No, I Did Not Have A Metamorphosis

Sometimes blogging about the Mets can be frustrating, especially when you get the kind of email I got yesterday from a reader who believes I’ve become some sort of saber warrior since we hired Sandy Alderson as the new GM.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Heck I still don’t even know what most of those anagrams are or what they are supposed to indicate.

Yes, I read the book Moneyball, but it wasn’t the idiots guide to sabermetrics a lot of fans seem to think it is. It’s a very interesting story at how Billy Beane managed to stay competitive and deliver winning seasons without having the luxury of an open checkbook like the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels. He found value and paid far less for similarly productive players than his counterparts, and his team’s production mimicked that of the big spenders for a whole, hell of a lot less. Nice job by him.

I am not affording Sandy Alderson the benefit of the doubt because of his philosophy. I’m not drinking the Koolaid lately because my views on baseball have been magically transformed. I still hold true to my views and still believe in things like heart and clubhouse chemistry and being clutch.  Sandy Alderson might have a philosophy that doesn’t entirely jive with my own, but I will still give him the benefit of the doubt as I would to any new general manager.

Alderson has not even gotten the luxury of presiding over one game that counts in the standings, so I am not going to jump on him just because he sees things differently or values players differently than me. Any new general manager deserves at least one full season before we start piling our gripes behind the front door to his office.

I would have maintained my same optimistic points of views this offseason no matter who the Mets had hired. Any change was a welcomed change to me. I was so fed up with the way this team performed under Minaya that even M. Donald Grant looked like a shining light in comparison. (Maybe just a 15 watt light bulb kind of shining light.)

I’m affording Alderson the same courtesy I would have given any new general manager, and despite our differences in how we perceive the game, I hope he proves me wrong and makes me a believer.

Why does everyone think that there is only one path to success? There are literally hundreds of paths to success, just as the Mets have shown that there are hundreds of paths to failure as well. There are no absolutes. There can’t be, otherwise it wouldn’t be a sport worth watching or loving. We love baseball because of it’s unpredictability. The most important thing I’ve learned about being a baseball fan and even more so a Mets fan, is to ALWAYS expect the unexpected.

So to those of you who took the time to blast me lately because of your perception that I’ve changed my views in some profound way, I haven’t.

I’m simply inviting the new guy in and saying, “Thanks Sandy, for trying to help us turn this mess around.”

Thanks for taking a job that few people wanted, and thanks for changing my pessimism back to optimism.

But most of all, thanks for talking to us with the dignity and respect we deserve. Thank you for telling us what your plans are and why you’ve made all the moves you’ve made so far.

Thanks for looking us in straight the eye and being 100% honest with us. I hope you do great things with our team while you are here.

Lets Go Mets!

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