Wildfires Force Tom Seaver to Flee His Home

Wild fires have spread through California Wine Country causing Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency in Napa, Sonoma, and Yuba counties. Despite battling the fires for days on end, firefighters have yet to be able to contain any of the major fires. As a result, this has caused a number of people to flee their homes.

One of those people is Hall of Famer Tom Seaver. In a report from The Mercury News, Seaver and his wife Nancy was forced to flee from his beloved home at 4:00 A.M. PST yesterday. Fortunately, the Seavers are safe and sound.

As of the moment, Seaver Vineyards and the family’s home remained safe from the wild fires. How long that will be the case is anyone’s guess. To that end, Tom’s daughter, Anne stated, “We’re trying to stay hopeful.  It’s a very morbid situation.”

Certainly, Seaver, his family, and all of those affected by the wildfires are in our thoughts and prayers.

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