Wright Raring To Go, Not At Peace With The Ending

As we all are well aware of by now, David Wright will be starting at third base for the Mets on Saturday for the first time since May 27, 2016, and the last time in his career. He will be doing so alongside his former and now current teammate Jose Reyes, who Wright has not appeared in the same game with since 2011.

Wright, 35, was officially activated from the 60-day disabled list yesterday and spoke to reporters about the situation that has unraveled, with him expressing both joy and displeasure about making it back for just this one last week after dealing with spinal stenosis, neck, and back injuries for much of the last three years.

The captain was asked whether he is at peace with how everything went down, which he emphatically stated to the contrary.

“No. Of course not. I want to play. But it’s just I’ve spent so long going through the rehab process and things aren’t getting any better. I would say I’m at peace with the work I’ve put in, knowing there was nothing else I could do. I’m certainly not at peace with my body not cooperating.”

However, Wright still recognizes that his return to the majors at all is an incredible milestone, even though he won’t make it beyond Saturday’s game.

“To say it’s a good feeling is an understatement. It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to put that jersey on tonight, for sure. A lot of time, a lot of hard work. To be able to suit up, to go out there and just the opportunity to get the chance to play means the world to me.

Wright understands that this game is a lot less about how well he is able to play and much more a ceremonious and memorable occasion for himself, his teammates, and the fans. He even poked some fun at himself about his abilities at this stage.

“Hopefully, perform is the right word. I hope to go out there and do something that doesn’t embarrass me. I’d definitely say that probably contact is more of a goal right now as opposed to performance.”

“All in all, it’s nice to accomplish what I guess at this point more of a longer-term goal of being activated, but at the same time, wanting to put on as good a show as I possibly can — and at the same time, soak it in.”

The next few days will all in preparation for this one last ceremonious occasion of acknowledgment of the many accomplishments in David Wright’s career.

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