Doug’s Dugout: Wright Out, Father Time, Strike Now

In Doug’s Dugout today we discuss: Striking while the iron is hot, Father Time, and other insipid thoughts.

In around ten weeks Carlos Beltran will be an ex-Met. That is a foregone conclusion. His comeback is one of the only positive stories the Mets have written this year. But why wait?

The iron is hot and the time to strike is now. Timing is everything and the stars are aligned for the Mets to reap more than payroll relief. After all, the fans don’t give a hoot about how many millions the Wilpons will save (pocket). They want a return for one of the team’s few commodities.

There is a team on the other side of town reeling (for them). Their arch rival, the Red Sox, just left town with their meal money and internally there is strife (more on that later).

The Yanks never allow the wheels to completely fall off before they make a move. Right now one is wheel (the offensive) has a flat time. Think about it: Beltran is a perfect fit for the Yankees for many reasons; they can absorb his salary, he’s a better player than their two corner outfielder’s combined, and there might be an opening at DH.

Moreover, the Yanks are loaded with prospects. I haven’t seen such a seamless match since Brad Pitt hooked up with Evelyn Salt. Maybe Monty Hall will even chime in with, “Let’s Make a Deal!”

Why wait until Beltran pulls up lame again? His stock and home runs are soaring. He can play right-field in Yankee Stadium with his eyes shut wide (can Swisher field one ball cleanly?). Why wait until the Yankees lumber awakens from their slumber?

If the Yankees allow the Mets to stick their paws into their plush farm grab-bag in exchange for Beltran’s services it’s a win-win for both sides. Imagine Beltran batting left with the short porch in his cross hairs?

On the important end of the spectrum, the Mets might be able to pluck two prime prospects and begin replenishing the 40-man roster. Nevertheless, Brian Cashman has a propensity for keeping his top prospects and offering second tier talent.

The Mets should have no reservations about taking the Yankee’s sloppy seconds. If that means one of their potent catching prospects, such as Gary Sanchez or Austin Romine (forget Jesus Montero) then whoopee. How about one battery-catcher and pitcher, in exchange for the lame duck Beltran.

Andrew Brackman is not in the same class as Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances, but the reviews are decent. He is projected to hit the majors in 2012, and if he does not work out, at least he replaces Chris Young as the tallest Met in team history (he is seven-feet tall). Or hold out for Ivan Nova.

Let the rebuilding begin, and make no mistake, the Yankees would listen if Alderson calls.

Father Time does not hold the subway doors for anyone, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, or Jorge Posada. Ruth ended up with the Brooklyn Dodgers, a shell of his former magnificent self, The Mick playing first base in the Mike Piazza class, and Posada was given a $13 million severance sentence this year to go out gracefully (and quiet).

If he wants to squawk about batting ninth (and he’s batting only 30 clicks from the Interstate at .165) and then pulling a Scottie Pippen or Raul Mondesi, security can escort him to River Avenue by the bill of his par-tarred helmet. The Yankees (or any team) owes him nada. He owes the organization all the trinkets in his vault.

He’s lucky he’s not batting 10th! Because he has built up mucho currency over the years he can buy a mulligan. But, you can be sure that he will be on super-secret probation the rest of the way. I can recommend a fine replacement. hint, hint.

Another day another Mets injury. When your Iron Man, David Wright goes down it’s time to call in the Witch Doctor. This team is spooked, hexed, jinxed and if it didn’t have bad luck it wouldn’t have any at all.

I think the black cat that ran in front of Leo Durocher in 1969, right before the Cubs collapsed, has followed the Mets over to Citi Field.