If Mets Fail To Make Postseason, Should Alderson Be Fired?

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Brad Kallet of CBS New York believes that Alderson should be fired if the Mets fail to reach the postseason. While Kallet thinks the Wilpons are the main problem, he also says that Alderson shares responsibility.

“He’s had his chance, and enough is enough. No more leeway. No more waiting. No more long-winded raps about how there’s no reason to panic and a plan is in place, that everything will be fine.”

Kallet takes serious issue with the team’s offense which currently ranks last in the league in runs scored, batting average, and OPS.

“The bottom line is that the Mets have the best young pitching staff in the league, and they are wasting it. Completely wasting it. With at least two-thirds of the offenses in baseball, this club would be a World Series contender. Give me the Reds’ offense. Give me the Brewers’ offense. Give me the Pirates’ offense. Any of those and you’re looking at late October baseball.”

Our own Joe D. has often said that with our pitching, all the Mets needed was league average offensive production or close to it to become a powerhouse in the National League.


Just as Joe D. pointed out last night, Kallet essentially agrees, writing:

“A rebuild should not take this long. It just shouldn’t. The Mets have had six consecutive losing seasons, and a seventh could very well be on the way. Four of those losing seasons have been under Alderson.”

“I’ll give credit when credit’s due. Alderson has done a solid job of rebuilding the farm system, though that comes with a couple of asterisks. Many of these young stars we’re watching on a nightly basis were drafted by former GM Omar Minaya, and none of Alderson’s position players have made an impact yet. We’re still waiting for the hitters. Hopefully Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo and Dominic Smith will be those guys.”

Even though some fans and especially Joe D. hold ownership accountable for most of the team’s issues, public opinion is starting to turn on Alderson as the Mets’ offense continues to struggle.

Fans and media alike are growing impatient with the slow rebuilding process. Many loyalists are losing faith in Sandy and fear that all this great pitching will be squandered as we’ve seen glimpses of all too often this season already.

I think his job is safe for now, but that could change quickly if the team doesn’t show some drastically improved results in the near future.

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