New York Cubans Lose 8-6 To Milwaukee Bears

The New York Mets Cubans continue their poor performances on the road (6-16) as they lose game two of the series to the Milwaukee Brewers Bears, 8-6. Negro League Remembrance Night, of all nights.

Game Notes

The Mets sent out the bullpen workhorse Fernando Nieve for his first start of the season. Jerry Manuel, during pre-game, said he would limit Nieve’s pitch count to 80 pitches. He reached more than half that in just the first inning. He threw 46 pitches, 22 strikes, in just the first inning. He gave up only two hits in the first inning, but four runs off of a Corey Hart grand slam. Not to overshadow the homerun hit in the second inning by Kottaras off Nieve. Fernando finished the night going two innings, allowing five runs on three hits and two home runs. He struck out five and walked three on 62 pitches. He has pitched nearly every game this season, so you can’t blame the guy for not having his full stuff this game. However, you can blame Jerry Manuel for this choice. Please, never again.

Oliver Perez came in the third inning to try to get the Mets a few more innings and keep them in the game. However, Ollie being Ollie, this did not happen. He pitched two innings, allowing three runs on three hits and one home run. He struck out two and walked two. There’s a reason he’s no longer starting for the Mets anymore.

Dessens, Mejia and Igarashi combined for four shutout innings of work, striking out one, and walking one.

Mets were actually able to score plenty of runs off of Manny Para and the Brewers bullpen, despite it not being enough to beat them. Reyes, Bay, Pagan and Francoeur all had two hits each, along with two RBIs and four runs scored. Ike Davis had the biggest hit of the night though. Went 1-5, but the one hit was a three-run home run.

Castillo, Wright, and Barajas combined 0-12 with two more strikeouts for David. A total twelve strikeouts for the Mets batters on the night.

Corey Hart this series so far – three home runs, eight RBIs. Let’s see him try to hit a knuckleball on Sunday.

Both Mets and Brewers donned different uniforms tonight in Negro League Remembrance Night. Mets wore the old NY Cuban jerseys, while the Brewers wore the old Milwaukee Bears uniforms.

First time in Mets history where both teams scored in each of the first four innings.

Turning Point

After the grand slam given up to Corey Hart, the Mets were never able to take the lead back.

Game Ball

Tough to find a winner in this game, but it’ll go to the relievers who actually helped the Mets. Dessens, Mejia and Igarashi.

Up Next

The knuckleballer R.A. Dickey (1-0) will finish up the three game weekend series against Randy Wolf (4-4) and the Brewers. Game time is 2:10 PM on SNY.