Reyes To Get 3-Year Offer? Nice Try, Mets People.

An article by posted on November 9, 2011

I think it’s normal for any fan to give the team they’re rooting for the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes I just gotta shake my head at some of the things I see.

We went from one administration where we never knew what was going on and everything was so hush-hush, to a new administration that leaks out information on an everyday basis and uses the media to guide the public perception.

I understand that’s what most teams do now, and with the advent of outlets like Twitter and Facebook, there’s no avoiding this never-ending stream of well-timed quotes from team sources.

I know how this game works. I just wish they would stop being so mysterious about it and just say what’s on their mind without all the covert James Bond-like approaches.

Sometimes, you gotta laugh at some of these leaks or as I like to call them Official Mets Mini Press Releases.

One such instance occurred last night where according to John Harper of the Daily News:

Mets people on Tuesday privately downplayed the significance of the Marlins’ aggressiveness. One person said he heard “they plan to offer Reyes only a three-year deal at a high annual average, presumably more than $20 million a year.

Yes, I was born, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

The Mets response to the news that Jose Reyes was meeting with the Marlins today was to leak a rumor that they are planning to offer him a three-year deal? Is that all you got?

I wonder which front office person came up with that one? I heard only two were in attendance last night…

Or is it just propaganda intended to calm the rising tensions among the players and the fans about the real possibility that Jose Reyes won’t be a Met in 2012? (I’ve been saying that all year, you believe me now?)

Okay, I’ll play along…

Mets News Flash: Jose Reyes is getting a three-year offer from the Marlins and the whole Reyes entourage was so blown away by the enormity and generosity of the offer that they have all hopped on the first flight to Miami to discuss this 3-year deal in greater detail.

Seriously, the truth is that if there was any truth to this Mets leak, Camp Reyes would have laughed and hung up on the Marlins faster than you can say, “2011 is not a throw-away”.

If you’re going to hatch this stuff up to do some PR damage control, can you at least improve the quality of your leaks and try not to insult my intelligence.

For those of you interested in more reality-based Reyes leaks…’s Jon Heyman, was told by one GM that a fair price for Jose Reyes would be $100 million for five years. That sounds about right.

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