MetsMerized Radio Recap: The Return

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So there you go – I made the ultimate move to encourage laziness. Right above this text is your gateway to the most recent episode of MetsMerized Radio. In this episode, the fourth official one, you can hear Pete Shapiro and I make our debuts as the hosts as we talk about the 2012 season in a complete and comprehensive review. If you take the time to listen, you will hear opinions on everything – from the starting pitching and catching, to the outfield and their offensive and defensive production. You will also find out who I have a man-crush on.

In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun with this show and so did Pete. Of course, criticism and comments are encouraged and appreciated as we look to turn this into the best possible product we can create. So you can use the recap thread to give us suggestions for improvement or even topics down the line.

Quickly, I would like to apologize for the technical difficulties this week that forced us to delay the start of the show until 7:30. I apologize on behalf of the entire MMO Radio Team and promise that our best efforts will be made to ensure that the error will never be repeated.

Be sure to join us next week on Thursday, at 7:00 PM, as Alonzo Harris, the 2012 Sterling Award winner down in St.Lucie, joins us for what promises to quench the thirsts of those waiting for some minor league material. Pete and I will also take our first crack at the 2012 offseason, where the contracts of RA Dickey and David Wright are, without question, going to be brought up.

Quote of the show: “I still don’t want to talk about Frank Francisco, but I could talk about Matt Harvey for two hours…The Matt Harvey Show.”