What Does August Really Mean For The Mets?

Are we banking on August to make the playoffs?

I’m glad one of my fellow bloggers beat me to the punch. No way was I going to list all the teams’ new acquisitions and dredge up all the angst that I had pent up inside of me. Saying that this franchise was handcuffed by the Madoff debacle is not enough to justify what this is. I held out hope at 3:59:45 that they would get a significant deal in. Anything that will help the team’s playoff hopes. Fact: The Mets dragged their feet on crucial decisions. They overvalued their players, especially in the minors. Here are the trades that were proposed:

  • The Astros wanted Jon Niese for Roy Oswalt
  • The Mariners wanted Ike Davis for Cliff
  • The Astros wanted Josh Thole for Brett Myers
  • The Pirates wanted Kirk Nieuwenhuis for Scott
  • The Cubs wanted Thole for Ted Lilly
  • The Pirates wanted Double-A LHP Robert Carson for Octavio Dotel
  • Really? None of these appeal to you? None???? Another media hit. A further fractured fan base. A bad taste in the mouths of players and agents. Would you want to come to a team that has so much dysfunction within its management and a bad rep through the league? If you say yes right now, I question your sanity. Playing in Flushing is not a status symbol nowadays and it’s more fun to come to this team if we were being competitive, not only in the NL East, but also in our own city. We’re New York’s other team. Like Ricky Bobby said, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” In that instance and in the city of NY, it’s an accurate depiction. Practically every promise Mets management made was not kept so we’re also-rans for the 3rd year.

    Chad Qualls was not the answer. Nor are Dotel, Ramirez, or Gregg worth great prospects. Ted Lilly was not Flushing’s savior. But banking it all on August is the sign of a shameless gambler. Risky business since teams are looking for financial relief or to let go of players they don’t need or want anymore. The Mets are in arguably the largest market in the league and they conduct themselves like a small market team way too often. Last year was huge for August deals with names like Alex Rios, Carl Pavano, Billy Wagner, and Scott Kazmir, and all of whom pitched in the postseason for their new teams. Fact: The Chi-Sox, Twins, Red Sox, and Angels were already good teams prior. The Mets’ Wild Card hopes look abysmal at 6.5 games back. The division is really the best shot for the Mets to get in. 

    If we’re forced to look towards August’s waiver deals, Chone Figgins is a name that has been tossed around as a possible for the Mets. He is hitting about .250 but has stolen a respectable 27 bases. The speedster Figgins is signed thru 2013 and is owed $9 million in 2011 and 2012 and $8 million in 2013. Carlos Zambrano is a name that may not die off so easily either. The Mets and Cubs engaged on this but since Zam’s owed about 60 million dollars from now until 2013, if he comes back and pitches decent, he will be moved while the market is high. After that, I don’t know who else is out there.

    Read the article in Metsblog for yourself but I don’t agree that they should’ve stood pat during this deadline because they had the flexibility and prospects to make a deal that helps inch closer to forming a winner. The team promises to make radical changes to the staff and roster if they don’t make the playoffs this season. Like they really have a choice, right? Staff changes? How about everybody including the Wilpons. Roster changes? Reyes and Beltran is almost sure to get starting and relief pitching in return. We need two bona fide starters behind Johan. Move Frenchy. Get Perez and Castillo off this team as soon as possible. Prospects? Buh-bye! This is New York City. There’s nothing wrong with doing it big. It’s expected and clearly now, it’s needed. Stockpiling a baseball team is smart and wise. Better to go out with your best shot than living with regret for years and years. Check the last ten world champions since the year 2000. Two words. Fully loaded. Add your roster answers. When August kicks in, we may have more questions.

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