Mike Piazza In PSL Today; Talks about Ownership, Wilpons with Reporters

Look who’s back!?

Mike Piazza is in Port St. Lucie today to coach the Italian baseball team, against the Mets team of prospects. 

He seemed to be very cool, calm, and collected.  

Before he went to the field to get ready for the game, Piazza did a 10 minute session with reporters. 

He talked to them about ownership, the Wilpons, and other things.

This was what he told reporters about becoming a owner in MLB.

Would I be interested in possibly getting involved in a group to buy a team? Probably.  I’ve been thinking about it. I think that would be something that would probably suit my desire, at least, to get into the game. I don’t really see myself on the field all the time, or in the boardroom all the time. But I feel like maybe I can bring certain intangibles to both. And having the credibility of being on the field and also getting to know some of the administrative aspects of the sport would be something I’d be interested in.

Mike Piazza was also asked about Wilpons legal issues ahead.  This was what Mike Piazza said about the situation.

“When I was there, the Wilpons treated me great. I feel bad what’s going on. I’m sure when everything gets ironed out, hopefully things will work out well for them. Personally speaking, I think back to the celebration they gave me when I broke the record [for most homers by a catcher]. They treated me great. They treated my family great, my wife. I’m definitely in their corner, hoping this thing gets ironed out. At the end of the day, I still think the fans hopefully concentrate on baseball and realize they still have some really good players. They have David Wright and Angel Pagan. I met him … and he was the nicest kid.

Mike also said that he is in their corner, and expects the Wilpons to be ok as far as he is concerned. 

Some other noteworthy stuff from Piazzas session with reporters:

– He was not aware that Bobby V is looking into joining a group to buy the Mets. He told reporters that is “funny”.

– He enjoys coaching the Italian team, because he is getting back into the game of baseball without committing to a position like in MLB.

– He joked that his wife likes him coaching because it gets him out of the house.

Photo Credit: Ted Berg and MetsBlog.com