The Mets on Mother’s Day Weekend

An article by posted on May 10, 2010
Yes, I’m a Mother and so this past weekend I got treated rather specially by my sons and their families.  
The Mets were good to me two out of three days and that’s a lot better ratio than I’ve been used to the past several seasons. However it was not for a lack of trying – the newer players seem to be made of hustle – have you noticed?
Seen Davis with some of those catches and plays around first? 
Watched Francoeur run like a deer after those fly balls?
And, for the two out of three games, we had catchers – “Hot Rod” Barajas and Henry Blanco get up in the ninth and eleventh innings and hit walk off home runs consecutively on Friday and Saturday. 
Has that ever happened before?  I don’t think so, but I hope it will again.
Then on Sunday Ollie Perez put in an ‘appearance’ on the mound – that’s all it was and it was bad – think he was truly trying to pitch a good game?  I doubt it.  He looked like a sullen child on the mound. 
Yes the weather was bad, but everyone else made the best of it. And unless you think that Fred and Jeffie are going to put a dome on Citi Field, we’ll see those conditions again.
So here I am on Monday morning watching the news and I see President Obama  appoint a woman named Elena Kagan – a native New Yorker – to replace John Paul Stevens as the newest Supreme Court Justice.  And then the President says something about her that really gets my attention -
Elena is a METS FAN!
You’ve gotta love it………….

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