Is Patience Really A Virtue?

I saw a link on MetsBlog that sent me through a wormhole and I ended up in the realm of Amazin Avenue where I discovered a post that asked:

Who Was The Most Patient Hitter In 2012?

If you click the title you can read the entire article in it’s full context, but I was vastly curious as to finding out who the answer to that question was. I was placing my bets on David Wright, Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis.

Eric Simon sets the ground-rules and writes: Who was the most patient hitter on the Mets this season? We look at walks (good), walk rate (better), and unintentional walk rate (best) to find out.

Sounds logical so far, right?

And the winners are:

First place paid $80.50 to Win, second paid $37.60 to Place, and third paid $17.50 to Show. If you had all three in that order, the Triple paid a very sweet $3,634.00 on a two dollar bet. $678.50 if you had it boxed. Not bad.

Wright and Davis rounded out the top five, but color me shocked.