Di-Jest: Emergence of Capt. Kirk Puts Kabosh to Extreme Conforto Tour


If you dialed the calendar back about 10 days you would have seen the Mets as a team with about 17 outfielders and 0.75 major league shortstops. The shortstop situation has not been solved but there is now hope for the outfield.

With Juan Lagares and Curtis Granderson in center and right field respectively it has become only a question of finding one (or two or three) capable left fielders.

In recent games Kirk Nieuwenhuis has shown himself to be a capable offensive player against right-handed pitching. He’s always been an above average glove with a solid accurate arm.

I’ve advocated for a while that the Mets bite the bullet and release the almost totally unproductive Chris Young. His pinch-hit game-tying homerun on Saturday has likely bought him more time – certainly a week or more. And then there’s teacher’s pet, make that manager’s pet, Eric Young Jr.

Between Capt. Kirk and one of the Youngs the Mets may have a serviceable left field tandem to use during the fake pennant race that they pretend they’re in.

This is fortunate since we have learned that the Mets had been cooking up a grandiose scheme to get 1st round draft pick Michael Conforto to the majors at breakneck speed.

MMO has learned (exclusively, of course) that the Mets had the following schedule worked out for Conforto who has been described as a particularly “advanced” hitter.

On July 14th and 15th Conforto was to be in all-day sessions with Mets minor league hitting coach Val Pascucci (“Hit like I say, not like I did.”) Pascucci will introduce the phenom to the magic of the wooden bat. If practice sessions go well then he was to be moved to the Mets’ Kingsport A-ball team and would play there until he mastered that level. This was to take about a week so Conforto would be a Kingsportonian until about July 23rd.

From there he’d move to the Brooklyn Cyclones and would play with that squad from the 25th until July 31st.

Next stop on the grand tour would be Savannah. Conforto would be a Sand Gnat from August 3rd thru the 8th undoubtedly winning player of the week honors along the way.

After that it would be a stop off at the high-A level playing in St. Lucie, Florida. His time there would be from August 10th thru the 15th.

Catching a flight out late on the 15th Conforto would move to Double-A Binghamton and start being their left fielder on the 17th. His Double-A apprenticeship would run a week and then racing against time he would be promoted to the sweltering heat in Las Vegas.

With just a week to go in the minor league regular season Wally Backman would have a chance to manage Conforto during the period August 26th thru the 31st.

The major league rosters expand on September 1st and Conforto, having hit all the minor league levels, would be called up to play next to Lagares in the Mets outfield.

But now with Kirk getting the job done: Never mind.

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