MMO Top 40 Prospects: No. 39 Patrick Biondi, OF

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2014 Top 40 Prospects

39. Patrick Biondi, OF

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 160 LBs

DOB: 1/9/1991 (22 years old)

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Hit: 40/50 Power: 20/25 Arm: 55/55 Field: 60/60 Speed: 55/65


A 2013 draft pick for the Mets, Biondi was a senior sign grabbed in the 9th round. He’s a bit on the smaller side, standing at 5’9”, but his body type is that of your prototypical speedster.

It’s very likely that Biondi will barely hit for any power down the line, with just five home runs in 822 at-bats in Michigan. His speed is his claim to fame, however, as he has 103 stolen bases in 130 chances over that span — and he backs it up with above-average defense. Biondi’s got a solid arm, takes good paths to balls, and accelerates well when tracking down balls — so he’s definitely got that part of his game down. He’s also got a career .304 college average to his name, highlighted by his league-leading .388 in 2012.

Biondi, unsurprisingly, was sent to Brooklyn where he posted a .249/.348/.301 slash line in 193 at-bats with no home runs, six doubles, two triples, and 17 stolen bases.

Outlook: Biondi’s speed really excites me — and he plays solid enough defense that I think he’ll end up as a solid 4th OF type player no matter what happens. He’s certainly talented enough to play center field defensively, by the way. His ability to hit for contact will determine whether he can find himself in a starting gig or not someday. He owns a solid walk rate and demonstrates good plate discipline. However, he’ll be 23 at the start of next season and getting his first-taste of full season ball, so time isn’t exactly on his side here. If I had to give you an MLB comparison, my first thought is Endy Chavez — so there’s value here yet.

ETA: Late 2016

MMN Top 40 Prospects

40. Jhoan Urena

39. Patrick Biondi

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