What’s The Plan? The Mets Collapsed Right On Cue…

The Big Wind – The Pope – Fatcessa – The Louse That Roared

Take your pick, they are all monikers for WFAN’s Mike Francesa, probably the most polarizing sportstalk host in New York and certainly the one who garners the highest ratings year in and year out.

You can see Francesa chugging his Diet Coke in between his Mets rants on the YES Network. Every now and then he’ll flash you his bright white set of choppers while waxing about his beloved Yankees.

There’s not a shred of objectivity to anything he blurts, but he’s achieved cult celebrity status nonetheless.

Francesa was in prime form on late Friday afternoon, wrapping up his show with a no-holds barred tirade against his favorite punching bag – the New York Mets – and more specifically – Sandy Alderson.

“What’s the deal with that guy? Does he serve any function here other than being Fred Wilpon’s errand boy?”

“For one thing, what’s the plan? What’s the plan? What the hell is it? Does anybody know what the Mets plan is? Is there a living soul in New York that knows what Sandy Alderson’s plan is?”

“I heard they were building from within.” <laughs> “That’s a big joke. If you’re building from within, then why didn’t you sign half of your draft picks? Is he kidding me? What’s the plan? Why did you pass on higher ceiling players? What’s the plan?”

“Is Zack Wheeler the plan? Some kid who you have no idea what you’ll get out of him, that’s your plan? Are you serious? It’s gotta be tough being a Mets fan. Or maybe not. They are so gullible they eat this kind of stuff up like Joey Chestnut at a hot dog eating contest.”

“Is Nimmo the plan? You’re not serious are you? Nimmo <a hearty laugh> Nimmo, that’s the plan. Some kid who cant hit his weight in rookie ball… What a plan.”

“Mets fans are different than Yankee fans, Mets fans are so gullible. They’ve been conditioned to be gullible. That so many of them still pay to go to the games is one of the seven wonders of the world. Mets fans are funny. Mets fans are real funny.”

“So, what’s the slogan for 2013? We’re one step closer to 2014?” <laughing>

“I can’t wait for 2014 because it’s going to be hell for all you Mets fans. They are selling you smoke and mirrors and next year it will all come crashing down.”

“This front office is like a bunch of snake oil salesmen and only Mets fans can be this gullible”

“You want to know the truth? You want to know the facts? This Mets team picked the perfect time to collapse because they were never spending anyway. Buyers. Yeah, they were buyers alright” < laughing >

“Yeah they were buyers alright. They waited this trade deadline out and the Mets gave them exactly what they desperately wanted – a well executed collapse in the days leading up to the deadline. You gotta hand it to them. It was poetry in motion. Buyers?” <more laughing>

“The plan is there is no plan. Bud Selig gave them the gift of the All Star game otherwise Citi Field would have as much life as the city morgue next season.”

“Mets fans have no reason for hope. They deserve a better front office. Hell, they deserve better owners too. They don’t have a plan. Their plan is to keep suckering you in with kids they have no idea will even make it. That’s not a plan people. They are stalling and hoping they can keep some of you from losing interest. What’s the plan? Mets fans should demand a plan. You can’t just say 2014 is the plan and then do nothing leading up to it. What are they gonna do, wave a magic wand in 2014? What’s the plan?”