Memo To Sandy: End Our Misery And Cut Him Already

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Oliver Perez is looking great so far…

Oliver Perez has more zip on his fastball…

Oliver Perez is missing bats again…

Oliver Perez is back in the picture for a rotation spot…

Those were just some of the things being tossed around at Ports St. Lucie ever since pitchers and catchers reported to Mets camp for Spring Training this month.

Today, it was time for Oliver Perez to face the music and hopefully for the new Mets front office to embrace the horror that is one, Oliver Perez.

This afternoon, in a 5-4 win over the Braves, Oliver Perez delivered another one of his patented poor performances and allowed the only four Braves runs in just two innings.

Worse yet, Perez never exceeded 84 mph on the radar gun, disputing reports that his velocity was back up to 88-89 mph.

According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen admitted today that Oliver Perez has until March 10th to prove he can compete for a spot in the starting rotation, otherwise the bullpen will be his best case scenario.

Many of those who were on hand said there was virtually no improvement from the pitcher who tormented Mets fans last season, and his continued presence on the team only persists in drawing more ire from a fanbase who wants more than just lip service when it comes to releasing him once and for all.

Whether you are an old-schooler or a sabermetric fan like myself, getting rid of Oliver Perez might be the one Mets issue we are all in agreement with. That and of course an unending thirst to see a winning product on the field and a few more World Series banners at Citi Field.

Do it already Sandy, cut the bum and lets move on.

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