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What better time to have a discussion about an All-Star team full of former and current Mets players than during the All-Star break.  There is something nostalgic about the All-Star game that brings the kid out in all of us.  Through the years we’ve accumulated some great All-Star memories from Pete Rose running through Ray Fosse at home plate, to Randy Johnson throwing over John Kruk’s head (then Kruk responds by putting on his helmet backwards).  Then there was Tommy Lasorda getting hit by Vladimir Guerrero’s bat and practically doing a back flip, and Cal Ripken’s homerun in his final All-Star appearance.

The game sparks heated debates about who was snubbed, and who shouldn’t have been voted in.  But aside from the debates, it’s the one time every year we get to see all of the best baseball talent on the field at one time.  But what would the team look like if it was only comprised of former and current Mets players?  I will attempt to answer that question with my All-Time All Mets All-Star Team listed below.  I have included a DH since it is an All-Star roster.

  1. Jose Reyes, SS – there really isn’t much to debate here.  He is easily the best shortstop in Mets history, and easily their best leadoff hitter.
  2. Edgardo Alfonzo, 2B – One of the more consistent Mets hitters in the late 90s and early 2000s.
  3. David Wright, 3B – Injuries have slowed him the past couple of years, but he is always in the discussion about the best third basemen in the game today.
  4. Mike Piazza, DH – You knew Piazza was going to be in the lineup, but if I have my choice he’s not behind the plate.
  5. Darryl Strawberry, RF – One of the prettiest swings the game as ever seen.
  6. Carlos Beltran, CF – Was an All-Star selection four times with the Mets so he gets the nod in center field.
  7. Gary Carter, C – There’s always room for hall of famers in my lineups.
  8. Keith Hernandez, 1B – I hope he doesn’t mind batting 8th.
  9. Mookie Wilson, LF – Would have been the leadoff hitter in this lineup if Reyes never came along.

Pitchers –  Dwight Gooden, Tom Seaver, Johan Santana, Jesse Orosco, Armando Benitez, and John Franco.

Let the debating begin.

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