Phillies Sign Pedro Martinez?

An article by posted on July 9, 2009

UPDATE 6:15 PM: Jon Heyman confirms that the Phillies are in very serious negotiations with Pedro, but he cannot confirm the $4 million dollar figure in the DR report.

According to a post on MetsBlog, the Latino publication Candela Deportivo is reporting that the Phillies have signed Pedro Martinez, who last pitched with the New York Mets.

As Matt Cerrone wrote in his blog, lets wait to see if it is confirmed by someone in the mainstream media before reacting to the news.

However, if it is true, I shudder to think what the fan reaction will be like, and I look forward to seeing how Omar Minaya dances around this potential land-mine.

I don’t even want to consider the after shocks of Pedro Martinez pitching well, and possibly even beating the Mets in a crucial game down the stretch. In fact I think I’ll just block that image from my mind.

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