Bud Selig Praises The State Of The Mets As The Dough Keeps Rolling In

SAY CHEESE: Looks like Fred and Bud are holding Mr. Met and the rest of the Mets franchise hostage. Send us a deliverer… (Photo by Newsday)

I never got a chance to weigh in on MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s comments earlier this week when he expressed confidence and satisfaction with the state of the Mets and their current direction. (They are heading for a fall off a steep cliff…)

“I have no concerns whatsoever,” the commissioner said on Wednesday about the team’s financial stability.

“I am very confident that the New York Mets are on the right track. I have a lot of faith in the Wilpons and I have a lot of faith in their general manager Sandy Alderson.”

A recent Newsday article quoted Selig, a guest on the YES Network, who compared the Mets situation to the Dodgers situation and explained why he did not intervene with the Mets as he did with Dodgers.

“I felt, studying all the issues, that the Mets could make it, that the Mets could survive. After all, they were the unfortunate victims of a really difficult financial scandal as you well know. That put pressure on them. But they had the respect of everybody in the game. They also had the financial power to work their way through it. I realized it would be in baseball’s best interest to have patience.”

Selig quipped that because of him the Dodgers had a “happy ending” But when asked if he thought the Mets had a “happy ending” as well he replied:

“I don’t consider the Mets a problem in any way, shape or manner,” he said. “They’re on the right track. That should give you your answer.”

I really can’t take much more of this, seriously…

For those of you who keep hoping and praying that things aren’t better and that something’s gotta give, don’t bank on it.

Yesterday, Major League Baseball agreed to new long-term deals with Fox and Turner Sports that will run through 2021. Those deals which will pay a combined $800 million annually, coupled with the recent long-term deal with ESPN, will increase the Wilpon’s average annual portion by anywhere between $30-40 million dollars a year. That is all new revenue that they didn’t have coming in before. Sickening, I know… But true nevertheless…

Today, even NYC Mayor Bloomberg commented on the deteriorating state of the team and said on his weekly radio show, “”It’s sad that the Mets have sort of fallen apart here”.

As I have been saying all along, years actually, the Wilpons are entrenched and will be here for a long time. All that other stuff you keep hearing about is just background noise and wishful thinking.

May I also add that a baseball source (heh heh) told me that the Brooklyn Cyclones will report record earnings when all the counting is done this month.  That also goes directly into the Wilpons’ coffers.

Commence vomiting…

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