Morning Grind: The Worst Franchise, Reyes

Good morning, Met Nation.

What’s on tap? There’s always something stirring in the Met nation. It’s not always good but there’s always something stirring.


Who is the league’s worst franchise? I’m sure many critics say the Mets are. Jeff Pearlman of certainly thinks so.

“No, the 2010 Mets are simply worthless. They are a listless, heartless, wretched baseball team; an entertainment value sans entertainment, playing ugly within the confines of beautiful new Citi Field. When the biggest story of the year is Francisco Rodriguez, your star closer, beating up the grandfather of his kids, well, you’ve got problems.” 

It’s an interesting read. Do you buy this as valid? If not, then who is the worst franchise?


According to recent reports, the Mets are inclined to pick up Reyes’ option for 2011 and then explore a long term multi year contract. Reyes is in the final year of a 4 year, $23.25M contract, and his option calls for $11M in 2011, or a $500K buyout. This is a weak spot that the organization keeps falling into. They ignore the lack of maturity and the production drop off offensively and defensively for the potential they see or what the player has done in times past. Reyes has been ‘different’ to say the least and not the same spark plug that led the lineup, led the league in triples, and was a bag stealing machine. How many of you would be sick if he never returns to typical Reyes form and he has us on the hook for five to seven more years? Is there a better option out there? Reyes may be playing his last games as a Met.

Pick your poison, Met Nation. Like I said, there’s always something to talk about. Thank you for faithfully reading and commenting. You’re the best in the world at what you do. Have a fantastic day, everybody.