address. Since Duda isn´t more talented, he´ll sure get his chance even if he´s not traded due to his potential. But we´re talking about a below average MLB 1bman at this point who hasn´t fulfilled his potential, almost 4 years into his major league career.

  • DrDooby

    Pretty much agreed with that.

    Alderson gambled and lost in this case..
    But I can´t feel sorry for Ike either about being put in this situation.

    I don´t think just non-tendering would have been a better move, based on his still existing potential.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    I agree with every syllable of this.

  • MDonaldWilpon

    I just like to go there to take digs at Cerrone.

  • MDonaldWilpon

    What the Mets did is say, “here’s damaged goods- we want top dollar for it, and you get to fix the wreck.” That’s some negotiating strategy.

  • MetsFAN660

    Welll….it is….if they really didn’t want to trade him because they believe he can bounce back. They may have more faith in Ike than you do. That doesn’t make you a bad fan. Wanting to be right about it, and hoping Ike fails so you can say “I told you so” would make you a bad fan.

  • BronxMets

    he said that but read it again he said it being so far.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    they did screw up the trade. There is no reason to talk so much to the media. They should talk to gm’s that’s it. And it has nothing to do with ikes feelings, ts about trying to get another team to actually want the guy your trying to trade. I think they need a better negotiator taking control of trades. Id be happy to take the job, 🙂

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    Collins is a nice guy but hes no MLB manager. Sandy has to understand this and get off his “we need a company man” here bs.

  • DrDooby

    The negotiations for Dickey, Beltran, Byrd/Buck all ended pretty well with the Mets – in each case – getting a lot more than the “market” had expected them to.

    One part of the M.O. of this FO is that they hold rather firm in terms of how they value what a player can contribute. So, if the market doesn´t come to them, they won´t go and chase the market. It´s an approach that has both positive and negative aspects. But it´s pretty clear. And when it works, it usually ends pretty well. If it doesn´t, the risk is there to either be stuck with something that you don´t really want or need anymore or not to get something you could have used.

    It´s an extremely difficult approach for impatient fans, of course who want swift actions instead of snail-paced negotiations.

    For those who don´t like this approach, take a look back at early December 2012 and how the MMO boards went almost beserk over Alderson supposedly “overplaying” his hand for Dickey.

  • Biggle Boy

    Sandy’s public statements about Ike, and Tejada, told other GMs that he thought these players were basically worthless. So I agree with Ron Davis when he says that kind of talk is idiotic if you want to trade someone.

    Given those comments, along with the stats these players put up last year, I’m not surprised that teams have refrained from offering anything of value for either kid. But blaming Citi Field for Ike’s troubles is pretty lame.

  • MDonaldWilpon

    I don’t want him to fail- I want him to find his inner Stargell….but then the Mets will trade him because they don’t want to pay him…

  • Thanks for your response Joe. I couldn’t agree with you more but its easier said than done. It seems to me that when the NY media doesn’t get what they want they then take the story and build it up with more unfounded speculation and innuendo until the Mets or Knicks or Jets, etc. have to respond. So, again in my opinion, the Mets attempted to address the Ike story to prevent greater damage and even though it ran much too long it presumably minimized the damage that could have resulted it they hadn’t addressed it the way that they did. True, I wish it could have been handled better but handling the NY media is like handling a hungry animal. You have to feed it something or it will turn on you. In the long run that can not work in NY. Recall for a moment what happened to Omar, Willie and Bobby V. Fred Wilpon practically apologized for firing Omar. Then the firing of Bobby V who in my opinion possessed great tactical skill in handling younger players and calling the right play in game situations. For example, I always liked it when he called for a squeeze play. How many squeeze plays have Mets managers called since the departure of Bobby V? My answer for that is none. However, thanks to the media they are now a part of a tainted Mets history. Joe, thanks again for responding and keep up the great work with MMO.

  • Vin

    I don’t think Melvin or the other GMs were quiet. In fact, they had every reason to be part of the leaking of the trade rumors for Davis.

    But, in the end, who cares? Play well and everything takes care of itself. Even if the ballpark hurt his hitting, Davis didn’t play well in the field. I prefer Ike to Duda, but Ike does seem like someone who lets things affect him too much. Maybe he and his dad have got something in common that way.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Cold, but doing fine. I hope you got the day off!

  • Joe, do you think the Mets should hire a PR media specialist to handle the media or continue to lets their FO and TC handle them like they presently are doing or do you think that the FO and TC need to be re-schooled in their PR skill sets? In other words, what, in your opinion, is a workable solution to the problem of being able to control a media story and/or to kill it if necessary to prevent on going PR damage to the image that the Mets have with their fan base and the protection of their players self confidence?

  • Vin

    Of course Ike is a power hitter, but you’re right about the “massive raw power”. The fact is, he typically hits the ball a tremendously long way when he does connect, or really hard line drives when he doesn’t get lift.

    So, he can hit them anywhere, it’s just he (and dad) needs to leave all complaints and excuses behind and play for his career next year. He does that in a Mets uniform, I think we have a much better year then most currently anticipate.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    O i understand the value side, im just saying there is no need to tell the world that so and so is on the block snd we want to trade him. Dosnt give u any leverage, and using a seinfield quote, just gives you no “hand”

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    exactly. You don’t say basically that we want to move our guy cause hes not good enough for us. You in tern say, this is our 1st baseman, yes he had a bad season, but we expect him to hit 30 plus hr again this coming year, hes not on the block, but we would listen to offers on ANY player we have. Every player can be had, just depends on the deal.

  • Xavier 22

    The ballpark didn’t seem to affect his hitting when he first came up.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    The negotiations for Dickey, Beltran, Byrd/Buck all ended pretty well with the Mets

    – Dickey (Allstar, Cy Young) for Prospects
    – Beltran (Allstar, Future HOF) for a Prospect
    – Byrd(Allstar caliber year for playoff push) & Buck for Prospects

    In all the cases above Alderson had all the cards in his corner because he had players that numerous teams coveted and wanted badly.

    Whereas “IKE DAVIS” who is coming off of a season where he couldnt hit the broad side of a barn, barely hitting over .200 has no demand…So you have to SELL him to other teams not stick a big for sale sign on him.

    Alderson played his cards all wrong here he drastically overrated how much ike was to other teams. Especially when you start free agency saying, “WE DONT WANT HIM”.









  • KennyandtheMets

    Yes. Schools closed at 12:30 yesterday and today they are closed. 🙂

  • Texas Mets Fan Since 1979

    Let’s be honest here. Sandy has done an outstanding job of setting this team up with arguably the most options come trade deadline of any team out there. He used the offseason to openly test the market on Duda and Davis and show them that New York is the only option for them and that no one really would be willing to pay much for them at this point. That should ignite a fire in both of them to make them realize that this is truly their last shot at this.

    Now let’s paint a picture for 2014 pre-trade deadline. We have Chris Young, Bartolo Colon, Eric Young, Daniel Murphy, Wilmer Flores, Dillon Gee, Wheeler, Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Josh Satin and Ruben Tejada all seen as average to above-average players. Behind them we have DeGrom, Satin, Quintanilla/Tovar, Montero, Syndergaard and others who are on the verge of taking playing time from any of those listed in the first list.

    So, now we think about how Sandy’s done this in the past. He used Beltran to land Wheeler, Dickey to land d’Arnaud and Syndergaard, Marlon Byrd to land Dilson Hererra and Vic Black and now has any number of the first list who can explode this year and be used as trade bait to solidify our outfield, shortstop or first base positions, let alone our bullpen.

    I like the approach.

  • Biggle Boy

    If a GM wants to “light a fire” under a player’s behind, or “humble” him, so the player will perform better, then that’s always done in private. For a GM to do so publicly is nuts – IF the GM is looking for a team that will give back a good player/prospect in a trade.

  • “Now let’s paint a picture for 2014 pre-trade deadline. We have Chris Young, Bartolo Colon, Eric Young, Daniel Murphy, Wilmer Flores, Dillon Gee, Wheeler, Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Josh Satin and Ruben Tejada all seen as average to above-average players. Behind them we have DeGrom, Satin, Quintanilla/Tovar, Montero, Syndergaard and others who are on the verge of taking playing time from any of those listed in the first list.”

    That would be true if we were in year one of a rebuild. But this is year four and I can assure you that won’t happen.

    Not trading Duda/Davis was not the master plan, it was more failure to execute. And that’s not to say either should simply be given away.

  • MetsFAN660

    It’s really sad that the howlers on here don’t see any of this. All they know is they want them to spend money and “win now,” even though that’s clearly what’s been tried before with nothing to show for it.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    It’s cathartic for us. Please let us know if we go too far.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Gland1,

    That’s what I meant about knowing how to deal with the media.

    Yes, the Mets in particular are in a bind – this is not Kansas City or San Diego but New York where millions follow the media columnists and websites who need to dish out daily stories – and many of them hypothetical to make up for a slow news day. These are then picked up by other websites only adding fuel to the fire when it’s speculative opinion coming on top of a well covered factual story.

    But without those “unnamed” sources or other “insiders” to provide the “factual” story to begin with, or at least minimal information instead, most of us would recognize talk in the papers and internet as rumors surrounding the club rather than us virtually being invited to be sitting alongside Sandy’s people at the negotiating table and team meetings.

  • Texas Mets Fan Since 1979

    Agree, on most accounts, but your premise that this what you do in year-one of rebuilding assumes we weren’t spending $60 million more just a few years ago and that the budget wasn’t an issue.

    They had to get the budget to where it is because, like it or not, this is what the Mets can afford to spend under current ownership. Step 1 was to get the budget in order. Step 2 was put some building blocks in. Step 3 is use the assets you have to put a playoff caliber team on the field. We are now just about done with Step 2.

    Look for Sandy to use what assets (i.e. tradeable players) we have to improve where we need it most: SS, OF, Leadoff Hitter and 1B in that order. We are long starting pitching, 1B and 2B. We need OF and SS help and don’t have a leadoff hitter that has proven he can hit over .250 with an OBP over .350. That’s what we need and hopefully we can use the pieces we have to get the ones we don’t.

  • Brian Reilly

    Being a Met fan my entire life I have always wondered How Stupid the Mets owners and front office could be. And they don’t seem to understand how to treat their players. Until they treat their players with respect and dignity they will not get any production from them.

  • Gland1

    I disagree. I don’t think most people have the capacity to make the distinction. At least the people commenting on blogs don’t. One little comment seems to be able to spin off weeks of fodder for bloggers and beat reporters. And the comment could come from either the Mets or other teams. The team they are trying to trade with, or even other unnamed “league sources” or “those familiar with the team’s thinking”. Some reporter gets a random quote, blogs post it and repost it, and fans keep commenting on it like it’s new every time. I’m sure players see and hear that stuff, and it may get to some of them.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t think it’s really a matter of knowing how to deal with the media properly as it is a reflection of two things.

    One is a lack of credibility. All credibility has been lost with the way they have spun things with the fan base to indeed control the PR damage you speak about regarding their fiscal situation. I think they understood the use of public relations quite well in that respect but that it finally came to the point where they could not longer manipulate their way out of it anymore by spinning what they were doing as “rebuilding” instead of the fiscal regrouping that it was and still is.

    I think there is asomething many have not picked up. Ever notice Sandy making light of the Mets financial situation when the subject is the fiscal climate of the organization? I don’t think so. Instead, he’s all serious and not at all filled with what many call his “dry humor”. I mean, he’s not making jokes and shows a serious concern and sensitivity when talking about the need for a “concentrated payroll” and being “burned” by long-term contracts.

    And yet when it comes to the team, do we get that same serious concern and sensitivity? No, then we get his “dry humor” with “chocolates”, “counting five dollar bills”, “what outfield?” and searching for players “on the internet”.

    The other – and “here I go again” -is due to being more analytical and objective than taking into account emotion and sensitivity coming from the top. It goes way beyond Ike Davis and all these other leaks – it includes the bad mouthing of players, the indifference to the fans, etc. Such wouldn’t be occurring on the scale as we’ve seen if there was a little less analytical logic and a little more of being in touch with the human element in the organization’s way of doing things – both with the owners and front office.

    As for Terry Collins, I appreciated his frankness after the Valdespin incident when he said:

    “I don’t answer to fans, they don’t play this game. They have no idea what goes on. They have no idea what goes on in there. They have absolutely no idea what it means to be a professional teammate at this level.”

    But being that this is a business dependent upon fans, I know many might not have understood what Sandy was saying in the way I did and that you are right – there are more respectable ways to have
    expressed those thoughts and in that sense Terry could use a course on public speaking.

  • Joey D.

    HI Gland1,

    I know, it’s difficult for those who are not familiar with the media to distinguish fact from fiction when one wants to create a story and give it credibility by simply quoting an “unnamed source” that unfortunately today’s tabloid journalistic ethics allows one to make up in his head.

    It’s even more prevailant on the internet since anybody can set up a website or comment on one.

  • Metjorge

    Not the first player who has felt screwed up by the Mets lately.

  • Once again, thank you Joe for your thought provoking response. Obviously, you have given this issue considerable more thought than I apparently have. Yes, much of what you say and describe about how the Wilpons, Sandy and TC respond to the media has crossed my mind and made me wonder about their integrity in their communications and what affect they have on their fan base, aka their customer base. Obviously, Mets fans and yes even their ball players (their employees) deserve more respect than the Wilpons and their GM are able to or willing to provide. Today, the fans of the NYY were given another shot of hope with the signing of another high priced player, Tanaka. Over all NYY fans received the benefit of four quality signings this off season and their pre-season ticket sales will soon reflect their investment in their team. The Mets have sorely lacked for far too long what the NYY consistently seem to do each off season. That is make their team significantly better and more competitive than the year before. Do you think that once Selig leaves that a new commissioner will hold the Wilpons more accountable for the way they have managed a major market MLB team? Do you think that the majority of MLB team owners will hold the new commissioner accountable for holding the Wilpons accountable or will it continue to be the same old disrespect that the Mets and their loyal fans seem to receive each and every year from the media and from the MLB communications net work?

  • jason bay

    Veteran players have been held accountable by being DFA’d and non tendered. They can’t be sent down without their permission and we haven’t had the players forcing their way up from the minors to transition them onto the bench.

  • rclthomp

    As usual the Mets FO misread the market (for IB) so I have to agree with Ike’s dad. Why were we so obvious about trading him? At this point bring him back and hope he hits, if he doesn’t demote him, at which point his career may be over

  • Joey D.

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the nice words, appreciate it. The shame of it regarding the Mets media manipulation is that instead of being offending by it, many excuse that type of behavior as being partial to the general manager where it would not be tolerated with another. It should not be acceptable from anyone.

    At this point, guess there is nothing much a new commissioner or ownership can do about the Wilpons if they are able to meet their fiscal obligations. They might very well want to be bailed out if they faced similar fiscal problems and from what I’ve read, many have gone over MLB’s own bylaws regarding accumulated debt so it’s all one big club regardless.

  • Akest

    I personally believe the mets should stick with davis over duda. I think davis as a lot more upside. He is without a doubt better defensively, and I know it’s hard to be optimistic with davis at this point because of how bad he has been the last 2 years, but people should look at his stats in the month of august. His power numbers were still down, but he batted .290 with an OBP of .468 and a slugging percentage of .522. If he averaged that OBP throughout the whole year, he would have led the league and his slugging % would be 6th in the league. Not saying he will average those numbers, but I really do think he showed a lot of discipline and maturity at the end of last year. I say keep him over duda

  • rclthomp

    I agree that Ike should get the nod over Duda, there’s more power potential there and Ike is better defensively. If Ike falters the Mets can get by with Duda until 2015 when hopefully the farm can provide us with a better alternative

  • YsoSerious

    First Met fans need to realize the Met’s front office and leadership is detrimentally stupid in how they operate. Second Ike’s swing was crafted by the genius coaches to get him to hit homeruns and then that approach was pushed by management… that is also ridiculously stupid. When you’re told to try and hit homeruns all the time.. you strike out. never works. period. Third everyone telling his dad he needs to shut his mouth? The guy is answering questions you turds! He’s not pontificating at a press release, it’s an interview. Lastly… Mets fans will love this. You are garbage fans. Obviously not all Met fans but a vast majority are garbage – how can you, at every game, boo a player and trash him at every turn and expect anything to get better? Mets fans do it to all the players, try supporting your team instead of beating them down. Instead of boo maybe just shut up? But you can’t.. can you. Good luck getting a first baseman that’s better than Ike right now.. Because you know they’re easy to find.

  • You are welcome and thanks again Joe. What else is there really to say except, “To be continued..”

  • Joey D.

    Hi Mike,

    Eventually we’re going to have a nervous break down like Norman after being told by Mr. Spock that everything he says is a lie. 🙂

  • Ted Danson

    August? August? People grasping at straws as usual with Ike. If you looked at the bigger picture you’d realize he is just not that good. His defense this past season was also atrocious.

  • Destry

    Well, I see where Ike gets it from. Entitlement….check……deflecting blame upon others……check…….Refusal to accept responsibility…..check. Yeah, I’m sure he’ll get things turned around. All he needs is a complete overhaul on his swing, timing, mental approach, physical approach, attitude, work ethic, health & ability to operate within a team or group setting. Should be no problem.

  • Harley Alderson

    i love ike im allways cheering for him and his father me maybe on to something i never thoughta bout the wind effects from the tunnel. ive never been to citi before and ive always wondered about how the wind plays in that part of the outfield. it looks like it could pose a problem to left handers. as for what you said about a good majority of the fans that boo their own players amen to that.

  • VfJ

    Is it news that the Mets have a mediocre logjam at 1st base ? Was this some big secret ?
    maybe if your boy hadn’t been so abysmal in the last few years (.227 .209 BA) you’d have something to talk about…but you should just shut up, let him go to spring training and prove everyone wrong…