MMO Fan Shot: Juan Lagares vs Eric Young Jr.


An MMO Fan Shot by Michael Mandelkern

Juan Lagares and Eric Young Jr. will be competing for a starting outfield role with the New York Mets in Spring Training. Young has been a bench player throughout his career and is likely nothing more. Lagares could be a gem and playing him everyday is the only way to find out. Ultimately, stellar defense is more valuable than speed. Center field is Lagares’ job to lose.

General manager Sandy Alderson recently told Steve Keane of Kranepool Society that Curtis Granderson is the only outfielder guaranteed to play everyday. The Mets outfield is vastly improved from last season when the team signed Rick Ankiel out of desperation. Chris Young will make $7.25 million and has a starting role if he does not struggle.

Lagares was a rookie last year with the ease of a veteran. He has an impeccable sense of a baseball’s trajectory and charges the ball with authority. Opposing teams quickly learned not to test his cannon of an arm. His 15 outfield assists ranked second in the National League last season. ESPN named him MLB’s Best Defender for August.

In terms of advanced fielding, Lagares held 48.8 percent of base runners in his 108 games as a center fielder last season, 4.2 percentage points above the MLB average. He held 60 percent of runners in his brief 14 games in right field, 12.3 percentage points above the norm. He also threw out 8.5 percent of runners attempting to advance, nearly five times the MLB average of 1.8 percent. If he can sustain this defensive prowess he will be in Gold Glove contention for many years to come.

Lagares is vastly superior to Eric Young in controlling the opposing team’s running game, but Young is far more aggressive on the base paths. He won the National League stolen base crown in 2013 with 46, but Young’s low OBP hinders him from maximizing his ability. Young hit .251/.318/.329 in 91 games with the New York Mets last season. He posted a slash line of .249/.310/.336 in a total of 148 combined games with the Colorado Rockies with two home runs and 32 runs batted in.

Young was a part-time player from 2009 (his Major League debut) to 2012. He is a career .258 hitter with a .325 OBP and just seven home runs. After a hot start when he was traded to the Mets in June, he came back to Earth with more playing time. Young would be most effective in a limited role.

Juan Lagares’ bat is even less impressive. He hit .242/.281/.352 with four home runs with 34 runs batted in through 121 games with the Mets in 2013. He drew just 20 walks and struck out 96 times in 421 plate appearances. Lagares needs to narrow his strike zone, but at 24 years old and just one season under his belt he has ample time to grow.

Lagares hit a meager .207/.233/.310 in his 29 leadoff at-bats. Although a small sample, he has not effectively worked counts and gotten on base anywhere in the order. He only swiped six bags in 2013.

Eric Young is a switch hitter that is underwhelming from both sides of the plate. He displayed good range in left field, but he has a noodle of an arm compared to Lagares. All but 31 of his at-bats last season were at leadoff. His propensity to get on base has been poor. It would be easier for the Mets to eat if he was more capable of setting the table.

Ideally, both of them are bench players and the Mets have a legitimate middle-of-the-order bat to provide more protection to David Wright. Putting either Lagares or Young in the outfield is an offensive liability. Speed only kills when the runner is on base. Lagares’ offensive potential has not been realized, but his outfield play alone justifies inserting him into the lineup.

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  • BehindTheBag

    What good is blazing speed…when 70% of the time you are racing back to your own dugout after making an out?

    Play Lagares. His glove makes up for his bat for now, and the only way his bat gets better is if he plays.

    EY Jr. is good depth in the OF and in a pinch at 2B. He’s not a starter.

  • HillsideAve

    We need a lead off hitter. We don’t have anyone remotely resembling one on the roster. SS is where it should come from…..Lagares will get his shot, but he’ll be hitting 8th in the line-up. EYJ is a bench guy/pinch runner/insurance policy at best.

  • HawkZon

    “. Lagares’ offensive potential has not been realized, but his outfield play alone justifies inserting him into the lineup.”

    I agree 100% .

    When did we start this new commenting?
    I must have taken too many holiday days off.

    HawkZon, formerly Hawk

  • Again, when you look at Murphy’s career stats he compares well with many of the top lead off hitters. Of course we see him as Murphy but his stats look fine as a lead off hitter.

  • mr1313

    I would be disappointed if Lagares didn’t play CF at least 80% of the time. Great defender and potentially an emerging bat the Mets owe it to him and the fans to see what he can do for an entire season after his rookie campaign. Admittedly though whether it’s Alderson pulling the strings telling Collins how much he should be playing each player or not I don’t trust them giving him the playing time he deserves.

  • ac0814

    Lagares should be the starting CF’er. If he isn’t, Terry Collins is a buffoon.

  • Harvey33

    Lagares is an exciting talent. Let the kid play!

  • CJM

    Good overall write up of the two players. I disagree with the last statement about both players ideally being bench players though. Lagares put up a 3+ WAR last year solely with his defense. He’s already good enough, save possible regression, to justify keeping in the lineup. Defensively he could contribute like Ordonez in ’99, and could be especially valuable on a team built around pitching in a pitcher’s park. It will be hard to sacrifice that defense unless the bat replacing Lagares is their second best hitter behind Wright. I also think Lagares should be starting to see if he can actually develop at the plate. Reyes’ approach was terrible in his first couple years and he improved by leaps and bounds. Obviously, Lagares won’t become the hitter/offensive player Reyes is, but I don’t think people should give up on his bat just yet.

  • Kabeetz

    Definitely one of the big questions of spring training. The reality is even if Chris Young gets starts he’s by no means a lock to capitalize.

  • TJ

    My preference is Lagares in CF hitting 8th.

  • Jane

    Today, as it was not this way yesterday! Yea!

  • diehardmets

    No, they don’t. His OBP is awful, and that is the only stat that matters for a leadoff hitter.

  • taskmaster4450

    Lagares will hit. Look at his numbers throughout the 2013 season and you will see his overall stats are misleading.

    To start, he spent the first month and a half of his callup playing sparingly. A young kid cannot ride the bench. Lagares, when getting his starting job, was hitting about .150 or so. He did terrific to bring the average up.

    He also had two good months with the bat followed by a poor September. The league adjusted to him and now it is up to him to counter. That is what young players do. If you look at Juan’s progress throughout the minors, he showed the ability to adapt and improve. He will do the same in the majors.

    He is a starting player on this team…no question about it.

  • Dave_in_Spain

    Happy New Year from Spain! 12:18 am 2014.

  • Lagares has upside, Young Jr. does not. Lagares helps the team with his speed, and Young Jr. can only help the team with his speed if he gets on base…which he doesn’t do at a good enough clip to be considered a starting player. Lagares is plus defender at an elite position, Young Jr. is not.

    Lagares is a kid you give a shot until he proves that he can’t hack it. Young Jr. has gotten plenty of chances. We know what he is, a great bench player spot starter. We have no idea what Lagares is. He should get a full shot in 2014.

  • His career OBP is .333.
    Bourn’s is .335
    Reyes is considered an elite lead off and was .341.
    Also his woba isn’t that far off. I never said he was perfect, but he is the best we have for the position factoring in his new SB potential and extra base potential.

  • tacknaf

    Awesome. MMO has Disqus now. Happy New Year everyone and Let’s Go Mets!!

  • Daniel

    EYJ would be so much more useful if he had platoon splits. The fact that he is below average from both sides of the plate makes him somewhat useless offensively. Lagares is the clear-cut option for CF. EYJ is a bench player.

  • Alex in Florida

    Happy new years!!!

  • mad met

    Ey will be a very big contributer for our team.. juan should start in center…personaly i would play ey at 2nd and murphy at first since he have to wait for chris young to fall on his face … ike +duda need to go elsewhere..

  • vigouge

    Reyes and Bourn’s speed make the obp play up. Year ago there was an estimation that put great speed at the equivalent of around 20 obp points.

  • Waz0787

    Yes!!!!!!! You guys finally have disqus. Eff you cerrone and metsblog.

  • iwamofo

    NICE! Metsblog can suck it

  • Jimmy Broadway

    EY needs to learn how to bunt. He could be lethal if he learned the drag bunt. A few lessons from wally could maybe turn him into our leadoff hitter. EY is also a switch hitter. If he can constantly draw in the infield with the threat of a bunt, he could greatly improve his BA and play some exciting baseball.

  • Hotstreak

    In MMO Fan Shot by Michael Mandelkern great photo of picture perfect release point in Lagares swing. This photo proves to me he has great potential as an offensive player.

    Look at Clemente’s early years before he blossomed.

  • Mike Lloyd

    I think Lagares can be a Garry Maddox type player for the Mets. I’ll take that…

  • tommyb

    LA-GA-RES, WHOA, OOH, WHOA, WHOA. Juan is the man, he will hit .280 – .290 this year, and everyone will jump on his bandwagon

  • sperry

    This. I basically left metsblog when the comments changed. I’ve been glancing at the articles but I think I can leave for good now. MMO has always had better content anyway.

  • Lotus1209

    Discussion? No discussion. Lagares over EYJ all day anyday.

    Lagares can be Carlos-Gomez lite in a few years. Let him play… he’s only going to get better.

    Lagares coupled with Puello and Granderson will be a good outfield for a few years.

    Honestly.. the way I see it.. Puello has the makings to be our everyday lead off hitter… after all is said and done.


    Is solid coupled with our up and coming pitching staff.

  • BehindTheBag

    I’d like to see Puello have a clean drug test, and at least a couple of at-bats in AAA, before I’ll pencil him in anywhere in our lineup.

    But I agree he has that potential, moreso than anyone else above A ball.

  • Jimmy Broadway

    Chris Young is on the bench ?

  • Waz0787

    Amen. Its ridiculous the censorship those idiots put up in that site. You can’t write one negative comments without being actually able to post online. MMO has actual writing unlike other site basically posting any rubin tweets. Its filled with spelling and grammar errors. Anyway 2014 going on forwards to MMO.

  • Mike Lloyd

    Happy New Years Dave!

  • Joey D.

    Hi Daniel and Happy New Year,

    Yes, that is the real downsize to Eric – he does not have an advantage hitting from one side of the plate to at least be considered part of a platoon so we could take some advantage of his speed and his batting leadoff.

  • Waz0787

    Young is getting 7 mil per year. I expect him to be our starting CF or one of the corner next year. Puello still needs triple A experience. He won’t be ready till mid summer earliest. I honestly dont think he is going to be that great.

  • Lotus1209

    Chris Young will be on the bench or traded by the end of July. This was Sandy’s plan… bank on his resurgence and get a prospect or two at the break.

  • Lotus1209

    I suggested Puello will be there when its all said and done… not at the start of the 2014 season. I agree with you, Young will be the starting LF for the Mets come opening day… but will he stay that way for the whole season? I’d bet a million bucks that I dont have that he wont. Puello will take his place after the All-Star break at the latest.

  • diehardmets

    Last season in 420 ABs, Lagares was worth 2.9 WAR (per Fangraphs). Extend that out to a full season, and that’s almost 4 full wins even with his putrid offensive production. Granted, his defense may regress slightly (these metrics can fluctuate), but it seems a safe bet he’d be a 3.0 WAR player at least over a full season, even without any offensive improvement. That’s not a player you bench. That’s a player you build around.

  • Run Support Group

    Absolutely not close. EY isn’t even a good leadoff hitter, as he only had a .318 OBP. The only reason he seemed good was because he could swipe bags(something we haven’t had since Reyes) and he was a lot better than those who came before. (I’m looking at you Colin “Captain Grit” Cowgill)

  • Flatbush0460

    Clean drug test. Are you the one on drugs dude? He was tested frequently last season, as MLB had all offenders on a shirt leash last season. He passed all of them. Good enough for you?

  • And Murphy’s 20 sb with tons on doubles increases his worth.

  • Harvey33

    They blocked te “word” MMO. You can’t say it or the comment says pending. So if you see me around there saying Mets MO, that’s why! Ridiculous

  • vigouge

    I don’t necessarily disagree though it’s really unlikely he’s as good on the basepaths next year as he was last, but if I had a player who could get on base at a reasonable rate and had great speed like Bourn, he’d be batting first and Murphy 2nd. The extra skill Murphy has, his doubles and contact rate, are more valuable with a runner on 1st or 2nd, than with the bases empty.

  • BehindTheBag

    No dumb@$$, not good enough.

    Puello was linked to Biogenesis and took a 50 game ban. We don’t know when he started or stopped taking whatever he was taking. All we do know is that he never had an OPS higher than .796 until last year, when it was .950. The same year he got busted for drug connections.

    So yeah, I’m skeptical of his numbers. You’d have to be high not to be.

  • mikeb

    Agree with you on Lagares. If his season ended Aug 31, he was at .265-270. With Byrd gone and Wright out, not much protection in the lineup to be afraid of. He’s going to be outstanding. A bench player? Even money says he outhits Granderson by 20 points. And Chris Young over him in center? I’d like to know how many center fielders in baseball history have 15 assists in 116 games, at least in the last 60 years. My bet? Zero. Playing in at least 151 games, Mays got 15 or more 4 times in 22 seasons; Curt Flood once in 13 seasons; Jim Edmonds never in 17 seasons; Carlos Beltran once as a CF in 14 seasons. Unless he hits .230 or so, don’t see how they get him out of the lineup. I expect Granderson to hit below .240, and why not? Anybody check his numbers? Or Chris Young’s? Lagares is a star in the making. I expect he’ll hit .270 or above, with 33 doubles. Heck, he hit 21 this year, and fell apart in September, going 0 for his last 14.

  • mikeb

    Lagares and Flores both over .340 in winter league ball. Puello, with identical AB’s as Lagares (115 to 114), in same league, DWL, hit .200 with 30k’s and 5 bb’s. Maybe one day, but he’s got work to do.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    It’s imperative to always take winter ball numbers with a grain of salt. Remember when F-Mart won MVP in winter ball a few seasons ago? Didn’t help when it mattered, did it? For all we know, Puello is only fixing to get his timing back. What if he ended up hitting .360 in ST? This conversation about his struggles in winter ball will be irrelevant.

  • LongTimeFan1

    EY is far more valuable on this team than J.L. The latter’s value – defense – can be replaced by Chris Young, which is where J.L.’s value begins and ends on this team as constructed.

    Prolific speed is an opposing team’s nightmare and last season’s taste of what EY can do on the basepaths, was just an introduction to his talent. He can flat out fly and no one on this team can come close to what torture he can impose on the other team’s defense the moment he steps to the plate. He had a .388 minor league On Base and stole 87 bags in a single season. He stole 38 bases as a Met in just 91 games, basically 13 a month. Do the math and then imagine what he could do with a higher On Base which he should be able to do with an improved plate approach.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting the defensive talents of J.L. but on this team, that can be replaced whereas the diversification offered through EY’s speed and switch-hitting, cannot. We have 2 other bona fide starting centerfielder’s on this team other than Lagares, but zero EY replacements.

  • DrDooby

    Both EY & Lagares will see plenty of action. Besides injuries happening, the Mets can rotate players in & out. Heck, EY may play some 2b vs LHP when Murphy could get some rest.
    Overall, I see both Youngs and Lagares get a similar number of PA in 2014 if healthy. Probably all 3 in the 450 to 500 range.
    The Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A’s have succeeded with mixing & matching of players, keeping them fresh and putting them in positions to succeed. Wright & Granderson will be in there, d’ Arnaud as well – health permitting for all 3. Murphy will at least start vs. every RHP, maybe vs. some LHP as well. The other 4 spots will rotate. The Mets do not have a classic leadoff hitter right now. EY probably would be the “classic” option. Lagares has the offensive potential if he manages to improve his OB skills a bit.
    Even Chris Young could make for a solid leadoff man.

    And Tejada in 2011/2012 form could also be a decent enough leadoff option.

    On most days, the lineup probably features Murphy batting 2nd, Wright 3rd, Granderson 4th and d’ Arnaud 6th or 7th initially. And the other 4 spots mixed & matched around it, probably the SS or Lagares batting 8th, the 1b platoon 5th or 6th.

    Lagares is the best defender on the Mets at this point, so that alone should give him plenty of playing time…

  • LongTimeFan1

    Jeff Francoeur 13 assist in 67 games in his rookie season in RF.

    Lagares’s assists pace won’t last – as is typical of what happens especially these days after word gets out as it has – teams will study the 2013 video and select when and when not to run. I’ve seen much better arms – his advantage largely stems from playing shallow and charging hard.

    He also got sloppy later in the season when all he cared about was notching another assist – the result, bad throws and bad decisions. I’m concerned about a player who’s more interested in padding stats than playing for team, and that’s what he became late in the season.

    As for the players you cite such as Mays, Flood, and others, you omit important facts such as ballpark size like the massive dimensions Mays encountered in the Polo Grounds and Flood played in Sportsman Park. which had a 420 Foot centerfield.

    Additionally, the mitts weren’t as good, and the fields weren’t nearly as well manicured as today with the resultant true hops. One hand today, required two hands back then, and dealing with bad hops to slow down fielding and causing misdirection on throws on one or more hops.

    Beyond Mays and Flood, there’s also the huge impact of astroturf on the manner in which anything in the outfield touching ground, as well as throws to bases had to be played.

    At age 20, Flood had 18 assists in 120 Games, 16 in Center.

    At age 20, Mays had 13 assists in 120 Games. – Polo Grounds 483 feet in CF.

    The record for CF assists is 32.

  • LongTimeFan1

    I saw Clemente play and I can assure you Lagares does not have the talent of Clemente.

  • Metstheory22

    Lagares will get better as he has done in minors. His play in CF is what we need and his bat will contribute along the way. He will not hit 20 HRs but could hit 10-15 and great defense.

  • Biggle Boy

    LTF, I agree that EY’s speed and base-stealing is a big asset, especially on a team without legit others who have shown that. And Lagares’ CF defense is stellar, but CY can legit do that, too.

  • Nolrog

    I think you’re significantly over-valuing Young and under-valuing what Lagares brings. Young had 2 assists in 54 games in center, project that out to 6 for a year, assuming full time center. Lagares had 14 in 108 games (project that out to be 20 in a full year.) Lagares wound up with a UZR/150 of 33.1 and Young’s UZR/150 for CF last year was -11.7 (lifetime UZR/150 2.5). It’s not even close.

  • Nolrog

    It’s not that I didn’t believe you, but I had to see for myself. Not only is MMO censored, but M M O is as well (with a space between each.) Quite funny in fact.The biggest problem with MB is that they are so sloppy in their posts. The spelling and grammar there is atrocious, along with frequent factual errors. Just unbelievable.

  • BehindTheBag

    “Do the math and then imagine what he could do with a higher On Base which he should be able to do with an improved plate approach.”

    Sure, you could say the same about JL, Tejada, Duda, Davis, or any of the other underperforming Mets.

    I think he is what he is at this point – a .325 OBP player who can flourish in a part time role, but who gets exposed as an everyday player. Also, the kind of guy that will hamper an offense when used as an everyday leadoff guy because he makes too many outs.

  • BehindTheBag

    Chris Young has 5 dWAR in 8 seasons. Lagares had 3.5 in one season. Lagares is Gold Glove caliber, Young is above average. Big difference.

  • mikeb

    Francoeur a good fielder, but he was a right fielder. Much easier to get assists from right field as the right fielder plays shorter, at least vs. the plate, and more opportunities for assists at 3rd, as many will try 1st to 3rd advances on singles on right fielders than on center fielders, so harder to get assists from center. Think about it, where are the assists from center? And from right? And Jeff had a great arm. It wasn’t his defense that was a problem. Many right fielders are high on the list with assists, Clemente (unreal), Kaline, Furillo, Callison, e.g. But for center fielders, there’s a different requirement. It’s getting to balls that’s the key ingredient. A strong arm is not a pre-requisite. The only way you get a ton of assists in center is playing shallow, and assists usually come on tag up throws to 3rd or home, and singles to center, getting runners at home. Mays, Andruw Jones, Lagares play shallow. Beltran played deep. So did Flood. That’s why Mays and Jones made so many over the shoulder catches, and Lagares on his way for the same. Much less opportunity to get 1st to 3rd baserunners on singles from center, as the runners often stop at 2nd due to the short throw required. Right fielders by park design already play shallow. But they need the strong arm for the throw to 3rd base. That’s why left fielders have the weakest arm, as there’s no long throw. Lagares sloppy? Check the fielding percentage. Granted only one year, but at .981, equal to Mays’ career. Lagares plays shallow, way more shallow than Beltran. This is key, and Citi, while not as big as the Polo Grounds, pretty big by today’s standards. Put Lagares in Wrigley, Philly, Cincy or some other bandbox, and his assists go up, not down. I don’t see any center fielder today who makes it look as easy as he does. A comparison to Andruw Jones as a defender is appropriate. He also played shallow. That takes confidence.

    And on offense, some have compared him to Carlos Gomez, and I think this is fair. Gomez, in his first 5 years, never hit more than 8 hr’s. The last 2 years he’s hit 19 and 24. And his K/BB ratio is terrible, with 146/37 last year. IMO, Lagares, while not having Gomez’ speed, will be a better hitter and player than Gomez, and very likely will be in the 20 hr per year area by the time he’s 27, when Gomez first broke that barrier. And for those getting excited about Granderson and C Young, look at their last year’s numbers. Will people be happy with Grandy if he hits .230 with 185 k’s if he hits 24 hr’s? And on C Young if he hits .220? What are people expecting from these two? .275? Unlikely. Anyone want to wager Lagares will bat higher than these two?

  • BehindTheBag

    i also like that he showed a bit of base stealing prowess at some levels in the minors. Would be nice if he kept that up in the bigs.

  • Hotstreak

    Yes comparison to such a great player seems a big stretch but I am strictly talking about sometimes it takes a little time to blossom.

    Here is one guy when he was a Cub I predicted would be great with nothing to show but his ability which was not translated yet into stats.

    Yes I predicted the Cubs mad e big mistake when they traded Lou Brock.. Actually as far as unharnessed POTENTIAL I can see it.

    From WIKI under Lou Brock
    In 1964 after losing patience with his development, the Cubs gave up on Brock and made him part of a trade with the St. Louis Cardinals. The June 15 deadline deal for pitcher Ernie Broglio saw Brock, Jack Spring and Paul Toth head to St. Louis for Broglio, Bobby Shantz, and Doug Clemens. Cardinals general manager Bing Devine specifically sought Brock at the insistence of Cardinals’ manager Johnny Keane to increase team speed and solidify the Cardinals’ lineup, which was struggling after the retirement of left fielder Stan Musial in 1963. At the time, many thought the deal was a heist for the Cubs. Broglio had led the National League in wins four years earlier, and had won 18 games the season before the trade.

  • mikeb

    True, but the pitchers are poor, so you discount success. But failure? Sure, it’s only 100 AB’s, but he should be tearing this league up. This season for Puello should be closely watched. Make or break, IMO.

  • Nolrog

    By the way, it’s nice to see so many familiar names here. Happy New Year to you all.

  • Are you serious? I’m kind of insulted actually. But someone who used to intern with them last summer, told me that every week there would be emails and many of them frequently mentioned MMO and that they viewed us as a threat. So I guess I should be honored. LOL

    It’s kind of crazy though because I would imagine they have more than double our traffic. Plus we are two different sites. They focus on Mets news from the beat writers and rumors from MLBTR and we do mostly our own original articles and any news we do cover includes 300-500 words of opinion and analysis.

    They need to just focus on what they do and stop worrying so much about us.

  • KennyandtheMets

    I hope Lagares gets to play every day. EY2 just isn’t a good enough player to take playing time away from Lagares. The problem is that Lagares can’t lead off with his low OBP. EY2, although his OBP isn’t good, is the closest thing we have to a lead off hitter. It’s a tough call.

  • KennyandtheMets

    What’s up?! This is my first time on this site. Pretty nice.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    I’ll start worrying if he can’t tear it up in Vegas early on. In my mind, the Mets NEED Puello to be the hitter he was last season so he can come up & take his place in RF. If he succeeds, he’s the kind of cleanup hitter this team has been missing in the last 6 years. Delgado was the last true cleanup guy we had, and his last full season was ’08, the last time the Mets were relevant. Coincidence?

  • Lotus1209

    Speed unfortunately peaks at an early age though… so atm we will ever see Lagares steal is probably 25 or so and that should come within the next few years.

    25 from the #8 spot in the batting order is amazing though.

  • Hotstreak

    Look at photo on messtblog of Mike Piazza’s release point. Lagares has a similar LATE RELEASE POINT. Bad players like Jason Bay and Ike when their swings are messed up break wrists to early or lunging swings. Of course Lagares is no Piazza in hitting but he is on the right track to be very good batter.

  • Hotstreak

    Actually right before our eyes is a young Jose’ Reyes if given a chance to play. This is the hard part, I admit he has to be more selective and disciplined at he plate but NOT TOO MUCH. He is no lead off batter but a nice 7th batter. Please not 8th because he will get nothing to hit as pitches hoping he swings at out of strike zone pitches.

    Given an opportunity to play (450 PA) he will know which pitches out of the strike zone he can hit. That’s called maturity. I think he will mature at the plate quickly if given a chance.

  • JimmyBX

    Eric Young is a bum.