Terry Collins Knows Good (Expletive) Players When He Sees One

terry collins

In an interview with Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Terry Collins said he’d like to continue managing until it stops being fun or someone tells him to hang ’em up.

Collins, 67, views himself as part of the old guard of baseball which he calls a dying breed and then he took a shot at some of the new technology and advances in the game and in particular with all the modern statistics most major league clubs now use to analyze players.

“I’m not sure how much an old-school guy can add to the game today,’’ Collins said. “It’s become a young man’s game, especially with all of the technology stuff you’ve got to be involved in. I’m not very good at it. I don’t enjoy it like other people do.”

“I’m not going to sit there today and look at all of these (expletive) numbers and try to predict this guy is going to be a great player. OPS this. OPS that. GPS. LCSs. DSDs. You know who has good numbers? Good (expletive) players.

He goes onto explaining that he doesn’t need new stats to know that adding Yoenis Cespedes was a great move and that he improves the team significantly, and he took issue with how pitching wins have been disparaged. “How can you discredit a 20-game winner?”

I’m sure Collins will get an earful from the saber crowd after they get wind of this.


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