2010 Mets Rotation: Not For The Squeamish

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While reading MetsBlog, I came across an interesting link in which Tim Dierkes of MLBTR compiled a pretty cool spreadsheet. Dierkes ranked this years projected opening day rotations based on how much each team has spent. It really is a unique way to look at things and I hope you visit them to see his entire list. 

Surprisingly, the Mets who are obviously in desperate need of pitching help, have spent the fourth most money in the Majors. Here are the top ten big spenders.

  1. Yankees – $63,157,650
  2. Cubs – $50,775,000
  3. Red Sox – $42,263,500
  4. Mets – $38,087,500
  5. White Sox – $36,200,000
  6. Cardinals – $35,925,000
  7. Giants – $33,850,000
  8. Tigers – $32,670,000
  9. Phillies – $31,805,000
  10. Braves  – $31,467,000

It almost makes you want to cry, huh? Oliver Perez will earn 50% more than Josh Johnson and the entire Florida Marlins rotation.

Here is the rotation that the Mets will boast this season along with their spring ERA’s including todays action.

1. Johan Santana – 6.75 ERA (Does not include todays minor league start 7 R, 5 IP)
2. Mike Pelfrey - 7.97 ERA
3. Oliver Perez - 8.66 ERA
4. John Maine – 7.94 ERA
5. Jon Niese – 5.65 ERA

Considering that the Mets have spent more than any other team in their division, where do you rank the Mets rotation in terms of projected 2010 performance?

Which NL East rotation do you believe is the best/worst?

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