MMO Interview: Josh Satin, The Hitting Machine

The following is an interview we did with Josh Satin back on July 4th, 2011. Here we are two years later and who could have predicted that he’d be playing first base regularly and thriving as he has in the major leagues? Well actually, I did predict it, but it’s early yet so I’ll take a wait and see approach. 🙂 But needless to say, I am very pleased with the results so far.

Last night I heard that in the span since Josh Satin has been promoted until now, no other major leaguer has more hits than he does. Wow…

Enjoy this MMO Flashback from Josh Satin…


1st Inning – As a Cal alum, how proud were you to see the team advance to the College World Series after nearly being forced to fold?

As a cal alum I was very proud of the team and their accomplishments this season. I’m still very close with the head coach there so I’m so happy that we were finally able to get over the hump and get to the college world series. Hopefully this recent run can help spark the program for some more consistent future success.

2nd Inning – You were drafted as a second baseman, but the Mets have used you all around the diamond. If you had to pick one position to play which would it be?

Although drafted as a second baseman I have played all over the diamond my whole career. I spent a year in college playing third, all of high school playing shortstop, and two Summer Ball seasons in the cape playing first base… If I had to choose it would be which ever position gives me the best opportunity to make the big leagues.

3rd Inning – You recently hit for the cycle. Was that the first one you’ve hit and how good did it feel to slide into third base to complete it?

It was the first cycle of my entire career at any level so it was definitely a great feeling. Sliding into third was a thrill I might not ever feel again so it’s something I’ll remember for he rest of my life.

josh satin

4th Inning – Briefly describe what it has been like to play under Wally Backman, who is known for having a colorful personality to say the least.

Wally has been great to play for. Before he season I had heard only great things about him as a manager so I had high hopes and he has exceeded them all. He brings so much energy everyday so it’s easy to play hard for him. He is dedicated to helping each of us get to the big leagues and has worked tirelessly with me at each of my positions. And although he is firey with umpires on the field, behind the scenes he always picks his players up even when they are struggling or cost the team a game.

5th Inning – Who has been the most difficult pitcher you have faced this year and which pitcher on the B-Mets would you least like to face?

Most difficult pitcher to face in the Eastern League is Brad Peacock and pitcher I would least like to face on the B-Mets is probably Rhiner Cruz. Rightly throwing sidearm at 98 not my ideal pitcher to face

6th Inning – If a scout was to watch you play over the course of a week what do you think his report would look like, or how would you hope it looked?

I would hope the scout says he plays the game hard first and foremost. Offensively I would hope they’d say I work counts and don’t swing at bad pitches. When I get my pitch I usually barrel it up. Hopefully they say I have good gap power with occasional home run power. Defensively I would hope they say I’m solid. Catch everything I get to and play as hard as I can.

7th Inning – Since your promotion to Binghamton last year, over what projects to be a full season (151 games), you have hit .310/.401/.492 with 46 doubles, 3 triples, 16 home runs, driven in 88, and scored 90 runs. Those are some pretty remarkable numbers. You have clearly earned a promotion to Buffalo. Have the Mets made any indications to you when one will happen?

Thank you. They have not given me any indication. I just have to play hard everyday.

7th Inning Stretch – This is the off topic question. If you could have four tickets to any music concert, you have to take one family member, one teammate, one male celebrity, and one female celebrity, what concert do you go to and who do you take?

If I were to go to a concert, I would go to Kanye West. Male celebrity would be Justin Timberlake, female would be Blake Lively, teammate would be Eric Campbell, family member would be my brother Dylan.

I want to send a big thank you out to Josh and mention that he was one of three B-Mets recently named to the Eastern League All-Star Game. Last year in the Florida State League All-Star Game he won the MVP with a game tying homerun and the game winning hit in extra innings.

We see rookies come up and have a great one or two weeks all the time in this game… Many of them take advantage of the fact that they are an unknown quantity to the opposing team which gives them a bit of an advantage at times. Eventually, their skill set catches up to them and they become who they’ve always been.

One of the reasons I’ve been pushing Satin as long as I have is because to see him once, is to know he’s a legitimate hitter. I’m not talking about now, I’m talking about seeing him in 2010 and 2011. Considering Satin’s versatility and his ability to play second base, I was always surprised that the Mets never seriously considered him as an option. All he’s ever done was get on base and produce runs and he’s been selected as an All Star three times as a second baseman and once after he became a regular first baseman last season.

The good news is that he’s here now, and I believe he’s here to stay. It took a long time, but Satin never gave up or ever complained about his plight. He’d just put on his uniform day in and day out and and play his heart out with a smile. You have to admire that in a ballplayer.

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