Mets Offseason Targets: LHP Hong-Chinh Kuo

I had a chance to check out all the players that were recently non tendered on Tuesday night and came up with a list of players that would seem like good potential targets for the Mets as the offseason wears on.

Of course none of these players come without flaws or they wouldn’t have been non-tendered to begin with, but I spotted a few that could fill certain roles for the Mets in the bullpen the rotation, backup catcher and utility outfielders.

I’ll begin this very short series with reliever Hong-Chih Kuo, formerly of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Kuo is a power pitcher who can bring the heat, but last season he suffered through a disappointing season due mainly to arm problems and dealing with a serious anxiety disorder.

One has to look past Kuo’s 2011 season in which he posted a 9.00 ERA in 27 innings and consider that he had averaged a 1.96 ERA and 56 innings pitched in his previous three seasons.

In 2010, Kuo finished with a 1.20 ERA and an incredible 0.781 WHIP. In 60 innings pitched that season, Kuo allowed just 29 hits and 18 walks while striking out an 73 batters. Incredible. His performance earned him his first All-Star selection and he unseated Jonathan Broxton as the Dodger’s closer in the process.

The Dodgers are still hoping to re-sign their fire-balling southpaw, but for now he’s available to all and the Mets might want to chime in and see if they can catch some lightning in a bottle here.

Kuo, 32, has had his fair share of arm problems over the years, but he won’t be too costly and when he’s on, he’s really on.


I’ll take a look at former Pirates catcher Jason Jaramillo, tomorrow.