Mets No-Hitters That Got Away: Dwight Gooden

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It’s now been 7,968 games for the Mets without a no-hitter. Fifty years of waiting for a Mets pitcher to toss that elusive no-no.

We’ve had plenty of close calls in all those years, and some of them were pretty gut-wrenching (Damn you, Jimmy Qualls! ).

Ironically, there has been no shortage of no-hitters tossed by “former” Mets pitchers. It’s baffling how many great Mets starting pitchers hurled their first no-no’s once they left the Amazins’. One of the performed the feat a record seven times (Damn you too, Jim Fregosi!).

Lets look at the ones that got away… All six of them, beginning with Doctor K who turned the trick while with the New York Yankees. Et tu, Brute.



“George Steinbernner was the only guy who gave me an opportunity when nobody else did. And this is where I threw my no-htter.” ~ Dwight Gooden

Stay tuned for Episode II of the Mets No-Hitters That Got Away on Wednesday.

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