MMO Exclusive: Introducing David Wright One Final Time

The fall of Joe Frazier. The Monday Nights of football.

The voice of Howard Cosell brought countless iconic moments to the masses. Saturday at Citi Field, the Cosell brand adds another to the list.

Colin Cosell, Howard’s grandson, was hired as the Mets public address announcer (along with Marysol Castro) last May. This weekend, he will introduce David Wright for the final game (games?) of his career.

“It’s impossible to describe.”

Let’s hope not.

“The way I see it, I’m going to be only the second person to bring David up to bat at home,” Cosell said. “With that comes a lot of responsibility to the fans, to David, and to the history of the franchise. I just want to make sure I do right by everyone.”

The next few days will be a celebration of David Wright’s career. But just like his ‘Poppa’, Colin is in the spirit of ‘just telling it like it is.’

“I expect Saturday to be an emotional roller coaster, almost like a massive playoff game,” he said. “However, no matter the score, we already know the outcome: we lose our Captain with the final out.”

Asked for a preview of his introduction, Cosell said he is still rehearsing. He knows his grandfather will be listening.

“He’s there to keep me in check and to keep the bar raised,” Cosell said. “Come Saturday, I have no doubt Poppa will be there both in my mind and spiritually. It will be the biggest moment I’ve been part of as a PA announcer. I’ll need him more than ever.”

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