Mets Must Be Brave and Beat Braves!

It is imperative that the Mets not just take this series, but sweep it. Taking two out of three games only gains one game in the standings, while sweeping gains three.  When the Mets last left Atlanta, they were only one and a half games ahead of the Braves. Since then, they have played just three games over .500, and yet they gained three games in the standings. Willie has to put his best lineup out there every game in this series. That lefty-righty crap means nothing to me. You need your best hitters in there, meaning, whoever is hot is who plays.

Oliver Perez, by himself, is 3 and 0 against the Braves this year. The rest of the Mets pitching staff combined are 0 and 6. If the Mets are serious about taking the NL East title again, they better stay focused, do all little things right and the pitchers can’t give up any bloops or blasts (are you watching this game?)

Final thought – most of you remember last year when singer Lucas Prata took his hit single "And She Said" and made it into a Mets classic.  Z100 radio (100.3 fm in NY) has reported that singer Kat DeLuna has now taken her hit "Whine Up" and created her own Mets anthem, 2007 style! I only heard a clip of the song, but it sounds really good. The song in titled "Rise Up" and was to be debuted at Shea tonight!