Ike Davis is Pure CHAOS!

An article by posted on February 14, 2012

“Me, I’m like pure chaos and I swing as hard as I can.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen a guy, pound for pound, with more pop than he’s got.  If he connects, the ball will hit the Grand Canyon.”  ~  Chipper Jones

Davis has quickly become one of my favorite Mets. He has an intensity and drive you don’t see in some of the other players and he absolutely hates to lose. I see him quickly becoming the leader of this team in the mold of Keith Hernandez. His quick bat and the power he generates from his lower body tells me we could see many 30+ home run seasons in his future. His defense is close to elite and it won’t be long until he starts racking up a few Gold Gloves. Get back on the diamond Ike, it’s what you were born to do.  ~  Joe D.

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