35 Free Agents Offered Arbitration, See Anything You Like?

An article by posted on November 24, 2010

Here is a list of all 35 free agents that were offered arbitration this year, 12 more than last year according to MLBTR

These players now have until November 30th, one week, to decide whether to accept. 

Type A – 14 players (Will cost signing team a first round pick.)

Grant Balfour
Adrian Beltre
Carl Crawford
Jorge De La Rosa
Scott Downs
Adam Dunn
Frank Francisco
Jason Frasor
Paul Konerko
Cliff Lee
Victor Martinez
Carl Pavano
Rafael Soriano
Jayson Werth

The one name I really like on this list is Scott Downs, but not for more than a 2 year deal. he’s probably better than what we lost in Hisanori Takahashi.

I also am very intrigued by Jorge De La Rosa who was profiled by Ed Leyro last week,

Type B – 21 players

Joaquin Benoit
John Buck
Randy Choate
Kevin Correia
Jesse Crain
Octavio Dotel
Pedro Feliciano
Jon Garland
Kevin Gregg
Brad Hawpe
Aaron Heilman
Trevor Hoffman
Orlando Hudson
Adam LaRoche
Felipe Lopez
Miguel Olivo
J.J. Putz
Chad Qualls
Yorvit Torrealba
Juan Uribe
Javier Vazquez

Randy Choate would be a big addition to the bullpen especially if Feliciano walks. Torrealba would be a great guy to pair with left handed Josh Thole and this time we won’t have Omar around to screw up the negotiations. Plus he’s seven years younger than Henry Blanco.

Obviously, Jon Garland is someone to consider for the rotation, but I have a feeling the bidding will get too high because of the lack of quality depth this winter at starting pitching.

Remember that because the Mets finished in bottom 15 in 2010, they cannot lose their first round pick, so don’t be bashful, pick someone from column A if you like.

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