No 21st Win For Dickey, 4-3 Loss To The Fish In Extras

The Mets (73-87) lost to the Marlins (68-92) by the score of 4-3 on Tuesday evening in Miami.

I want you to think hard about something, just for a second… We might have seen the last of RA Dickey in a Mets uniform. And tomorrow…you might see the last of David Wright in a New York Mets uniform. Keep in mind that last year, we likely saw the last of Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran with the Mets style New York emblazoned on their chest. RA Dickey, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and David Wright…

So the aforementioned RA Dickey went out there for his last start of this season tonight, against the Marlins, whom he had previously dominated with ease. He was not completely on his game, but he finished up his CY Young contending season with a bang. He fought through six quality innings while striking out eight and allowing three earned runs. A quality start by most standards, including the actual stat. He was victimized by two HRs and for a while, it looked like the Mets were facing an insurmountable lead, as they did not score until the eighth.

Acosta followed Dickey with a scoreless seventh, and Parnell was sharp for the subsequent two innings. Elvin Ramirez, Rauch, and Hampson each picked up an out in the tenth before Colin McHugh came on for the eleventh. He allowed a triple to Jose Reyes to open up the inning, and after walking the bases loaded intentionally, it was too much for him to overcome. He picked up a strikeout, but then allowed the GW winning hit.

I was ready to rip the Mets offense to shreds for not showing any life for RA Dickey, especially tonight, but at the very least, they got him off the hook for the lost with three runs in the eighth. An RBI single by Wright, a wild pitch, and an infield RBI single for Hairston scratched out the three runs for the Mets, but that would be all for them on offense.

So sadly, no 21 for RA…


Adam Greenberg struck out in his only AB. Grab some pine, buddy. Kudos to your story.

The New York Mets front office can basically start counting their chickens… The Mets are basically guaranteed the 11th or 12th pick in the MLB Draft next year if I am thinking correctly here. Seattle and New York had the same record going into tonight, so if the Mets finish a game ahead of them, they will get the lower pick – and a tie would also give the Mets the lower pick.

It really sucks we could not rally for Dickey today.

Doubles for Valdespin and Davis – a 3B for Torres, who was hung out to dry late game.

That’s all, folks…

Up Next

Jeremy Hefner gets a last chance to prove he deserves some kind of shot with the Mets next year as he toes the rubber in Miami for the Mets in their last game of the season. Chad Gaudin was the projected starter for the Marlins, replacing Mark Buerhle, but who knows? In any case, the game will be at 4:10.