Mets Thoughts

For the Mets, RISP = RIP

July 31, 2016 Tim Donner

The moment came when I knew I had mentally, if unwittingly, written off the 2016 Mets.  On Thursday night, I had a late meeting that kept me out […]

Mets Thoughts

Whither Kevin Long?

June 15, 2016 Tim Donner

We are all well familiar by now with the frustration of watching this Mets’ offense.  The home run numbers are extremely high, the runs scored extremely low.  And, […]

Mets Thoughts

The Mets’ Train Wreck

May 20, 2016 Tim Donner

The utter embarrassment of the last two nights would seem to indicate the 2016 Mets are not nearly what we thought.  Sure, the Nationals are a good team […]