David Wright Says Mets Are Now A Destination Team For Top Players

David, Wright

Adam Schein of CBS Sports spoke with Mets third baseman David Wright, who weighed in on the Yoenis Cespedes signing and pointed out that the Mets are now a team that has become attractive to the game’s top players.

“Until this Yoenis signing, we didn’t have that big splash, sexy free agent signing. We made good baseball moves this offseason, I believe. And then you come in at the end and get an impact bat like Cespedes definitely makes our team better going into this year. We are, I feel, a much better team than what we were going into 2015.”

“Obviously you want the good players to come play for you instead of going to your division rival. We’ve proven that players want to come play for us. You have to prove that you can be a winning team, a winning organization, an organization that is willing to be aggressive and pull triggers on trades in the middle of the year, or make those free agent signings. And once you prove that you can stabilize that, and hopefully become a perennial winner, big time impact players want to come play for you. That was the case here.”

The Mets’ captain also talks about Sandy Alderson and his impact on the team, expectations for the 2016 season, and why it’s important for the Mets to be on top of their game now that they’ve become targets.

When David Wright re-signed with the club back in 2012, he took a leap of faith in Sandy Alderson’s plan and now he’s seen the team grow into a very desired destination after years of struggles. The team is on the rise and on the verge of a dynasty-type run thanks to the patience, player development, and stability that Sandy has provided. As long as the team continues to trend upwards, being a destination team should remain the norm.


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