Wally Backman Is Expected To Remain Within The Mets Organization

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backmanTake this as you will — but Adam Rubin is reporting that Wally Backman will likely be staying with the Mets organization for 2014.

According to Rubin, no teams have asked the Mets for permission to speak to Wally Backman for a managerial vacancy — so the Mets believe he will stay with them in 2014. The Mets have retained their entire staff from 2013, leaving no room for Backman to be promoted. This means he would be retained as the Las Vegas 51s manager for next year, if he does stay.

Rubin says his source doesn’t guarantee Backman’s return, however, as a new manager may seek him out for a bench coaching job going into next year. Backman led the 51s to an 81-63 record last year, where they won their Pacific Coast League Division title but exited the playoffs in the first round.

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