3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Drop Another Series, Lose GM

3 UP

1. Walk-Off Wilmer

Sometimes, some guys just have “it.” With respect to Wilmer Flores, that is the ability to deliver big late inning walk-off hits.

His walk-off hit down the third base line was his ninth walk-off RBI, which ties him with David Wright for the franchise record. Flores has accomplished this feat in 5,116 fewer plate appearances.

Overall, if there was anyone we should have expected to deliver in that spot, it was Flores. After all, he is the one guy on this roster who knows his to fight back tears and deliver a big hit.

2. 7 & 7

Zack Wheeler was dominant yesterday in what could’ve been his best start of the season. His final line was an impressive: 7.0 innings, five hits, no runs, one walk, and seven strikeouts.

Like Wheeler, Steven Matz pitched seven strong allowing three runs on six hits with no walks and seven strikeouts.

These were two impressive performances from two pitchers who were question marks entering the season. With each time they take the mound, they take another step forward.

Only issue is with this offense, defense, and bullpen, neither one got a win.

3. Wright Getting Closer

Excuse the enthusiasm, but David Wright may actually play this year.

After building himself up with infield and throwing drills, we got to see a couple of days of his sweet swing hitting the ball hard during batting practice.

He’s now traveling with the team, and he will continue to ramp up with more baseball activities.

Simply put, if you’re a Mets fan, you’re excited by the prospect of Wright once again stepping on the field and playing baseball again.


1. Sandy’s Cancer Has Returned

In what has been a disappointing season for the Mets, the lowest point has to be Sandy’s cancer returning forcing him to step aside.

Sandy had a nearly impossible task as the Mets GM, and he got through it all to almost deliver this franchise a World Series.

Overall, he was the adult in the room who fought tirelessly to make this team a winner. He deserves our love, respect, and well wishes.

2. Callaway Set Up to Fail

Look back at the timeline. Mickey Callaway, a man with zero professional managerial experience, was hired after one interview.

The team builds a coaching staff of American Leaguers with zero MLB managerial experience. His bench coach, Gary Disarcina, has spent his entire playing, front office, and coaching career in the American League.

He’s had to manage the Jose Reyes situation. With Seth Lugo in the rotation now, he’s got young relievers he can’t quite trust and veterans not getting the job done.

As bad as the bullpen is, the bench has been much worse all year.

Of course he’s going to look bad, and it was only a matter of time before he made another inexcusably bad decision like failing to intentionally walk Josh Harrison in front of Felipe Vazquez.

3. Jeff Wilpon’s Disrespect  

Yes, this is double-dipping on one incident, and yes, there are so many things wrong with this team including the lineup, bench, bullpen, and manager.

However, this is important because Sandy Alderson was not remotely given the respect he was due at that press conference by Jeff Wilpon.

While an obviously emotional Alderson is choking up and clearing his throat, Jeff sat there stone-faced, showed no emotion, and fidgeted with the paper he was holding.

When given a chance to say Sandy was welcome back after he’s healthy, Jeff declined to do so.

Mostly, after his years of service which helped the Wilpons keep ownership of the franchise, consecutive postseason appearances, and a pennant, Jeff couldn’t even bring himself to publicly thank Alderson.

For a man with a number of lows including firing an unwed pregnant woman and allowing a comment from Ed Kranepool from five years ago, to stop him from giving a sick man the help he needs, Jeff might’ve reached a new low with how he conducted himself at that press conference.

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