Alderson: Mets Aren’t Done Exploring Free Agent Market

The Mets’ held their annual beat writers lunch today and the Mets front office delivered some interesting tidbits as detailed by Laura Albanese of Newsday.

First off, Sandy Alderson said the Mets are not done checking out the free agent market and claims they have been as active as anyone.

The Mets have been reported to be talking to multiple free agents still such as Todd Frazier, Neil Walker, Jose Reyes, Eduardo Nunez, and Mike Moustakas at various degrees.

With a hole at second base still remaining, it is no surprise that the Mets are still looking to add to the team.

The more interesting tidbit to come out today might have been delivered by Jeff Wilpon, who rarely speaks to the press. In fact, this is his first time talking about the Mets payroll since September of 2014, as Rich Macleod of points out.

Wilpon left the possibility on the table for ownership to invest more money in the team for the 2018 season.He said that if there is a way to “significantly improve the team,” that they would consider an increase in payroll this season.

Now whether that means an increase it from its current state or an increase from last year remains to be seen.

Wilpon also said that they would not just upgrade payroll for the sake of it as he doesn’t believe a higher payroll necessarily will lead to a better record. He also left the door open for the payroll to be the same as last year, or even “$10 million less” as reported by Mike Puma of the New York Post.

He also clarified something in regards to the payroll as detailed by Anthony Dicomo of He said the Mets do not reinvest their David Wright insurance money back into the payroll since they already have to pay at least 25% of his contract and the insurance is very expensive. If Wright were to be activated, Wilpon claims it would put them way over budget.

However, there are some very clear upgrades that are still available and at significant discounts as well that could fit into this mold.

Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn could help the rotation. Moustakas or Frazier could slot in at third base.

The point is that there are many options out on the free agent market that can “significantly improve the team.” It’s time to see whether Jeff Wilpon will put his money where his mouth is now.

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